PLN I want to have up to 40,000 limousines in the garage [przegląd redakcji #19]

Szymon Jasina & scalp; – & hairspray; Alfa Romeo 166

It is possible that the Alfa Romeo 166 has never had the status of German limousines or even Lancia cars, but it has a class. Although more than 20 years have passed since its premiere, its style is still elegant, classic and timeless – not only on the outside, but also on the inside, where the skin can be combined with wood.

Among the drivers we can initially find a 2.4 JTD diesel with a total of 136 horsepower, but its most powerful version already offered 185 hp. However, if we want true luxury, we have to resort to one of the V6 engines, and the most powerful of them (3.2 l) has enough 240 horsepower.

And most importantly – when it comes to penny luxury, you can not miss it was one of the fastest lost cars on the market. Three years later, he could complete only a few percent of his original cost.

Marcin Łobodziński & hair straightening; – & hair straightening; Cadillac DeVille (sixth generation)

I regularly look at the ads and check the sales offers of this model, because it is one of the perfect combinations of American classics at a good price. The 85-93 Cadillac DeVille (sixth generation) has everything I expect from an American car and usually costs about 25-30 thousand. PLN, although much depends on the state. And it’s hard not to call it luxurious.

Cadillac DeVille (sixth generation)

It has not only the right brand and a protruding mark on the hood, but also rich equipment, soft leather seats or a more beautiful bike, a speedometer that is typical of this period, moving from left to right (although there are electronic versions, and I would like it) ), the gearbox under the steering wheel, respectively, has a bad shape. In addition, there is a classic Cadillac cut-out interior with air-only front seats and an almost vertical rear window and narrow vertical lights at the rear. Under the hood is a V8 engine, Although the front axle drives, I prefer such a car. And this is not yet the “cursed” North Star.

Mariusz Zmysłowski & scalp; – & scalp; Citroën C6

Some cars are like olive and jazz. You have to catch up with them. This was the case with my Citroën C6. At first I didn’t like him at all. As time went on, I began to see how some of the body lines were amazingly drawn, how fantastic, avant-garde the car was: from the sloping rear window, the beautifully designed grille with chevrons, to the fantastic taillights.

Citroën C6

The C6 is definitely not an alternative for German limousine enthusiasts. This is a completely different car from the sedans cut in the same lines for many generations. Add a 3-liter V6, Hydractive 3+ suspension and HUD. Overall, it gives us a beautiful piece of luxury in the original French interpretation.

Maciej Skrzyński & scalp; – & scalp; BMW 7 Series E38

I think it’s hard to find a more obvious choice, but this seven is one of the cars on my list since I remember. As a child, I was fascinated by the way 007 was handled by a cell phone agent 007 in “Tomorrow Will Never Die” and changed immobilizers or plates for the code in “Carrier”, but this is the first scene that really fascinated me. place.

BMW 7 Series E38

The elegance of the E38 is in the simple, classic lines that didn’t even look for a moment and age perfectly. Of course, some laminate fans, LEDs and foil did not reach them. The second is an interior that is extremely comfortable and driver-friendly thanks to the warm backlight without unnecessary screens, gadgets and messages.

The fantasy is a 4-liter V8 with silver paint, orange indicators and under the hood. I would like to spend days and weeks on ad sites looking for a copy with thick velvet instead of leather. And then went on a long trip on the highways.

Mateusz Żuchowski & scalp; – & scalp; Renault Vel Satis

I know, not really a limousine. And very good, because thanks to this, even the best-kept copies with the V6 engine are less than 20,000 on the Polish market. zloty. Perhaps the salesman will leave something behind and kiss your hand with joy and wish you a pleasant journey.

Renault Vel Satis

I do not understand this car, as I do not understand French at all. However, I understand that thanks to their incomprehensible decisions in the design and placement of this model on the market, today’s avant-garde luxury enthusiast can enjoy this car for a small price. Vel Satis is an unusual almost limousine with strong arguments on the style side. From the outside, over time, it resembles the unfortunate Avantime more and still manages to create intrigue with the design of its asymmetrical picture inside. As for comfort, today it is difficult to find a limousine with such comfortable seats, such a level of comfort, if we do not take into account the width.

About 20 years ago, Renault’s flagship was bought by people with good taste, so most of the cars left the Sandouville factory in attractive configurations. Yes, Vel Satis confirms all the stereotypes about the failure rate of French cars, especially the cars that the French want to demonstrate some ambitious innovations. But I still think that the ratio you get here for money and luxury is worth the extra effort. And constant answers to the questions of why I think the hatchback limousine.

Mateusz Lubczański & scalp; – & scalp; Lexus LS400

This is the last call for sensitive art purchases, but the decision is simple – Lexus LS400. A car that Mercedes and BMW do not need to look for in the American market. According to Toyota’s product director, a car that could not be produced, he refused to participate in the project. Ichiro Suzuki, who is in charge of the LS400, meanwhile, said years later: “If I had agreed to lower the bar, the middle car would have come out.”

Lexus LS400

Under the hood we have a 4-liter V8 engine, so balanced that on the hood is a pyramid of champagne glasses – nothing spilled during the shooting. What is more important, perhaps, is what is in the cabin. It’s quieter here than the 7th series, we have electrochromic (early 90s!), Electrically adjustable belts, as well as upholstery and wood that has been chosen for two years. It is here that 300 innovations have been introduced to eliminate noise and vibration.

Moreover, he is not elected on the street at all. It has long been known that money likes to be silent.

Filip Buliński & hairspray; – & hairspray; Jaguar XJ X300

There is something amazing about British cars. And if that attraction isn’t big enough to kill your fear of possible failure, leave it at that. In the class of luxury limousines, XJ fascinates me. And this, despite the fact that it is full of ergonomic absurdities and huge external dimensions, there is not much space in the back seat.

Jaguar XJ

But in this case, I would like to be a driver. Contact me to adjust the steering wheel with two different levers, the console to control the lights does not fit the rest, and the folding button on the mirrors is not where the keys to adjust them. But in the end, the cats go their own way. Just look at this body. Let’s return to the design left by its predecessor with four headlights with thin, low and elongated lines. Like a cat hiding for hunting.

And this is inside. Absolutely fair skin, covered with a solid piece of genuine wood and chrome. And for dessert, an automatic gearbox lever that the leading track can do for one of the maps in Super Mario. And although it is a worthy limousine worthy of a noble coat of arms I would give up the 6-liter V12 for a more reliable 4-liter R6. The excitement of a possible failure and why it needs to be reinforced?

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