Extranet – everything you need to know about it

Extranet is a managed private network that allows customers, partners, suppliers, suppliers and other businesses to access information. They generally cover issues specific to a particular company or educational institution, without having to access the entire network.

Extranet usually forms a personal part of the website. Access to it is restricted to selected users who log in using their ID, password and other authentication mechanisms. Such sites can often be viewed as confidential, part of an organization’s business, or an extension of it.

An extranet is a highly secure personal network designed specifically to allow private entities to access a virtual communication space. This group includes, among others, vendors, suppliers and customers.

It is also often defined as a private network that uses Internet technology and a public telecommunications system to share certain information or business operations through a secure system. Extranet sometimes considered part of a corporate network.

Extranet – applied in the enterprise

Extranet networks are typically used to connect with a company’s potential customers. They allow customers to provide individual service more effectively – thanks to the distribution of all necessary information. In addition, communication and contracting with contractors is then carried out in a more controlled environment, which facilitates project management tasks by providing teams with a convenient online form of work area with access to general documents. Moreover, with the help of extranet It is also possible to create conditions for staff training.

Extranet – what are the advantages?

Extranets offer a number of basic and important advantages for business. The most useful benefits include, but are not limited to:

  • more effective communication and collaboration with contractors and customers through a secure network,
  • integration of supply chains in the form of consolidated processes,
  • cost reduction through online submission of documents to all relevant agencies,
  • simplification of internal processes in the company,
  • to provide communication between the companies authorized to use the extranet only,
  • increase work agility by being more mobile,
  • a list of all necessary documents, business information and briefings in one place.

What are the disadvantages of extranet?

Although there are many advantages to using a managed extranet network, its implementation and use can have a number of disadvantages. These include:

  • Internal extranet hosting is usually very expensive and the implementation process is often problematic,
  • The security of extranets is extremely important because it collects all the valuable information for an enterprise that could become a potential target for hackers or other malicious cyberattacks.
  • sometimes limits personal relationships with customers and potential business partners – which in turn leads to a lack of communication between people and the company, which has a negative impact on loyalty.
  • The security of the entire network, as well as individual sites, requires constant monitoring.

How can I keep my extranet safe?

In case of network support extranet, all precautions are important to protect the sensitive information of the company and its employees or customers. You must not only ensure that confidential information is not obtained by unauthorized persons outside the company, but also eliminate security vulnerabilities within the organization.

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There are two main security measures to ensure the security of the extranet and to protect confidential information from unauthorized access. The first firewalls (otherwise firewall) prevent others from accessing information within the network. In addition to the firewall itself, passwords are used that are equally effective in restricting and blocking access to information (as well as internally) by unauthorized entities.

Using a VPN network within an extranet

Documents can also be safely accessed via virtual private networks (VPNs). These are private communication networks where subscribers are connected to a virtual IP tunnel and through it can access the internal interface of the corporate network. In addition, all data is transmitted to ensure a high level of information security when using public connections encrypted form. This means that the information provided remains invisible to other users of the social network.

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As our guide shows, extranet network was created for effective communication and data storage within a specific structure. Offers great advantages in business management. Despite the number of advantages, the responsibility for using such a solution is worth considering.

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