What apps should you have on your smartphone?

Smartphones are designed to make life easier for all of us. To use their full potential, we must have a range of relevant applications. As a result, we will be ready for any event, and our daily lives will be easier and often cheaper.

Application for transport order

The three main apps for ordering drives are Uber, Bolt (formerly Taxify) and iTaxi. They all work in a similar way. We choose the collection place and destination, and the program gives us the cost of the trip, waiting time and travel time. Rides on iTaxi are driven by taxis, while Uber and Bolt are mostly unlicensed cars. It is worth installing a set of programs, often the prices for a particular ride, as well as the waiting time are different. But if you don’t want to enter your credit card information in so many places, it’s worth choosing one of them.

Transportation programs can also be useful when traveling abroad. Using Uber, we will book transportation in most major cities such as London, Paris and Berlin. It is a universal and easy-to-use solution, and transport prices are often competitive with standard taxis (especially in Poland).

Application of public transport

When visiting Warsaw, Krakow, Upper Silesian contours and other large urban areas, we must equip ourselves with a program that will make it easier for us to use public transport. Jakdojade application was created specifically for this purpose. It contains a schedule and allows us to determine the most optimal route. Thanks to him, we will not get lost in the city we visited for the first time. An alternative application is mobileMPK, which shows offline routes.


There are also programs that allow us to buy tickets. This is, for example, SkyCash. With its help, we will also pay for parking in paid parking areas, as well as buy tickets for PKP Long-distance Communications. By combining schedule applications with SkyCash, we get a powerful tool for cheap travel in the jungle.

Application for ordering meals

The largest apps for ordering food are Pyszne.pl, Pizzaportal and UberEats. Thanks to them, we can choose and order a restaurant not far from us. The food will be delivered to us directly from the tavern by the supplier. This is a convenient and intuitive solution. We will easily pay for the order and we will be able to see the approximate delivery time.

Facebook dish

However, if we decide to eat out, we may be interested in the loyalty practices of fast food restaurants. Brands such as KFC, Burger King and McDonald’s have special “apps” that contain special promotions, inform us about current offers and help you find the nearest restaurant.

Loyalty application of supermarkets and small shops

Some stores have very interesting and attractive promotions in their loyalty programs. Tesco Clubcard, Lidl Plus, Moje Carrefour and żappka have similar features. They keep us informed about promotions, display the current newsletter, and also allow us to purchase cheaper, promotional products. They also offer a variety of features, such as Lidl Plus, a promotional calling card that adds a free discount voucher to the app for a specific product.

Allegro, x-com, Rossmann PL and Empic applications are also worth considering. Applications are not only the area of ​​discounts, but also pharmacies, bookstores, technology stores and auction sites. Of course, if we really use the services of a particular store, it makes sense. Otherwise, there is no point in sharing our information with different institutions.

Banking application

Virtually every bank in Poland has its own banking program. Mobile banking is a great way to make quick transfers, check your account balance and order transactions. If our bank offers NFC payments and we have a smartphone with a compatible chip, we can make contactless payments thanks to the banking application. In addition, in many places we will pay with the Polish BLIK payment standard. Having a banking application also allows you to check transactions with your finger. It is an indispensable tool these days.


When setting up a bank account, we will probably be informed about the possibility of installing such an application. Otherwise, you can usually access it by checking our online banking information. It is important to check if the banking application we have installed really belongs to the bank. If in doubt, we can go to the nearest branch and ask customer service to install the program on our phone.

There are hundreds of thousands of phone programs!

In fact, it is impossible to compile a list of the best programs. Every user needs something different. Therefore, it is worth looking at the store to find the best solutions for us. These are just an introduction, the most basic programs that everyone should have.

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