How do I delete data from Google? The right to be forgotten

No doubt you know the saying, “Whatever is on the Internet will stay there forever.” Although it is difficult to argue with this claim, we are not left to ourselves in the worst cases of abuse. We recommend that you use the right to delete and forget information from the Google search engine.

How do I delete data from a Google search? Contents:

What should we do when we find sensitive information and content?

If we have found confidential information and content with our participation, it is worth taking a comprehensive approach to the issue. On the one hand, we must ensure that they are not visible Google search engineindexing the data and showing the results with a specific query. However, this is only half of our work, because after removing these elements from the search engine, there is still a question delete the content from the pagesthe information contained are physically located.

Until we address this issue, the content can still be viewed on the pages where it is posted and found by other search engines, and by other means (for example, someone can share a redirect on social media channels). It is enough for them to stay moved to another locationso the problem continues to re-emerge, and their mere existence, no matter where they are, is for us dangerous and problematic.

deleting images deleting data google tutorial

In that case, you have to contact the administrator log in to the site and ask him to delete the material. We can often do this in several ways:

  • by Contact Form to be email address the person responsible for the page (this information is usually found in the footer or tab at the bottom of the page contact us home page),
  • using Whois searches Website owner using Google – enter the website address in the search bar along with the phrase Whois (contact email with the webmaster can be in the field “Registered Email” or “Administrative Contact”),
whois connection with administrator deleting data
  • If the manager does not have information, it is worth contacting hosting company The website where we read the information from the Whois survey.

After making changes and deleting sensitive content on the website, nothing prevents us from speeding up the process of updating search results on Google. ABOUT deleting outdated data Please use the forms available on the site:

Deleting Outdated Content – Google Search

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Deleting data from Google search engine. What can we overcome, and what steps can we take?

When contacting Google, it is important to know what and how to delete. The catalog of information and situations subject to special protection is quite extensive and includes:

Click on one of the redirects above to go to the activation page take measure. Please note that the application must be well documented and each application will be analyzed in accordance with the instructions provided.

Deleting google data is a right to be forgotten

This way we will not delete information such as phone number, address or date of birth, but sensitive information, including number PESEL, credit cards and bank accounts, signature photos if personal content (sexual photographs) or medical information.

In addition to the above, if we have a legal basis, Google also deletes the material. There are violations in the catalog of reports in this regard Copyright (DMCA) and related content sexual exploitation of children. Inquiries about such violations are made through the Legal Problem Elimination Form.

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How to delete data from google

What is the right to be forgotten and how to use it?

It is an alternative to deleting data from the giant tools from Mountain View the right to be forgotten. This law came into force in May 2014 and applies to everyone in the European Union.

According to the decision of the European Court of Justice, we can “send a request to delete our information from the search engine.”inaccurate, insignificant, inadequate or exaggerated“, And it’s not a matter of leaving them in search results public interest.

This includes, among others, destructive false and misleading materials Good name defamation of the victim and information affecting his reputation (including privacy) and ability performs work or his buy (for example, a verdict issued several years ago that is vague from a legal point of view).

A more detailed discussion of the right to be forgotten is on this page, and the form itself is available here:

Deletion of personal data in accordance with EU regulations

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