Matura 2022: Polish leak. Admission subject announced ?! “Is suffering noble? Modernity or tradition?” Twitter is full of rumors!

Author: Adam Staskiewicz / East News
Matura 2022. Leaks from Poland. Matura exam topics leaked from Polish ?!

Matura 2022 starts on Wednesday with a basic level Polish language exam (written version). This is a compulsory subject for everyone approaching the final exams of 2022. Therefore, great emotions and … hopes. What will happen in Polish in the high school exam? Is there a 2022 bachelor leak? The Internet is full of rumors and asks: “Does suffering increase a person?” or, which is better: “modernity or tradition”. Leak test 2022: Polish.

You can find the CKE sheet and our expert’s answers to the 2022 Polish language exam in the gallery below. We publish CKE sheets, suggested answers and the content of all questions and assignments from the 2022 matura exam in Polish (May 4, 2022, 9.00). CLICK ON THE PICTURE BELOW!

Matura 2022 traditionally begins with a basic level Polish language exam. The start of “Poland” is 9.00 (Wednesday, May 4). The matura exam (pp) in Polish is mandatory for everyone. It consists of closed and open questions and is the highest scoring task longer statement (essay) written by high school graduates. The Internet is full of rumors about what topics and motives may appear in the basic level of the Polish language exam. Can you believe them?

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Does torment be noble? Matura 2022: Polish language

Does torment be noble? Internet users are looking for an answer to this question on the Internet, and high school graduates on social media think that this could be one of the topics in the 2022 Polish language exam. This is possible? Rumors about the subject of suffering – with reference to the literature (including “Fathers”) – have previously appeared on the Internet. Perhaps the theme of the essay is “Does it encourage suffering?” related to the question. Polish can be seen among the topics in the 2022 matura exam. Then, high school graduates should refer to the readings indicated and what they have learned in the last years of their education.

Rzeszowda Paniaga 2022

Modernity or tradition? Matura 2022: Polish language

The Internet is rumored to be the subject of the 2022 matura exam in Polish. Does anyone have a chance to know the topics of matura essays before starting the exam? Are there any leaks? High school graduates speculate on topics and motives that may appear in the last, most difficult task of the Polish exam, the essay. “Modernity or tradition?” – This is one of the slogans and questions that some consider probable. Which is better: modernity or tradition? In what readings do these worldviews contradict each other? What makes people stronger in society? High school graduates have been wondering since morning: “Modernity or tradition?” question. will actually appear in the Polish language exam in 2022. Those interested will know the answer at this address at 9.00, they will receive exam papers in the classrooms of schools.

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Mickiewicz’s Dziady: the subject of suffering, the subject of change

There are more potential leaks than the Polish high school graduation exam, and they appear on the internet for weeks (some months). Are they likely? Yes and no – suggest something more experienced. From the hundreds of discussions and topics that appear on the Internet, it can be seen that someone is guessing what is right. It could be … a leak could have happened, and in fact someone met and announced the subject for the 2022 matura exam in Polish. Among the popular ideas for the motives of Polish high school exams on the Internet, among others: “Ancestors” by Adam Mickiewicz, there are also topics such as the theme of suffering, the theme of transformation, the theme of love. homeland and patriotism, the subject of travel, the subject of separation, the subject of love for another person.


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