Is it worth repairing your smartphone yourself? Which devices are worth it?

The manufacturing process of smartphones can be complex, and many tests are performed before the appropriate prototype is approved. The end user is not fully aware of the complexity of the equipment they use. Due to physical injury, electronics are sometimes simply broken or damaged. In this case, the user usually goes to the repair shop and pays for the repair. However, in some cases, is it worth repairing your smartphone yourself? It should be noted that the answer to this question is ambiguous – it depends on the specific device.

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Which devices are “easily repaired”?

As I mentioned in the introduction, discussions on how to repair mobile equipment yourself depend on the level of difficulty of this repair. The portal, which explores smartphones in terms of terms, is well known to fans of ifixit. The site provides ratings for popular mobile devices. So let’s take a look at which smartphones have achieved the best results in recent years:

  • Exhibition phone 3. It may not be a very popular brand in Poland, but you can easily repair the company’s smartphones yourself. I wrote “Smartphones” because both the Fairphone 3 and the Fairphone 2 scored the highest 10 points. This result is achieved due to the user’s easy access to components such as batteries or screens. In addition, there are some tips that make it easier to repair the case, and replacing parts is very simple.
  • Landslide 6 m. The name of this device does not say much to fans of mobile devices. The smartphone was released in 2019. Here we are dealing with a 9/10 rating, which consists of the following: easy replacement of the battery and screen, or a screwdriver provided in the packaging of the smartphone.

At this point, I would like to add that the next devices rated 9/10 since 2011 are Motrola Droid Bionic and Motrola Atrix 4G. Many smartphones of 2011-2015 received high prices, which proves that this type of equipment was not so advanced at that time, and the user could easily fix it. But at the moment it is difficult to pay attention to such old devices. Which of the new devices has achieved a “decent” result? let’s check:

  • iPhone 13 Pro, iPhone 12 Pro Max, iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone SE 2020 6/10 rated. The portal praises the new Apple hardware for its fairly easy battery and display replacement capability. However, the glass body of the smartphone is a big problem when it comes to possible damage and replacement of the panel and the parts hidden under it.
  • Pixel 5a, Pixel 5, Pixel 4a – here, too, has a rating of 6/10, and ifixit praises devices for easy replacement of components, but replacing the battery can cause problems. Unfortunately, the big problem is the USB port, which the user will not replace at home.

Is it worth repairing your smartphone yourself?

fix the smartphone yourself

In the above section, I summarized which devices are easy to repair. Now let’s look at which parts of smartphones are easier to replace. Probably the most popular element that “breaks” when the equipment falls to the ground is the screen. It is good to know that special tools are required to replace the screen when Kowalski is not at home. If you start the repair and do it incorrectly, your smartphone may be damaged. It is better not to do it yourself!

The second important part that users want to replace is the battery. A few years ago, in the era of smartphones like the LG G4 or LG G5, changing this component was insignificant. At a time when phones are a single, unified body, this is not so simple. It’s not worth relying on YouTube videos, which can often make a difficult task seem easy. To do this, you need special tools to open the smartphone. There is a high risk of damage when opening the equipment. It’s not worth doing at home!

Another problem in today’s smartphones is the damaged rear screen made of glass. One thing is for sure – this area should be repaired as soon as possible before it deteriorates further. If you try to remove the glass yourself, you will seriously damage the phone – don’t do it at home!

So what can be done safely at home? You can easily clean the USB port or 3.5 mm audio connector, and you can better entrust other work to professionals.

Apple offers DIY kits

Interestingly, a few days ago, Apple introduced home repair kits for the iPhone in the United States. This applies to the iPhone 12 and 13. Parts are available from the Apple Self Service Repair Store. For example, for the above-mentioned devices, the battery costs $ 69, and the display costs from $ 225.96 to $ 309.96. The items will also be rented for $ 49. Cupertino wants to expand this service to other countries and devices in the future. At this point, it should be noted that buying parts and repairing them yourself is not much cheaper than repairing a professional service. This was reported by TheVerge the differences are between $ 5 and $ 20.

Repairing your iPhone yourself doesn't work

However, it should be noted that the Apple DIY repair program (short for Do It Yourself) is intended for users with knowledge and experience in repairing electronic devices. This means that ordinary Kovalski, who has no technical knowledge, should not resort to this type of solution. This is a good summary of the whole topic – if you are not an expert in this matter, repair your smartphone!

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