“My co-workers made me a scapegoat. Well, what’s the point of forty alone in the evenings? “- Real life

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I am an accountant. I have been working in a large accounting department for a year. I make good money and do what I like. The chief is very nice, treats us humanely and pays us on time. Therefore, I must be happy and satisfied. And if I didn’t have friends in the company, I probably would. I have had a serious problem with them for some time …

At first I thought they were very beautiful girls. Happy, talkative and open-minded. They often talked about personal matters at work. They complained about their husbands and talked about their children.

Gradually, I joined in the conversation and admitted that I had not yet married and had no children. It turned out that I was the only one in a comfortable situation, as they say. And then the problem began.

My girlfriends decided that since I was single, they could put all the extra work on me. Because I’m not in a hurry to go home, my children are not crying, I have no responsibility.

I’m sorry, I have plans too

In the beginning, this happened only occasionally. One of them simply asked me to finish this or that for him, because he had to go to an interview at school, perform in kindergarten, or see a doctor with the child. I was happy to help because I was kind, but after a while I realized that it had become the norm.

When my friends didn’t have time to do anything, or it turned out that there was an urgent job and they had to work overtime, they put all the documents on my desk. It was as if it had been determined in advance that I had to deal with it.

They didn’t ask me if I had time, I didn’t plan anything. Although I was angry, I did not protest. I did not want conflicts. But in the end I could not stand it.

That’s when I made an appointment with my girlfriend to go to the movies. We were already preparing to go slowly, and here the manager came in and said that we need to work harder, because the client controls the Social Insurance Institution (ZUS), the tax authorities, and you have to prepare reports and prepare documents. .

The girls smiled and said that I would look, because I have nothing better to do. And they fly because the doctor, the kindergarten, the school … The old song, as always. But this time the surprise surprised them. I protested. I have known for a long time that I only stay after hours, and it’s time to change that.

And today I’m not going to work for everyone.

“I will do what I have and disappear, because I have completely different plans,” I finally announced.
All the girls were very dissatisfied. As soon as I returned to the manager’s office, I was surrounded by a tight wreath.

– Can you find out what your plans are? Elka asked.

“I’m going to the movies,” I replied bluntly.

– You are joking! We are in a hurry because we have a lot of housework, and you go to the movies from here? You know, that’s shameless! There are more important things in life. You are an adult, you should know that! – He was angry and the girls gladly shook their heads at him.

Then they started shouting at each other that I am selfish, I have no heart to help them and take care of them. After all, they are in a much more difficult situation than me! They will not sit back in the cinema, just cook dinner, help children with their lessons …

Then I got angry. I started shouting that I would not be used! I know that the life of a mother and wife is difficult, but it is not my fault. I did not choose this fate. And just because I’m single doesn’t mean I’m going to overload everyone. Then I took my share of papers and went to work.

The girls, too, because they had no other choice. We finished the job in less than an hour. When I left, I thought I would sit alone until late at night and went to the movies …

Unfortunately, since then my friends have been looking at me angrily, almost not talking to me. They ignore me. Conversations are interrupted when you enter. When they go out to make coffee, they don’t ask if I will drink too. I also know that they talk about me behind my back.

Now I have to keep my voice down

About a week ago, I finally wanted to soften the situation, to quietly recount that incident this time. As soon as they asked me why they were treating me this way – after all, I had done them no harm, they immediately became angry.

– Do you really feel guilty? Well, we have nothing to talk about, – Elka turned away from me.

Here the atmosphere is unbearable. But I will continue, because I know I am right. After all, I have the right to decide what I will spend my life and free time on!
And I have to explain it to no one. Anyway, I can’t give up, because now the office is really hot. Annual settlements, tax returns …

If I get back to my old habits, I will probably have to live in the company for the next few weeks. And still I don’t like my job very much.

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