The best sales result in the AAA AUTO chain for 30 years

In the first quarter of 2022, AURES Holdings sold the most cars in a quarter in its 30-year history: 21,787 cars at AAA AUTO, Mototechna and Auto Discount. In addition to participating in countries where AURES Holdings has been operating for a long time, the new Driverama platform, which already has 11 branches in Germany, has also contributed to the positive results. The group has also significantly expanded its ESG activities.

In the first quarter, we sold an average of more than 245 cars per day in the entire group. We sold 21,787 cars in the first three months, a record quarterly result. There were 12,033 cars in the Czech Republic, 4,924 in Poland and 4,544 in Slovakia. We sold 286 cars through the Driverama platform, which launched in February. he concluded Karolina Topolova, General Director and Chairman of the Board of AURES Holdings. According to him, the situation in the used car market is still complicated by a number of factors, which leads to a shortage of cars. – There are no new cars on the market. This is due to the worsening production problems caused by the war in Ukraine. This, in turn, has led to an increase in demand for used cars and a long-term increase in prices of about 15% annually over the past two years. This trend is likely to continue and is not expected to soften – Carolina Topolova concludes.

The best-selling cars in Driverama:

1 VW Golf 6 Kia Sportage
2 Ford Kuga 7 VW Passat
3 Hyundai Tucson 8 Nissan Qashqai
4 VW Tiguan 9 Skoda Octavia
5 Dacia Duster 10 Ford Focus
  • Average mileage: 83,315 km
  • Average price: 13 268 euros

An important direction in the development of the company’s services is currently the so-called cross-border trade. – Our advanced algorithms allow you to choose the right target market for each car purchased. We market these vehicles differently than we buy or offer them in many markets at the same time.depending on how much potential we see for a particular car in other markets. As a result, we can offer more than 12,000 in one place. proven cars he says Petr VaněčekAURES Holdings COO.

The group’s largest enterprise is the Driverama platform, which focuses on online car sales in Western Europe. Less than a year after its launch, Driverama already has 11 retail outlets in Germany and employs 160 people. Driverama’s offer includes more than 1,000 cars. – More than 2,800 cars have been purchased since the launch of the Driverama platform last spring. In the four months of 2022 (January to April), more than 1,600 cars were purchased. Currently, Driverama buys more than 500 cars a month – Detailed information is provided by the General Director of Driverama, Stanislav Qalik. – As part of the Driverama platform, we have sold more than 2,600 vehicles, including more than 600 through a network of German outlets and by delivery to the specified address.

In the first three months of the year, the group’s ESG activities focused on helping Ukraine. – I was very impressed by the situation in Ukraine. I was very pleased with the immediate reaction of our colleagues from Poland and Slovakia, who started helping us at the border the next day. With the active participation of our staff from all six countries where we operate, we have already sent about 4,000,000 crowns to non-profit organizations. (e.g. people in need). We send an average of 800 first aid kits to Ukraine every week. We have prepared places for mothers and children from Ukraine in the branches in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. It turned out that they were in great need – and they were caught almost immediately. We have rented more than 20 cars to non-profit organizations to transport Ukrainian families to safety. Two hundred of our employees took part in charity events in both the Czech Republic and Poland. In the Czech Republic and Slovakia, we have started collecting food, personal care products and toys for children. In about a week, all donations will be handed over to the Slovak aid initiative “Who is helping Ukraine?” – Carolina lists Topolova.

As part of the further development of socially responsible activities, AURES Holdings together with the Slovak Automobile Club (ÚAMK SR) have launched a program to help victims of road accidents in Slovakia, where such support was previously completely unavailable. – For more than twenty years in the Czech Republic, we have been supporting a foundation that provides financial assistance to children whose parents have died in road accidents. I am very glad that we found a partner in Slovakia in the form of Automobilklub Słowacki and together we created and launched this fund. I hope that we will be able to help specific children who lost their parents in a car accident in Slovakia. – Carolina Topolova added. In the Czech Republic, the fund has already considered about 900 applications. The amount of support provided to children reached 15 million Czech crowns. The foundation supports children who have lost one or both parents in a car accident by providing them with cash once a year until they reach the age of 25.

  • TOP 10 best-selling in CZ, PL, SK
Czech Republic Poland Slovakia
1. Skoda Octavia Opel Astra Skoda Octavia
2. Skoda Fabia Hyundai i30 Skoda Fabia
3. Skoda Superb Ford Focus VW Passat
4. VW Passat Opel Insignia Skoda Superb
5. VW Golf Dacia Duster Kia Ceed
6. Hyundai i30 Nissan Qashqai VW Golf
7. Ford Focus VW Passat Kia Sportage
8. Suzuki Vitara Skoda Octavia Hyundai i30
9. Dacia Duster Kia Sportage Opel Astra
10. VW Touran Renault Megane Suzuki Vitara

However, the demand for alternative fuels is not growing so fast, and customers prefer small-capacity gasoline engines.

Czech Republic Poland Slovakia
1. Gasoline 52.6% 72.1% 47.0%
2. Diesel fuel 47.1% 27.5% 51.9%
3. LPG 0.1% 0% 0.1%
4. CNG 0.02% 0% 0.04%
5. Electric transmission 0.1% 0.1% 0.2%
6. Hybrid drive 0.1% 0.3% 0.7%


  • The pandemic has changed our travel habits – as a result, the demand for real estate and SUVs is growing in all countries (and above all in Poland, the second most popular type of car). At the same time, interest in hatchbacks is gradually declining.
  • For two years now, real estate cars have been in the first place, accounting for 27% of all cars sold this year. However, SUVs saw the largest increase in sales: demand for them increased by 39% compared to last year and accounted for 23% of total sales.
    Hatchback accounts for 26% of total sales.
  • The share of SUVs in Poland has increased significantly – by 53%. They currently make up 23% of the total number of cars sold. However, in Poland, unlike other countries, there is growing interest in hatchbacks, which account for 36% of sales and thus take first place.
  • In Slovakia, station wagons lag behind hatchbacks (29%), with sales accounting for 26%. Off-road vehicles account for 23%.
Czech Republic Poland Slovakia
1. Combi Hatchback Hatchback
2. Hatchback SUV Combi
3. SUV Combi SUV
4. MPV Sedan / Salon Sedan / Salon
5. Sedan / Salon MPV MPV


  • There is a tendency to use achromatic colors, ie white, black and various shades of gray and silver.
  • In the Czech Republic, the leading colors are gray (25%) and white (19%).
    and black (16%).
  • In Poland, blacks are still the leader (20%). It is followed by gray (18%) and silver (15%).
  • For the second year in a row, the most desirable color in Slovakia is white (20.2%), followed by gray (20.1%). Blacks are in third place (15.5%).
  • 4 wheels
  • Demand for four-wheelers has decreased. In the Czech Republic last year (16.2%), in Slovakia only 15.5% (last year 16.8%), and in Poland at least 8.6 customers were interested in buying a four-wheel drive car. %.
  • Transmission
  • After some stagnation in 2019, interest in automatic transmissions continues to grow. Sales of such cars in the Czech Republic and Slovakia in the first quarter amounted to 27%. In Poland, the percentage was 17.2%, which is 40% more than in the first quarter of last year.

As expected, the average price of the proposed cars continues to rise. Given the effects of the war in Ukraine, the situation should not be expected to improve in the coming months. The largest increase in prices was recorded in Hungary: prices rose by 46.6%.

  • Czech Republic: 179,000 CZK (1st quarter of 2019: 129,900 CZK) – an increase of 37.8%
  • Slovakia: 6,700 euros (1st quarter of 2019: 5,499 euros) – an increase of 21.8%.
  • Poland: 21,900 PLN (1st quarter of 2019: 16,999 PLN) – an increase of 28.8%
  • Hungary: 2,199,000 HUF (1st quarter of 2019: 1,500,000 HUF) – 46.6% increase

AAA AUTO car center network has been on the market for 30 years. It is part of AURES Holdings Group, a British-Polish investment fund of Abris Capital Partners. Since its inception, AURES Holgings Group has served more than 2.7 million customers. In 2021, it sold more than 86,500 cars. It now has several dozen branches, including in Poland. In terms of the number of cars sold, the AAA AUTO network is one of the largest used car dealers in Central and Eastern Europe. In 2017, the AAA AUTO network took 2nd place at the European Business Awards 2016/2017. In Poland, the AAA AUTO chain Autocentrum operates as AAA AUTO Sp. z o. o


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