[SPT #208] Elon Musk has achieved his goal – it’s time to start the Internet revolution

The last week of April is behind us and it’s time to end it. If you haven’t had time to review the most important information during a picnic, now is the time. I invite you to the next issue of SPT – a subjective summary of the week. Elon Musk has made frequent headlines in recent days over his recent acquisition of Twitter.

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Definition – Elon Musk went crazy

Elon Musk’s plans for Twitter. This story started a few weeks ago. Elon Musk first took a small part of Twitter, and the stock market reacted with almost euphoria. Even then, we learned about the billionaire’s plans (using the edit button). He then offered to buy all the shares in the eccentric social network, which the management did not agree to. After a few days of negotiations and strange games Elon Musk eventually bought Twitter and his management agreed. It turned out that we can learn from the billionaire’s previous statements about his plans for the portal. The main slogan in Musk’s writings was “freedom of speech.” The billionaire will change the algorithms and maybe make them more understandable. In addition, users will receive fewer bans for comments, and moderators will fight bots and spam. Critics fear the portal could be hate speech and arbitrariness. However, this should be prevented by some form of user authentication, which is already controversial.

Google Pixel Watch is formed. In recent days, we have seen more material about the watch from Google. This inspired me to write a summary and expectations for a smart watch. Of course, it is worth paying attention to the design of the device, which will be minimalist. Its folded envelope gives the impression of high quality. Some observers have already described it as a “rounded Apple Watch”. I admit that there is a bit of truth in this statement. But if Google had properly integrated all the services into the smartwatch. I mean the debut of Google Assistant, which is not yet available on the Galaxy Watch4. I would also like the American giant to release the XL version of the smartwatch someday. A large enough battery that can last at least 3 days without recharging would also be helpful. The device is expected to premiere in October 2022 – this time probably 99%.

Galaxy Z Fold4 with some improvements. In the second half of the year, Samsung will introduce other flagships of the Fold line. Probably in August there will be a conference where we will see the successor to the Z Fold3. According to Internet leaks, the device will have a more square screen when turned on. In addition, its hinges must be made in a slightly different technology. Unfortunately, the battery will remain the same – still 4400 mAh. But the saddest thing is the lack of a periscope sensor between the three cameras. Unfortunately, the dimensions of such a module are too large to keep the whole device slim. Unfortunately, this is a feature I really like on the Galaxy S21 Ultra. Samsung can also work on removing the layer in the center of the screen after opening it.

mObywatel with other record and functions. The mObywat application continues to amaze me and is really useful. For a long time, I do not have to carry a wallet with an ID card and buy electronic recipes on my smartphone. However, this is not the end of the new features. The mPrawo Jazdy function is also very useful because it removes the physical document. Vaccine certification was useful during the COVID pandemic. As you can see, the program is already very extensive, it is a sin not to use it. Numerous features attract new users and currently number more than 7.5 million. In the future, there will be new products, including a pensioner’s ID card.

Criticism – Blizzard loses players

Blizzard lost 63 million players … and must let them go. To this day, I can’t understand the hysteria that shook players when they learned that Blizzard would release Diablo on smartphones. The company was flooded with hatred and septic tanks, and many fans decided to turn away from it. Even then, you could have guessed that the real Diablo for PCs would be announced, but when the time came – and it happened. Diablo 4 is in production and will be available for personal computers and consoles in 2023. Therefore, I’m surprised that Blizzard’s hasty mobile Diablo: Immortal port for PCs is disappointing. If it is to push the players, then so be it this is a very inappropriate move. A group of fans will not immediately want to play the title they deleted, even on the PC. If this is a profit idea, I can understand it. However, Blizzard must focus on perfecting his hits. I mean the upcoming Diablo 4 and Overwatch 2.

Is Microsoft forcing Bing? Last week, I decided to take a look at the differences between Google’s search engine and Microsoft’s Bing. The Redmond giant will not convince me of a service that does not suit me in terms of the quality of the results presented. The search engine has few functions, such as not being able to search for scientific articles. I value minimalism, so Google is still the only option for me. However, it seems that Microsoft will not give up and intends to set Bing as the standard engine in the new Edge version. The sidebar and shortcut to the service will appear there. It should be noted that in Windows 11, all Microsoft services (for example, widgets or system search engine) use Bing to find links or entered passwords.

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