Hypnotic Morąg at the Polish National Championship

Hypnotic Morąg – Morąg dancers took part in the National Polish Championship on Hip-Hop Formation for the first time. They took 9th place. “I was able to create a large group of not only dancers, but also helping parents,” says coach Piotr Beńko.

– The emotions were amazing, because the beginning of the championship guaranteed to compete with former and current world champions in various competitions, – says the coach of the Morgue group Piotr Beńko. – Our formation presented its composition in the category of 13-16-year-old hip-hop formations.
Hypnotic Morąg – as the team’s name is called – are children and teenagers from Morąg and the surrounding area, as well as Pasłęk and Braniewo. For the first time in history, dancers from the Moreski House of Culture took part in the Polish National Hip-Hop Championship.
The National Polish Hip-Hop Championship, a qualifying round of the European and World Championships, was held in Janow Podlaski on April 2, organized by the Polish Dance Association and the Polish Dance Federation. The competition was attended by 12 teams from Warsaw, Radom, Lublin, Kochierzyna, Krakow, Shivich and Morocco. – Our team took the 9th place, – says the coach Benko. – This is a very good place, because before the formation of Morąg there were teams that repeatedly represented Poland at the European and World Championships.

Team composition:
Maya Rydel, Judyta Krukowska, Magdalena Stankiewicz, Julia Pawlak, Alicja Sarniak, Anna Sarniak, Julia Radlińska, Lena Siemaszko, Alicja Sacewicz, Wiktoria Kuba, Kinga Koźlakiewicz, Anastazia, Anastasia Leaźlaewew Justyna Szydlik, Weronika Drzewiecka, Weronika Jankiewicz, Zuzia Rozenbayger, Weronika Kaliszuk, Wiktoria Brewczak, Martyna Mucha, Zosia Baranowska.
Team coaches: Piotr and Yakub Beńko.

About Trainer Piotr Beńko Hypnotic Morąg
– Is the “Morag” uniform the first of its kind under your leadership?
– Yes, my groups, which previously danced in the Polish championship, presented themselves in a different form of dance, representing other cities. For the first time in history, the dancers represented Morąg at the Polish Hip-Hop Formation Championship.

– Where did the idea of ​​holding such events for young people come from?
– The Morąski House of Culture has been operating a modern dance department for eight years. There are a few people in the formation who took part in the championship, who started their adventure with me at the MDK by dancing. After the first season, the idea of ​​creating a group to participate in regional contemporary dance tournaments was born, and after several years of training, the decisive moment came to create a real formation and participate in a prestigious event. Qualifying matches of world and European championships, ie National IDO championship.

– Was it difficult to bring such young people together?
– It is not easy to create a dance formation, as it is best for 24 dancers to dance at the same level. It’s very difficult to achieve in small towns, so a few girls have joined Pasłęk and Braniewo, but there are also girls who have joined the team this season.
– Do young people willingly attend classes?
– Inevitably, as an example, it is a fact that some girls started with me in the Morgue. They work hard in training, but rarely miss classes. The group is very well coordinated, he knows why the training is coming, for many years someone has joined the group, someone has refused. I am sure that today the formation is eager to train not only to meet, but also to create dance material worth presenting at championships.

– How old are the participants of the formation?
– The formation dances in the 13-16 age category. Most of the girls are between 13 and 15 years old, but we also have 10-year-old Alicja, who trains with the team.

– What is it like to work with a morgue?
– Working with the formation is an amazing experience. I am responsible for everything that happens on and off the dance floor: classes, seminars, hotel reservations, coaching, costumes, services to help train dancers, licenses, books, starters … There are many things. This, however, I was able to create a large group of parents, not only dancers, but also very helpful in all the work. Without them, it would be very difficult to implement my plans to prepare for the championship, so thank them very much. It gives me great pleasure to work with my dancers. I am proud that I was able to train not only valuable dancers, but also people I can always trust and encourage me to continue my work.

– What are your plans for this group?
– Plans for the future are very ambitious, and this is supported by the team’s performance in the Polish championship. In May we go to a prestigious tournament for the Baltic Dance Cup in Szczecin, in June we dance in the National Clashes in Elbląg, then we want to participate in the casting for a TV show, in August we go to a 10-day dance. Darłówko camp, where we will start preparations for the Polish Championship next year, and a trip abroad is planned in the fall, but this topic will be discussed at the camp.

– Who works with you? I want to say who is the author of the models, where do you get the music and so on.
– At the championships, the team presented a choreography prepared by the coach of the world champions Bydgoszcz. All this, that is, the idea of ​​music, choreography, costumes was developed by three dancers of the group Jolanta Kazimierczak and Wolf Bydgoszcz. He is a multi-title coach who has repeatedly won Polish, European and world championship titles with his dancers in various competitions, as well as being a finalist in the Got Talent program. On a daily basis, Yakub Benko deals with the elegance of choreography – thanks to him, in just two months, the quality and level of formation dance helped him to perform very well in the championship.

– What difficulties do you face while working with this group?
– Sometimes – as it happens in life – there are difficulties in working with my dancers, but I always try to approach the subject in this way: if there is a problem, it must be solved. I have always been in favor of a good, healthy atmosphere during training. I can achieve this thanks to the great team I have created for almost eight years. Problems with this group of people are sometimes solved on their own.
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