Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra after a year of use – it’s still a good smartphone

More than a year ago, I became the lucky owner of a silver Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra. I was looking forward to the premiere of this device, because my predecessor annoyed me at every step. Its unique disadvantage was the time it took to run on a single charge. When I bought the Galaxy S21 Ultra, I hoped that all the shortcomings of its predecessor would be fixed, and it happened surprisingly. Galaxy S21 Ultra works well after a year. I have not used a smartphone for more than a year in the last 6 years. Why did this happen and what do you think about the former flagship?

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The smartphone market is growing more slowly

Gone are the days when I followed new features in the mobile device market. This is not due to my old age, but due to a significant slowdown in smartphone technology. Manufacturers release new flagships from a certain series every year. However, their changes are smaller and smaller than their predecessors. Here we see slight improvements in the camera, battery and functions. But we will not see any revolution here.

I have the impression that the smartphone market has hit the ceiling and looking for new development opportunities. One of them is folding screen devices. But in the case of standard “soap dishes”, I don’t see the point in replacing them with a new one every year or more often. A few years ago, I replaced the flagships with new ones every six months. At the time, the news was even more exciting. Now they are gone. I am glad that I have reached a stage where the current flagship has met my expectations almost one hundred percent.

Galaxy S21 Ultra after a year of use – an impression


The design of the smartphone does not differ from this type of standard, modern devices. It is a perfect combination of aluminum and glass that you should pay attention to in daily use. Holding the phone without the box can be bad for it, because the back panel can slip out of your hand (so I use the box). The big advantage of the smartphone is that it has an additional protective foil installed at the factory. Used for almost a year, remained in place without any bubbles and dirt. A few weeks ago, in the true sense of the word, a little dirt fell under the upper left corner – it’s time to change it. Of course, a device protected in this way leaves virtually no trace of use after a year.

One of the undoubted advantages of Samsung’s flagships is their display. We get a high-level panel that is so clearly visible in the sun. The minimal curved screen adds a high level of experience to the device and, unlike the look, is not the cause of unwanted clicks.

Excellent camera

The camera on the Galaxy S21 Ultra is simply bright. I admit it periscope zoom this is my favorite feature, I can’t imagine taking a picture without it. 10x close-up photos are full of details and you can easily show them on social networks. Numerous options allow you to have fun with the sensors installed on the back panel. If I had to blame something, the night shots could have been a little better. However, the excellent hardware and sophisticated camera software from the Galaxy S21 Ultra is the perfect recipe for really solid photos.

Sturdy battery

Battery capacity is up to 5000 mAh. This is the same value as the Galaxy S20 Ultra. However, the difference in operating time on a single charge is very noticeable. While my predecessor annoyed me, I can’t write a bad word about the performance of the Galaxy S21 Ultra. But a year later, the results are a little worse than they were a few months ago – it’s a natural process that you have to come to terms with. Fast, wireless charging also works very well in everyday use. This is a really great feature.


A year later the Galaxy S21 Ultra

One of the key features I use in the Galaxy S21 Ultra is biometric security in the form of a fingerprint scanner. It’s not just about the process of unlocking the device, but also about it Samsung Pass serviceit’s great. Samsung’s solution stores passwords for apps or websites, which automatically fill in login information by scanning your fingerprint. Plus, in the end the reader works as needed, I couldn’t write it, for example, in the case of the Galaxy S8 +.

The Galaxy S21 Ultra has other features such as a refund, but I don’t use this type of solution.

Discussable software that you can learn

Samsung One UI 4.0

One UI cover (and formerly the legendary TouchWiz) is a distinguishing feature of Samsung smartphones. Some like it, some hate it. I am used to it and appreciate many features and parameters. I’m glad that the program has reached a point where it is minimalist, which is especially evident in the settings section. The dominant color is white and the menu is very “straight”. Features I don’t want to use don’t attack me from all sides. However, I don’t like some of the options – this is mainly due to the new features in One UI 4.0. I don’t understand, for example, a large panel with quick access icons or a giant slider to change the brightness of the screen.

However, the overall impression of the One UI is very positive. This is a perfect match between the pure version of Android and the manufacturer’s applications. This is the most neat and eye-catching cover so far. However, there is a downside. Sometimes there are small sobs that last for a second, but I can catch it.

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