We change numbers with psychiatrists and tutors [LIST]

“How are ratings created?” In order not to lose the statistics in the text, the student is expelled from school, “we wrote that some secondary schools build on mechanisms such as rejecting students who may lower their reputation. This is prestige. How do they reject it? Rnie.

The letter published below is a reaction to our text. Our interlocutor is the father of a third-grader, who agreed to publish the letter, but asked to be named for the good of his daughter, friends and colleagues. Her daughter is studying in a prestigious high school.

“Teachers write on the board with one hand and rub with the other”

The amount of material and the speed of processing of this material is dizzying. Crka is in the third grade, and sometimes she has an hour a week to practice. Sometimes I meet my girlfriends. These are very rare moments in his life.

Classes are held on the basis of lectures, you do not do homework at school, do not practice, do not ask questions. How does it work in practice? Teachers write on the board with one hand and rub with the other. This is good when DC students are rewriting from the board.

If someone did not have tutoring in the previous school year, or did not have parents of scientists or specialists in a particular field, then he is not doing well in school this school year.

Teachers are not interested in the past, of course, students do not spend the whole year at home in front of a computer during distance learning. They treat their students as if there is no remote control and teaching is stationary and appropriate, ie at a very high level.

“All students in my daughter’s class tutor”

Crka spent a lot of time studying himself. Four or five hours a day, weekends, of course. Tutoring on two subjects. He would come with others, but there is no time for that. Not all of them have the opportunity. In addition, there are not many good tutors in the market for high school students from prestigious schools.

I spoke to several people I contacted, and they said that there are at least four phone calls a day from parents whose children need help. You have to give up. There are no specialists who know and understand the specifics of frontal faces. They are few, very dense. It is almost a miracle to go there for individual lessons.

In her daughter’s class, all students tutor at least two subjects, but not everyone agrees. I do not want school teachers to know about this. Not always welcomed. Maybe it’s because the tutor can check what the teacher is doing and what the student’s skills are.

“When my daughter’s friends and colleagues announced that they wanted to take the extended adult exam, they suddenly started taking the exam at a terrible pace, despite tutoring and a lot of education. Some have already left and have failed. They withdrew from the extended adulthood exam and the teachers gave them peace. Photo by Grzegorz Skowronek / Agencja Wyborcza.pl

I have heard from other mothers and fathers that individual tutors tell their children that they understand everything, that they know everything, and that they still fail. Why? Because the knowledge learned at school alone is not enough. You still need to know how to solve the tests on time. Because these two could not do it.

During tests and trials, they are given very difficult tasks and have very little time to solve them. I graduated from a technical university, I have an understanding of exact subjects. I have seen some math problems that are more difficult than those in the advanced matura exam. And yet, the time to address them in grades is twice as long as the exam to finish high school. In the final exam, students are given about 12 minutes for a math assignment and 5-6 minutes for classroom tests. Knowledge, skills and abilities are not enough. Everything must be done on time, very quickly.

“Suddenly they started delivering at an alarming speed”

Many high school students are very interested in the extended adult exam, because they can give their chosen field of study. The Zwyka Matura exam closes the doors of many universities. Teachers set higher requirements for students who express a desire to take the extended adult exam. Sometimes they are so high that they drop out of school and change.

When my daughter’s friends and colleagues announced that they wanted to take the extended adulthood exam, despite tutoring and a lot of education, they suddenly started taking the exam at a terrible pace. Some have already left and have failed. They withdrew from the extended adulthood exam and the teachers gave them peace.

School prices are ratings. Parents of future high school students believe that the rating is an indicator of the quality of the school. It’s not. It is an indicator of passing the high school final exam at the appropriate level. These ratings do not tell us how many students from high school entered the selected universities, but they do tell us about the average level of the math test, ie how many students passed and what grades they received.

Well-known schools do not allow students who do not guarantee more than 90% of exam results to extend their high school final exams in order not to fall short of the rankings. He will make a choice, he will accept a handful of chosen ones. In other high schools – not the best ones – a student or student could easily take an extended adulthood exam, earning extra points that would allow them to take the course they wanted.

“The atmosphere at school is mild”

There is no such thing as a sense of community, there is no common project where students and pupils come together to do something together and then defend their project together. There is a rat race. Those who are more involved in tutoring and can take the tests on time will reach the finish line. The school is like a corporation in the worst sense of the word. After all, there are many corporations that treat employees well, but there are also those where only the result is important, there is nothing else. It is the result of my daughter’s high school graduation exam. Other things are completely irrelevant.

The mental well-being of students, the strengthening of their relationships to make them feel like citizens, integration, the development of good qualities – this is not the case. Students at the top schools in the rankings must be very good at not lowering their high school averages. There is a fear of giving up the idea of ​​taking an extended adulthood exam, a fear of being missed an extended adulthood exam, or a fear of being surprised.

We have three contacts with the parents of the children in my daughter’s class. A good tutor, a good psychologist and a good psychiatrist. In the same way. The mental state of our children is bad. They have excellent encyclopedic knowledge, but this does not strengthen them mentally.

They are busy, stressed, sleepy and feel a lot of pressure. With this, they begin to become aggressive, often directing aggression at themselves.

“Kieratie is still active, recreate patterns, learn”

I have heard a lot about high school students trying to commit suicide. It is not written in the press. Some people go to psychiatric hospitals before graduation exams because they can’t always cope with what they are doing best, and suddenly it becomes clear that they can’t cope, they don’t understand what you want from them.

When a person puts himself in an extreme situation, because whoever wants to hit him, suddenly freezes and loses his mind. The psyche of high school students is the same. While trading, they are still active, re-creating patterns, learning. But when they enter real life, they are no longer passionate, they do not know how to deal with domestic problems. Still.

30. Fin30. Fina WOP is dedicated to ophthalmology. Thanks to remote science, many children suffer from vision problems during a pandemic Photo by Roman Bosiacki / Agencja Wyborcza.pl

“Teachers are different. Some are very progressive, they go to private schools”

The best high school students are required to achieve space results in all subjects. They excelled in Poland, computer science, mathematics and biology. In this competition, it is forgotten that future graduates do not have to be experts in everything. It is impossible for man to be perfect in all things.

Parents are different. There are those who are unaware. Put pressure on children, believe me, they still learn very little, so the prices are low. Do not understand that the purpose of the school is to give a rating, not to teach, but not to be admitted to universities after graduation. Tutoring children more often, because it is important for them that their children finish school with the best possible results.

I also see that some parents leave. They say, “Well, when you jump, you jump, we look for a private education for you, find a job there and be more normal, you will pursue the passions that you are the best.”

These teachers are different. Some are very progressive, cool to their students and can build interesting knowledge in them. But they often go to private schools or leave the profession altogether because they cannot implement their ideas.

“Student welfare is not important”

If I had to re-choose with my daughter in high school, we would not be influenced by the best schools in the rankings. The fact that the school is in the top ten does not mean that it will teach better, only that the bar is set too high, there is nothing else. The well-being of the student does not matter. Today I will choose a high school for my daughter according to her future education. I would try to direct the child to an institution where the level of subjects with extensions is well managed, that is, well studied. And the purpose of the school was to give students who are sufficiently prepared in the given areas a chance to enter the relevant fields of study.

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