“I missed the touch and smell of a man. When Adonis from Spa invited me to his room … I gave up “- Real life

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For a long time I defended myself against this move. My daughters persuaded me for years, helped me with all the paperwork, and finally took a big purple suitcase with wheels to the train station.

– It will be great, mother! – They argued when they said goodbye. – You will definitely meet many beautiful people there. Maybe even a particularly nice gentleman? – Great Mania caught my eye.

– Give me some time! I smirked, but I smiled to myself.

Maybe it wouldn’t be so stupid: to meet someone, to go to the famous spa dances, to walk around the alumni tower. Girls may not know it, but I’ve long missed the touch and smell of a man.

For a long time after my divorce, I could not look at the opposite sex, but over time, my reluctance faded and I began to look for more handsome men. Unfortunately, no one trusted me. I was fifty when I got divorced, and my mother, my older sister, and probably everyone around me thought that men should be a closed chapter for me.

Only once, after a third glass of homemade liqueur, did I open myself to a neighbor who invited me. She was fifteen years younger than him, and her husband was bored because he worked abroad. In bed, she began to talk about how she missed her husband.

I thought I could explain it and said that sometimes I would like someone to sleep in the other half of the bed. From the trembling on the girl’s face, I realized that I had said something she did not expect.

Then I returned home angry and sad

Maybe they were right? – I thought. Maybe romance and relationships are not for women over 50 and divorced? I once heard the phrase “what happens in the spa stays in the spa.”

I must admit that I had certain expectations in this regard. At my age, I imagined handsome men ready for flirting and adventure. My first disappointment was when I entered the dining room of my spa house. At the age of sixty, people were sitting at tables!

– Excuse me, is it free here? I asked a woman with a lot of make-up and her friend with a gray beard and thick eyebrows.

– Oh, yes, yes! we invite you! The lady with the pink cheeks caressed the free chair.

– I’m Leokadia, this is Stanislaw. When you get to know each other better, you will be able to say “Bra” to him, ha, ha!

So they became my first friends, even though I would have bitten my tongue faster than he said old Bra.

She was in her forties and very handsome

Unfortunately, it did not improve after that. Yes, I saw a few men my age, but probably all of them have been trapped so far and their friends or partners have not left them behind.

This was not surprising given the proportions in our spa hotel. Eighty-five percent of women and fifteen percent of men were probably here! I quickly realized that spa romance tales were the exception, not the rule.

During rehabilitation classes, walks, and salt baths, I also saw mostly “girls” – that’s how my patients’ friends called each other. But one day I went to a cafe in the main square, sat by the window and … saw a lonely, younger and very handsome man.

It was such an unusual sight that I looked at it and did not manage to look through the glass where I was sitting. Half a minute later he was a meter away from me. I couldn’t help but feel that he had just entered the teahouse, because our eyes met.

“I’m sorry …” he whispered to me after a while with a bit of conspiracy. – I see, there is an ice glass. I’m thinking about it … but I don’t know … Such a high-calorie bomb … Is it worth the sin?

I laughed and reassured myself that the ice cream was delicious and the fruit was fresh. Before I knew it, the gentleman was already sitting at my desk and had ordered the same dessert.

– My name is Dariusz – he introduced himself, then added: – Rehabilitation of the spine after a motorcycle accident.

“Anna,” I felt a pleasant warmth as I reached out and touched her hand. – larynx. Occupational disease.

– Teacher? – He looked at me.

“He was,” I corrected. – I have my own company for five years. If I had stayed in the profession, I probably wouldn’t have spoken today.

We talked for more than an hour. Darius bshe was funny and bright and was interested in everything I told her. He escorted me to my hotel and then asked if we could meet again.

I was surprised that such a young man – perhaps in his early forties – had nothing to do with a handsome boy like him. However, I gave him my phone number and we agreed to walk again.

This meeting was a bit different. Dariusz openly adored me. He offered to take me by the arm, and I could not help but notice the jealous or curious glances they gave us as we walked down the pedestrian crossing. And … I liked it!

Yes, I was much bigger than him, but I tried to look like a million dollars that day! High-heeled shoes, makeup, wine-colored dress and ash cloak. Out of the corner of my eye, I watched our reflection in the windows. I was satisfied with what I saw.

Walking, delicious dessert again, conversations, laughter … I spent the next afternoon with Darius. I was not surprised when he invited me to dinner.

“But not here,” he whispered in my ear. – A little further, we will go to such a club. We will be more anonymous there.

His breath, which hit my ear, caused an intense and very pleasant reaction of the body. I tilted my head back a little and … I felt his lips on the edge of my cheek and the edge of my mouth.
I wanted him to kiss me, but he didn’t. But from that moment on, I knew I would do anything to make it happen …

In the evening he took me by car. As I used to go to such places with my friends, the club was crowded and noisy. Dariusz asked if I could order something and put his arms around my waist as we stood at the bar. I could smell his cologne and the warmth of his muscular body.

“Please,” he said, handing me a glass of cedar.

– Let’s sit on the couches.

He kissed me after a few songs. I already knew that tonight was to end in his room. I would do anything to get there with him. I needed it! But then Darius said we need to talk. Curious, I went with him to the quieter terrace, and he told me that he was no less a friend!

“I’m taking the money for it, Anna,” he didn’t seem embarrassed. – This is my job.

– Why are you telling me only now ?! I was able to suffocate, holding my shock.

– Should I have told you in the first minute of acquaintance? He smiled. – I give my clients a free trial period. If you are still interested in my company, you will get what you want. If not, I will take you to your hotel.

I know that a decent woman in such a situation will slap him, call a terribly expensive taxi, and return home spitting on her chin for doing such a stupid thing. Probably in my case, many women will be humiliated, because they have sincerely accepted the progress of such a man.

Let’s talk about your salary …

Maybe I’m not a decent woman, or maybe that’s what maturity is. I looked at all the pros and cons for a moment.

Let’s talk about your salary, – I said and looked straight into his eyes.

Ten days later I returned from the sanatorium in a comfortable, good mood and happy. No one around me has any idea that during my rehabilitation I had many moments of passion with a younger, incredibly attractive and charming person.

I’m not proud of it, but I’m not ashamed to pay for it. We met every day and I demanded all his attention. It wasn’t just about sex, it was about the company and how I felt worshiped.

I had a great time and I don’t want to know what he thought of me then. He repeatedly said that he also had a good time, complimented me and showered me with delicacy. That was enough for me. When we got home, we lost contact.

“If you come back here, you got my number,” he whispered.

“And maybe I’ll use it,” I replied with a smile.

But that didn’t happen, and a few weeks later I met Leszek – after a few meetings I met a man who sincerely liked and dreamed of me. Sometimes I wonder if I could have opened up to men if I hadn’t had an “adventure” with Darius?

Would I regain that self-confidence and the sexual attraction that fascinated Leszek so much? I do not know exactly, but I know one thing: I do not regret it! And you can give me as much price as you want!

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