“The intoxicating night with a crazy brunette changed my life. I did not think that years later fate would send this girl straight into my arms “- Real life

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For the weekend, I went to Wojtek’s plot because I was on my feet. I repaired my bike all afternoon. When I realized how late it was, I jumped under the sink, threw my bag in the car, and drove away. Unshaven face, scattered, in open sports pants. But it is normal for us, no one dresses for our events. We danced most of them in socks and tracksuits.

A week ago I threw a workout weight on my leg. I was very uncomfortable wearing sneakers, so I took them off and put on my flip-flops. Yes, for socks. I was lying in a chair with a beer in my hand and talking to Monica.

Suddenly I saw a woman out of the corner of my eye. Yad! With my friends stretched sweatshirts and crocodiles, this blonde looked like something from another fairy tale. Makeup, sweater, skinny jeans and slippers.

Who is this hell?

Instinctively, I sat upright on my stool. And I hid my feet under the chair in flip-flops. Just in time, because the woman just looked at me. He looked at me like that for a long time. Then Wojtek left home.

“Oh, Luke, you’re here!” He called me. – Have you met my cousin Ali from Krakow yet?

We shook hands. But he smiled politely, apologized, and went to the snack table. I didn’t know if she was her husband or her fiancé. But I liked it right away, and although we didn’t say a word to each other, I was sure we would have a great time. I was angry with myself for looking like a slingshot.

– Man, who is this? – Wojtek I fell.

The presenter seemed to think that I had found an excuse to invite someone outside the group. And began to explain himself.

– What should I have done? This is a family. Although we see each other mostly at weddings and funerals, he called on Thursday and asked if he could stay with us because he had work to do in Warsaw. And for some reason it turned out that Kasia and I offered him to stay on the weekend. I thought she would give up, I remembered that she was her husband and child. And then it turned out that her husband left her six months ago. And this weekend he looked at his daughter, so Ala gladly accepted the invitation.

– At least you could have warned us. See what I look like? I muttered. Wojtek just smiled significantly.

I went to the car and put on my sneakers. I could not do more. Although I know the first impressions are counted. So, the case was most likely lost. Ala was still standing at the table. Alone. And he was looking at me again. I decided I had nothing to lose and went to him.

– Hello. Probably Voytek didn’t warn you that his friends are a bunch of obscene idiots – I asked. – I wanted to assure you that we look more civilized every day. And we behave better. We are like an Indian tribe from the jungle. Getting used to strangers takes us a while.

– Native Americans. Of course. I already know – Ala took a deep breath. And I realized he wasn’t thinking.

– Krakow. Sunday. Peruvian Indians … do you remember?

I had no idea what he was talking about … Wait a minute. Jesus Maria. It is impossible!

– I’m not kidding. This is you? How did you meet me? I…. Oh my.

I remembered that weekend. That girl. He was brown-haired at the time, but these eyes … Yes. They are the same eyes!

– You know, I have a memory for faces. Special. It may be helpful, but it’s also a curse. That is why I have been following you in this way for a long time. Because I could not communicate …

My memory goes back to the weekend of twenty years ago. My friends and I were going to Zakopane. As the bus would take two hours, we went for a walk around the city. Peruvians sang and danced in the market square. We danced with them a little.

Suddenly a girl with short brown hair took me to dance. Ten minutes later, he asked me if I wanted to visit him. I was already on my toes and he had very beautiful eyes. I agreed. I shouted at my friends to leave without me, and I followed him.

– Alisa. Ala. Yes … ”I cleared my throat. – You know, then I wanted to call, but for some reason he did not come immediately. Then I lost the paper with the number. Really…

– Come on. It was a long time ago … But we had a lot of fun, I must admit.

I had to. Alicja took me to visit an abandoned factory. Loud music was ringing in my ears. One gave me a bottle of vodka and another a cigarette. Alice took me outside. Kiss. Then we fell in love under the stars. I don’t remember (or maybe I don’t remember) how we were in Alicja’s apartment today.

“The parents are gone,” he said.

We spent the whole weekend together. He escorted me to the station.

– Call me – he posted a note on the platform with a phone in his hand.

– I promise! I called when I was away.

We have not met again

I do not know why I did not call. I didn’t have a boyfriend then. Maybe I was scared? Or did I really lose this card? We began to remember that weekend. Each of us remembered different details.

I ran away from the tavern without paying the bill. He broke his father’s favorite carafe. The conversation took us so far that we did not feel that Wojciech was standing next to us.

– Well well. You talk like old friends, he asked. We looked at each other and started laughing.

– Hello. Place Luke and Ali. Do you use a lot of drugs?

In the end, I was able to control it.

– Because, you know, Ala and I really know each other. Do you remember that weekend when I stayed in Krakow and went to Zakopane? You always wanted to know what I did. Well, I spent it with Alice … I told you I was having fun with some guests. I lied.

Wojtek took a few seconds to master this information.

– Marcin, Janek, Tomek, come here a little! Finally he shouted. – Do you remember the weekend when Lukasz disappeared in Krakow? And he never told us what he was doing? We made up the craziest stories. I remember realizing that a beautiful woman had arrested him at a party. Only then did he smile foolishly. And guess what? Ala idi. my cousin. Our Łukaszek spent that weekend with him. Are you surprised?

There was silence. Everyone was looking at us

For several years, my disappearance has been the subject of speculation and speculation. I did not tell them the truth because I was afraid they would not believe me. I was not famous for my love adventures. I was sure that my colleagues would laugh at me.
Marcin’s mouth was open. His wife, Agnes, began to laugh nervously, and the others fell silent. Finally Janek said:

– This is just a number. But after many years of meeting …

“It’s my fault,” Ala smiled. – I don’t forget your face. On the street, I meet my friends from elementary school, my interns, and my friends who spend only a week in the company. As soon as Lukasz came in, I knew we had already met. But it was only his joke about the Indians that opened the lid … Do you remember those Peruvians in the Market Square?

The discussion turned into a story of “how small this world is.” I looked at Alice. I felt that he, like me, did not listen to others. I shook my head slightly towards the balcony. He followed me. Nobody paid attention to our escape.

– You know, I was waiting for your call. Long. I stopped thinking about you only when I met my future wife – Ala was silent for a moment. After a moment’s hesitation, he clarified, “Now he’s a former husband.” I wonder, is this a stimulus?

– I’m alone. And I’ve always been. My longest relationship was probably a month. And I recently accepted that I would be an old bachelor. But maybe it’s too early …

We were inseparable all weekend. We went to the forest on Sunday evening. we kissed I don’t know if that was possible, but I was sure I remembered his mouth.

– Now I have your number. Even if I strangle my phone – I know where to look for you. You’d better call me. ” Ala waved her finger in the morning to say goodbye.

I knew I would call you. Fate gives me a second chance, so if I didn’t, I would be the last fool.

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