T-Mobile Internet 5G Home Office test. Did the antenna improve my range?

T-Mobile Internet 5G Home Office is an IDU-ODU set consisting of an external 5G router and a Wi-Fi router. The device should improve the range of the mobile network and increase the productivity of the Internet. Is that really so?

What can we find in the T-Mobile Internet 5G Home Office set

The set includes two main devices, namely an external 5G router and a Wi-Fi router and a set of accessories. AC adapter, all necessary cables (including 15-meter Ethernet cable) and a number of devices for an external router.

The set is complete and ready for action.

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Connection and configuration

We need two electrical outlets to connect the set. We connect one to the Wi-Fi router and the other to the Ethernet cable splitter that amplifies the external router. If we rely on the cables from the set, one of them will be longer and the other shorter. It does not matter in what configuration we combine them. We do this so that the cables do not get mixed up and we feel comfortable.

It is worth using the T-Mobile ODU 5G mobile application before starting the installation of the equipment. Thanks to it, we will check how the routers will be installed and where they will be located. Yes, for the best possible results. When we’re done, connect all the cables, insert the SIM card into the external router, and wait for all the LEDs on the housings to light up.

In the next step, we click on the screens that appear in the mobile application. Thanks to this, we will go through the whole configuration efficiently. It is insignificant and literally takes 1-2 minutes. Most of the work is done by installing an external router and dragging cables. As long as we want to put it together on the platform.

The router is resistant to external factors, so we can place it in the attic / attic or attach it to the wall of the building or even to a pole built by ourselves. If necessary, the set has the necessary mounting elements. An external router does not require a power supply, we only connect an Ethernet cable to it.

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T-Mobile violated the first measurement of the T-Mobile Internet 5G Home Office suite

The first test site was a parental home near Białystok. T-Mobile and Orange have a solid range here, but the network has been blocked for years. Despite full LTE coverage, the speeds obtained could not exceed 10 Mb / s.

Upon arrival, it became clear that T-Mobile decided to modernize the network in the area, and the whole spectrum of the network on the screen of the smartphone surprised me … 5G. It was as if they could not wait for modernization. But there is nothing to complain about, you have to act with what we have. An external router was placed in the attic window and directed to the nearest transmitter.

I took the first measurements on my smartphone (Xperia Pro-I). The average speed (Speedtest program) for 10 tests is as follows:

  • download – 40.5 Mb / s,
  • download – 4.62 Mb / s,
  • ping – 38 ms.

Speed ​​is enough for free internet access. As long as we don’t want to send anything, the download speed sometimes drops below 2 Mb / s. The cost of delay is very average.

Here are the results after transferring the card to an external T-Mobile router (the results of measurements made with a laptop and smartphone differed very little – 1-3 Mb / s, so let’s stick to the average results for the Xperia Pro-I):

  • download – 52.6 Mb / s,
  • download – 28.6 Mb / s,
  • ping – 22ms.

Data download speeds have increased slightly, but when it comes to data downloads, the Internet has been hit hard, and the difference is already noticeable. Network latency has also been significantly reduced.

T-Mobile uses the limited bandwidth of the 5G network and shares it with LTE. These are the effects of not holding targeted auctions, a frequency that the government has not been able to organize for two years. But since I have 5G here, I also need LTE, which works well. I did not make a mistake and after switching the network mode to 4G network, the results are as follows. First of all, Xperia Pro-I:

  • download – 114.9 Mb / s,
  • download – 6.1 Mb / s,
  • ping – 27 ms.

Although the download speed remains low, the download results are almost three times better.

Dimensions for T-Mobile Internet 5G Home Office:

  • download – 151.4 Mb / s,
  • download – 23.5 Mb / s,
  • ping – 21ms.

Here again, the external router has worked, and the results are clearly better. It has clearly improved, especially in terms of both data transmission and uploading.

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T-Mobile Internet 5G Home Office in a big city

I took the second test in Warsaw. The 10th floor of the 1980s block is a few hundred meters from the border between Mokotow and Wilanow. I see it when I go out on the balcony juice … Temple of Providence.

An external router was supposed to be installed on the balcony, and I was waiting for a very boring speed check. But I started with smartphone measurements, this time it was the Xiaomi 12 Pro. It turned out that the transmitters of T-Mobile are on the other side of the apartment, and the measurements taken from the balcony are clearly weak. So maybe this test won’t be so boring, and I checked the network on both sides of the apartment.

Let’s start with faster side and measurements using a smartphone. The speeds achieved in the 5G network are:

  • download – 254.6 MB / s,
  • 67.2 MB / s shipping,
  • ping – 19ms.

and let’s measure the LTE network immediately:

  • download – 278.6 MB / s,
  • shipping – 43.5 MS / s
  • ping – 17 ms.

The website is sloweron the balcony side, 5G network:

  • download – 97.9 Mb / s,
  • 47.5 MB / s download,
  • ping – 15 ms.

and LTE:

  • download – 117 MB / s,
  • download – 30.6 MB / s,
  • ping – 16 ms.

I also checked the T-mobile Internet 5G Home Office external router on both sides of the apartment. at the beginning page faster by placing the router on a window (it can be permanently attached to the wall, on the 10th floor, and no one will feel it anyway). The Wi-Fi router was always in the middle of the apartment:

  • download – 303.2 MB / s,
  • 86.9 MB / s shipping,
  • ping – 17 ms.


  • download – 311.5 MB / s,
  • download – 53.2 MB / s,
  • ping – 19 ms.

Now we will see slow side of the apartment. 5G network for beginners:

  • download – 122.4 MB.s,
  • 91.6 MB / s download,
  • ping 17 ms.

and LTE:

  • download – 141.2 MB / s,
  • download – 41.3 MB / s,
  • ping – 19 ms.

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Results and summary. Is it worth betting on T-Mobile Internet 5G Home Office?

The router from the T-Mobile Internet 5G Home Office set actually makes a difference. We will not see a big difference every day in the case of downloading more than 100 Mb / s, a higher speed of downloading files is very useful in everyday work. In download mode, the set increased the speed of the Internet, but made a big difference when sent. Therefore, T-Mobile Internet 5G Home Office is worth betting not only when our coverage is very weak and we want to improve it, but also to improve a well-functioning Internet.

It should also be noted that LTE speeds may be higher than 5G networks. T-Mobile can transmit relatively narrow bandwidth to the fifth generation network without losing the quality of the LTE network. It is not the operator’s fault that there are more important issues in the last two years than the development of rules that allow the government to allocate a new band. As is often said in the industry, frequencies are not made of rubber, and here is a perfect example of this.

T-Mobile Internet 5G Home Office is probably the most interesting offer of mobile Internet used as a fixed line. Please note that its price is 130 PLN per month, or if we already have services in T-Mobile, it is 110 PLN, and we pay 9 PLN for a set of routers. And all this without any restrictions on data transmission. The offer is good value, works well, actually works, so I can only recommend.

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