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Are changes in the list of trends for the given month happening slowly, or is there a real revolution in the pleasure of reading in 30 days? It is worth checking this by comparing the table below with the TOP 10 list of the previous month. If we take into account only the first place in the April rankings, it is safe to say that there was an almost sudden change – the novel was at the top of the list. “Be quiet” Harlan Koben. The Polish adaptation of the book, which can be viewed on Netflix, probably brought the book popularity 11 years after its first Polish publication. The series is the most watched production on this platform in Poland and in one week took 6th place in the world. The story takes place in the United States, in the series – in Poland, and although this change is followed by many others in the adaptation, it is about the teenager Adam, who was devastated by the death of both the book and the series friend. Is there anything he can hide if the boy is not only sad but also behaves strangely? The situation is exacerbated when a person mysteriously disappears and his parents decide to do their best to find his son. We wrote more about the screen adaptation of Harlan Kobe’s book In this article.

The second place in the list of April trends was taken by the book, which has been in the TOP 10 for several months – we are talking “A place where cancers study” Delia Owens. This novel will also be screened – It will be shown in cinemas in Poland and around the world in July 2022. The book tells the story of Kyi Clark, a girl from a swamp who has lived alone and in the wild for many years. Kya worries the residents of a nearby town, treats him like a stranger, and his condition worsens when a well-known and revered person in the local community dies nearby. Suspicions of her murder are immediately directed at the Girl from the Swamp.

The last place on the podium is PS Herytiera (Pizgacz), ie Katarzyna Barlińska and her books. “Start shooting. First round”. The novel gained great popularity on Wattpad before it was published in print, and is the only title to appear in the TOP 10 before even plans to publish it in book form were announced. As the author himself noted In an interview for

When I started writing, I never thought that my stories would be so popular, even in my wildest dreams. I often wonder why. Some people tell me it’s a talent – I don’t agree with that. I think this is a good idea, hard work and a lot of happiness. I am incredibly grateful to have so many regular readers with me, for better or worse.

The series about Fjällbace has made Swedish writer Camilla Läckberg one of the most popular crime novel writers in the world, gaining great popularity among readers and readers. Then the author wrote a series of books about Faye, and now – along with Henrik Fexeus – “Mentalist”, the first volume of the next series. And this book is the fourth in the list of April trends. Its main characters are Inspector Mina Dabiri and mentalist, body language and illusionist Vincent Walder. Together, the characters try to uncover the murder of a woman with a sword pierced in the chest in central Stockholm. As user Joanna writes:

The first thing that catches your eye when you read this book is its volume – about 700 pages. However, when reading the size of the novel, the size of the novel does not overwhelm the reader and may even be satisfied, because … I have missed such a Camilla since the Fjällback saga. The duo of authors did an excellent job.

Gabriel Garcia Marquez’s “Love in the Plague” closes the top five. The story of the poet Florentino Ariza and Fermina Daza belongs to the classics of literature, and readers are always eager to address it. “Love in the time of the plague” it’s about a feeling that comes true after half a century of waiting. About love that has gone through all stages: adolescent love, comfortable marriage, crazy passion, idealizing a loved one and a temporary physical desire.

The sixth place in the list belongs to Krystyna Kurczab-Redlich and her books “Vova, Volodya, Vladimir. Secrets of Putin’s Russia”, – writes users and users – “reads like a thriller or detective story, unfortunately, describes the truth.” Polish journalist Vladimir Putin, a longtime Russian correspondent, presented lesser-known facts from his life. How did it happen in the KGB? How did he start the wars in Chechnya and Ukraine, and what are his ties to Al Qaeda and the Islamic State? The author also draws a deep psychological portrait of the Russian leader, citing numerous sources in his book. The text is accompanied by photos.

In the seventh position there is a book in a completely different genre and dealing with a different topic – about “Aliens from the plane” TL Swan. The novel’s protagonist is Emily Foster, who is attacked by a man trying to steal her luggage at the airport on her way back from a friend’s wedding. As compensation, the airport staff offers him a first-class flight. Emily thinks she will finally rest, but she sits next to the man who looks so beautiful and embarrasses her.

April ranks eighth in the list of trends “Violet’s life” Valeri Perrin. This is the story of a woman who, by the will of fate, leads to a place forgotten by others and feels that there are many losers in her life, but she wants to prosper again. Violette spends her days in the cemetery, serving him as best she can and supporting those mourning in the necropolis. Violet’s life is an instructive story about a man who persistently believes in happiness. A coffee user wrote this book:

This is an impressive story about a spouse who contradicts any logic; a story about life and the search for love; the story of rebirth among those who no longer exist; about longing and pain, but also about joy. I touched.

He finished eighth in the TOP on April 10 “Gentleman’s proposal” Julia Quinn, the third volume of the Bridgertons series. Sophie Beckett never dreamed of attending Lady Bridgerton’s famous masquerade ball. And of course, it’s not about falling in love and meeting Princess Charm. More because his stepmother, like Cinderella, had made him a servant. Meanwhile, Benedict Bridgerton can no longer think of other girls, because he saw this beautiful woman for the first time in parliament. So he decides to find her, because he has vowed to be her wife.

Closes the top ten “Blood and ashes” – Jennifer L. Armentrout’s novel, the beginning of the series of the same name. The book is about Poppy, who has spent her whole life in a golden cage – no one can touch her, few can talk to her, see her face. All because the girl is dedicated to the gods and has only one task in life – to prepare for the ascension, that is, a ritual that will mark the beginning of a new era. Poppi finally decides to rebel against these rules – instead of sitting next to the priests and court ladies, he prefers to move his sword and plateau to protect his relatives from the danger coming from across the dam.

The TRENDS comparison of the month shows which books are most visited on and the average rating is above 7.0. Internet users are interested in a particular topic: for example, they visit a site where they are interested in advertising, broadcasting, interviewing or appearing in the press, radio or television. We don’t know all the reasons why users search for given titles, but we can honestly say that when 3 million site visitors a month choose specific subpages of books, it means they are popular.

The TOP 100 list includes books with an average price of more than 7.0.

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