4 Blockchains and CryptoProjects in Metavers

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Metaverse is growing rapidly. Projects continue to evolve and come together to help bring together more aspects of our digital lives. Blockchain already plays a key role in this development.

Binance Smart Chain hosts many metaverse projects. These include RPGs such as the worlds of Cyber ​​Dragon and Alien, the SecondLive metaverse universe, and even a player-owned casino called decentral.games. Collector card games like TopGoal also have a place in metaversion.

In the Ethereum blockchain, Decentraland and Sandbox offer a similar metaverse experience where users can create a digital identity in NFT markets, buy land and trade NFT. The combination of their work, life and play allows even players to participate in DeFi game and profit economies. Users can earn money by interacting and playing the game. Bloktopia offers a similar experience on the 21st floor of a digital skyscraper. Users can trade and rent on each floor to make a profit.

While Project Engine does not yet offer a 3D virtual reality universe for exploration, the game does provide tools for creating NFT assets. NFT is another important part of metaversion because they can create digital collections. With Engin, users create liquid NFT that can be broken down into ENJ tokens at any time.

2021 was a big year for blockchain and cryptocurrencies. From memes to bull markets and NFT, the industry is constantly making headlines. The last half of the year brought us another trend: metaverse. In order to combine our real social life, work and attractive technology, metaverse captured the imagination of the audience. Although Metaverse is still in its infancy, cryptocurrency is already playing a key role. Let’s take a look at some of the blockchain projects that are helping to realize this new digital future.

To understand how important cryptocurrencies and blockchain are for the metaverse, let’s take a brief look at what a metaversion is. Metaverse is a connected, networked universe that can be explored with 3D avatars. Users can work, meet, create and learn together. Think of it as the next evolution of the Internet experience.
Although the network offers PayPal and card payments, it is helping to create a digital economy using metaverse cryptocurrency. Blockchain has proven to be a useful technology in six key metaverse areas: digital proof of ownership, digital collector items, value transfer, management, accessibility, and interaction. Blockchain technology provides a transparent and cost-effective solution, making it a perfect fit for the metaverse. You can explore these six areas in more detail by going to our text What is Metaverse?. Let’s take a look at how it is used in Metaverse projects on various blockchains.
Binance Smart Chain made a big leap when it came to the metaverse. Designs range from card games that can be assembled with real players such as Top Goal to RPG-type universes in Cyber ​​Dragon and Alien Worlds. There is even a classic VR metaverse project where the player owns a casino, decentral.games and SecondLive. You can read our selection 5 BSC Metaverse Projects You Need to KnowTo learn more about what BSC has to offer.
Sandbox is a blockchain game in which users explore the virtual world of NFT (non-exchangeable tokens), user-created environments, and other content. Founded in 2011 as a mobile game, The Sandbox has evolved into a sophisticated Ethereum game using Ether (ETH) and the SAND token to boost the in-game economy.
Players create their own avatars and digital personalities, which is the basic concept for the metaverse. The avatar can be linked to a crypto wallet to manage the player’s NFT, SAND tokens and other blockchain resources. The player can even create games and virtual objects using VoxEdit and Game Maker tools. These powerful applications can create complex and professional video game assets that can then be converted to NFT. As users can trade in these items, a “win-win” game model has been developed where users can earn extra income by playing The Sandbox.
Decentraland is a 3D universe where players develop plots, organize events, create content and engage in other social activities. Decentraland’s core economy is based on a blockchain to create digital identities, ownership and rarity of unique items. This is one of the most popular and popular projects before the big madness in metavers in late 2021.
In 2016, Esteban Ordano and Ari Meilich took a simple 2D game and turned it into a big world with hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of NFT. The project also has its own ERC-20 MANA utility token.
How does Decentraland fit into the metaverse? Well, you can say that it fits like a glove: 3D interface, digital economy, social elements and in-game events. With more projects joining Decentraland, it also has a metaverse central aspect. Decentraland is especially known for its NFT virtual real estate called LAND. With the secular voting rights of the decentralized autonomous organization Decentraland (DAO), LAND saw a huge increase in prices and made it popular among traders and investors.

Engine is a blockchain platform for using NFTs as in-game elements. As part of the project, development kits (SDKs) were introduced to help the average user create Ethereum-based NFTs. As NFTs became an integral part of metaversion, Enjin began to create a safer way to mine them.

A common complaint against NFTs is that they may be illiquid. You need to find a buyer for your NFT, which can take some time. However, NFT Energy can always be “melted” in exchange for ENJ coins. This means that as long as the price of ENJ does not reach zero, NFTs will always have a certain value. Converting NFT to ENJ can provide instant liquidity as there is no need to wait for the buyer. By supporting digital collections and rarity, Enjin seems to be a useful part of metaversion.

Bloktopia is another metaverse VR game built on a 21-story skyscraper. Like Decentraland and The Sandbox, Bloktopia also deals with events, communication, work, and more. designed to be central. The 21 floors represent a maximum supply of 21 million BTC Bitcoin. The project uses the Landfill blockchain to manage four key aspects: learning, earning, having fun, creating.

1. Learn – Bloktopia will be a gateway for users to cryptocurrency awareness, so they will be able to learn about blockchain and how it supports metaversion. Provides a more accessible and interactive way to learn about cryptocurrencies.

2. Make money – Bloktopia includes a local BLOCK token, a virtual real estate known as Reblok, and a win-win model with advertising opportunities on Adblok.

3. Play – Users should keep in touch with their online friends and enjoy various games and content created by the user.

4. Create – Bloktopia provides its players with tools to create environments and even digital advertising spaces.

Play to win has become the most relevant topic in the game metaversion. The idea of ​​making money by playing games and connecting with them is extremely attractive. While Decentraland and The Sandbox offer a simple way to sell real estate, Bloktopia goes even further. Each floor in the block can be rented to tenants or for an event. Users can also earn advertising revenue because other players spend their time on a certain floor.

Metaverse still has a long way to go, and if you’ve been working on these designs, you’ve probably seen that the mechanics, looks, and feel are still fairly simple. Many of them are still in the planning stages, and they can’t be. even try.

But one thing is certain: the number of new projects is constantly growing. Whether it’s a large gaming company or a small crypto metaverse project, growth is rapid. The designs listed above are just the beginning, so check regularly for updates and news to keep up with the evolving metaverse.

Booking: This article is for educational purposes only. Binance has nothing to do with or support these projects. The information provided through Binance does not constitute an investment or trading advice or recommendation. Binance is not responsible for your investment decisions. You should seek professional advice before taking financial risks.

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