Shining Girls (2022) – review and review of 3 episodes of the series [Apple TV+]. An elusive hunter

The full plot of the series is based on an interesting topic. This time, the audience is one step ahead of the heroes moving together. After the actions of Kirby and Dan, we also observe a murderer who copes with great courage. It becomes more and more courageous to find predators and make contact with them earlier, quickly turns from a friend into a dangerous predator, waiting for an indefinite action. A sense of security and impunity gives her a special ability to get to know young women better and to witness their daily lives. It seemed that this advantage would be a source of success, but once he made a mistake – one victim survived the attack.

Elizabeth Moss has proven her acting skills many times – whether it’s “Crazy People” or “Fairy Tale”, which has become a permanent part of her career. In the film “Shining Girls”, the actress perfectly fulfills the task assigned to her – the role of Kirby fits her perfectly. She is a woman who is facing a little closed, terrible experiences, who wants to hunt a psychopath with all his might and learn the truth. The reality is often unstable, his perception of the world changes more or less, which corresponds to the extreme atmosphere of the series. We don’t know if something really exists here, or if it’s a kind of illusion created by his damaged psyche.

There is a strong thread of understanding between the main actors – Moss and Wagner Moura, which affects the chemistry between the characters. With Dan Velazquez, Kirby gains more power to overcome all fears, difficulties, and catch degenerates, almost getting wind on the sails. Although we learned a few details about the young woman’s life during the three episodes under consideration, one thing is clear – the journalist gives the agency an investigation for the first time, she leaves the victim’s shackles, and the reporter, though unable to fully trust her, is one of many. it seems, just listen to him and follow his guidance. In addition to this couple, we also observe the actions of the killer. Jamie Bell (“Tom Clancy’s Unscrupulous”, “Billy Elliot”) is a seemingly sympathetic, but at the same time deadly annoying type, arousing fear of the first contact. Its creation is another reason why it is worth checking out the proposal, which recently debuted.

Shining Girls (2022) – watch 3 episodes of the series [Apple TV+]. Very good production, solid acting, interesting scenario

Shining Girls (2022) - review and review of 3 episodes of the series [Apple TV+].  The killer

Movies and series about psychopathic killers may be more or less popular – in recent years, the subject has become especially popular. An additional feature of “Shining Girls” is that direct references to the future, past and present force viewers to follow the events on the screen closely, even trying to capture even the smallest details – and they will prove their importance. Although the plot is set in the early 1990s, the realities are not so important here. The production climate is already harsh and extreme, which goes hand in hand with a very surprising study. During the show, another mini-series that stole my heart in 2021 came to mind: “Mare from Eastown” with Kate Winslet in the lead role – In many ways, Apple’s production has a lot to do with HBO’s offer and could turn the first half of the year into a serial black horse.

The writers responsible for the new series had excellent source material, although they made many changes to it, approached the main story freely, and adapted it to modern realities. Among fans of this genre, Lauren Beukes’ novel is often compared to Stephen King’s best books – if not for the airless climate and elements of science fiction – so no one should be surprised that the production company created by Leonardo DiCaprio took such a step. promising project and Elisabeth Moss is not only the protagonist, but also its producer. The grounds are really convincing, so counting down the days to the premiere of the next episodes, I look forward to the further development of the action.

We are only at the beginning of this mixed story, but in many ways it tends to be the next solid series available on the Apple platform. I rate Shining Girls 8 at first and look forward to more. If you’re not a fan of crime thrillers centered around serial killers, the plot may not appeal to you – otherwise it’s definitely worth a try. The spring attack of apple corporations is going really well.

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