What to do with an old smartphone? You still don’t know how useful it can be for you!

Did you get a new phone? Sure, you’re much happier than that, but will you start thinking very quickly about what to do with your old smartphone? To throw? Maybe not necessarily, if it works – in the end it can always be used for a specific purpose. Exactly – but exactly what? There can be many examples and you can choose the ones that can be really useful in your daily life.

Alarm clock and digital clock

Are you one of those people who wakes up at night and looks for a phone to check the time? If you have an old smartphone and you do not know what to do with it, then the digital clock is quite an interesting idea that will save you from unnecessary panic when looking for a smartphone. You can do this in a variety of ways. Many devices have the ability to set the screen saver as a clock, or it is always possible to install a special program to make a night watch from your old smartphone.

An example of an application would be the Great Digital Clock. Once installed, you can set the appearance of your watch and turn on night mode, which will reduce the brightness of the device. As a result, the old smartphone will last longer with an outdated battery. However, before installing the application, check whether the settings on the “Display” tab allow your device to set the system screen saver as clock.


If you have a mobile internet card, then your old phone can be a lifesaver if your existing router breaks down. Just slide the SIM card and create a personal hotspot from your device. Internet sharing is not very good for your smartphone in terms of battery. This will prevent your current device from being emptied and constantly recharging. Then the battery will be charged to the old phone.

Go to settings to activate internet sharing on your old smartphone. There, on the “Connections” tab, activate the “Wi-Fi Router and Internet Sharing” option. Depending on the device manufacturer, the range of options may be different. In the same place, you can change the password that provides access to the shared Internet. What should I do on the device that will receive the call? Just click the Wi-Fi icon (as you would when connecting to a home network). Then you need to select the shared internet name from the old smartphone and enter the set password. You can also change the network name in the settings of the old device.

Car navigation

Do you want to have a device that will only perform the function of car navigation? An old phone is a convenient solution, because you can put it in the car and it will always be ready for use. Have you ever driven on routes without internet access? Then you can continue and download your offline routes. This way, you will not have to capture the memory of your current device.

For this purpose, for example, you can use Google Maps, which can work without the Internet. To expand the menu, simply click on your account icon on Google Maps. There, select “Offline Maps” and click the “Choose Your Own Map” button. The application will ask you to select the area you want to download to your device’s memory. You can then select the maps stored on your device and navigate to your old device without internet access.

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The camera on your laptop doesn’t work? Maybe you just have a desktop computer and don’t want to spend your money to buy an external camera? You can also use your old phone here. There are apps that allow you to use your smartphone as a webcam. This will definitely give you better picture quality than a camera built into a laptop. For example, DroidCam – a webcam for PC, will turn your smartphone into a webcam.

The first step is to install the program on your phone and go to the software manufacturer’s website and download the program to your computer. Follow the instructions that appear on the phone screen after installation on both devices. After launching the program on the computer, the login window appears. Here you need to enter the WiFi IP and DroidCam Port. After that, the transfer from the phone camera to the computer screen will begin. If you use video calling services, then you can select the service that should automatically appear in the drop-down list in the camera settings of the chat program.

Electronic nanny

There are several apps on Google Play that allow you to track your baby on your phone. Dormi and Cloud Baby Monitor are examples of such solutions. Thanks to them, you can broadcast a video while your baby is sleeping. This is especially useful for people who have a big house and can’t even hear crying. Programs not only allow you to monitor the behavior of the child. When your baby wakes up, you can talk and calm him down.

Download Dormi and Cloud Baby Monitor from Google Play!

Game console

Do you play a lot of games and complain about the lack of space on your device? Using your old smartphone as a game console would be a great idea to save space on your current device. How can this be done? then just install your favorite games on your old phone and play with it. If you really want to build a game console from your old smartphone, then it is worth taking interest in Android emulators, and there are several of them.

For example, Nostalgia.NES. With this program, you will be able to return to the retro times created by games such as Super Mario and Contra. This is not the only emulator worth noting. Classic Boy is another interesting proposition, has one of the most readable and transparent interfaces. Drastic DS Emulator is an offer for people who want to ensure their progress properly. Here you can sync with Google Drive. Thanks to this, you will not lose anything in case of device failure.

E-book reader

For many people, the biggest problem with reading an e-book on the phone is distraction. There is no need to hide the fact that there are enough of them on every smartphone. So your old device can be used to read e-books. All you have to do is install the e-book reader application and just read. then you can put your phone away from each other. On an old device, you should not be distracted by anything, so you can focus on reading. You can install ReadEra or Moon + Reader to turn your old phone into an e-book reader. These are programs that allow you to open popular e-book formats stored on your device.

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Locator for finding a car or luggage

With the Google Device Find app, you can locate your phone. This allows you to place your old smartphone in the car or in the trunk. The application will allow you to locate a lost item and find it without any problems. The service can be used on a computer or smartphone – a mobile application. All you need to do is access the service and turn on the location and Internet on your old device. This will allow you to see the location of your smartphone on the map. You can turn on the sound on your phone, lock the device and log out of your Google Account or delete all data. The service also shows the status of the battery – so you know how much you can track the loss.

TV remote control

Is your old remote control not working properly? In this case, another idea emerges to use an old smartphone. Just install the app on your TV and then you can control the device directly from your phone without repairing the old remote control. This way you will save some money.

Depending on the type of TV you have, you should check that the program works with it. Fortunately, there are many TV remote controls on Google Play and you will definitely find one that works. Often, these programs allow you to not only control the TV remotely, but also share the screen.

Digital photo frame

Do you have some favorite photos that you go back to and look at often? Don’t make your life difficult. You don’t have to dig through all your photos to find these few. Just create a digital frame from your old smartphone. One solution here could be, for example, a system screen saver that you specify which photos you want to display.

To set up a screen saver with your personal photos, you need to go to the device settings. On the “Screen” tab, you should find “Screen Saver” and check if there is a system option to set the photo frame there. If your old phone does not have such options or does not work properly, another idea may be a special program – Fotoo – Digital Photo Frame Photo Slideshow Player. After installing the application, you select the images that you have saved in the device memory. The app also lets you connect to online drives like Google Drive and select photos you store in the cloud.

Learning device

This is a situation similar to games. This will allow you to keep learning and at the same time not give up your favorite apps to free up valuable MB on your phone. Therefore, install your language learning services and other topics on your old smartphone. Examples of apps that will turn your phone into a small school are: English with Duolingo, Drops: Visual Language Learning, Busuu – Language Learning, and more in the Google Play Education section.

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Music player and radio for the kitchen

An old phone like a radio or music player? If you work a lot in the kitchen, but it is a good idea if the room does not have a TV or other device. To do this, simply turn on YouTube, Spotify or any other program you can find in the music and sounds section on Google Play! Thanks to this, your work will definitely be much more efficient. If you do not have internet access in the kitchen, you can always download music files to your device and play music this way.

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What to do with an old smartphone? There are many answers to this question, a lot depends on what you really need. This allows you to save money – instead of buying a new device, you actually decide on a “second life” for your old equipment. How often do you wake up at night? Make a night watch from your old smartphone. Does your TV remote control stop working? The phone can easily replace it. Do you miss the music in the kitchen and don’t want to empty your current device? Older smartphones will also be perfect here. There are many such cases.

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