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Plus offers significant opportunities in the subscription offer. The operator offers interesting solutions for both families and small businesses. It is worth looking at the attractive campaign in the prepaid offer and the offer for owners of ultra-fast fiber-optic internet. Let’s get acquainted with the new Plus offers.

Offer for families and small businesses

An interesting idea for Plus is a new offer for subsequent subscriptions, for which we will pay only 1 PLN. What are we talking about? As part of the offer, the customer pays the subscription fee for the first phone number in full. However, all the latter cost only 1 PLN. Interestingly, this degree can be applied even throughout the year. For example, one parent has the first card with a full subscription amount, and the other parent receives a subscription for 1 PLN. Moreover, this is not the end of the benefits – in addition, two children can be given 1 PLN subscription. Such an solution on an additional card can save 1,308 PLN per year. But if we turn it into a family of 4, the savings will be 2,790 PLN. These are amounts that will definitely be useful in any family budget.

What are the terms of the campaign? It is enough to subscribe or buy a minimum of 44.90 PLN per month. and we will choose another subscription for a minimum of 55 PLN per month. If we choose an offer with a smartphone – we get 1 PLN subscription for 12 months, if we choose an offer without a smartphone – we get 1 PLN subscription for 6 months. What happens after 6 or 12 months? Another promotion we already know comes to us here – smartDOM. Customers who subscribe for 55 PLN per month will receive an additional discount of 25 PLN. Thanks to this (with a sample subscription) we will pay only PLN 30 until the end of the contract.

A similar solution has been introduced for companies. The first card, ie outgoing subscription, must be at least 39 PLN per month. (net) You must choose a second card with at least 45 PLN subscriptions per month. (net). As in the offer for individual customers with a smartphone – a company customer receives 1 PLN for 12 months or a subscription without a smartphone – then the customer receives 1 PLN subscription for 6 months.

After 6 or 12 months of the campaign period, we will have an additional campaign, ie a discount within the smartFIRMA program. Conversion – these 45 PLN subscriptions will be reduced to 20 PLN per month. (net). Subsequent subscriptions – for 1 PLN, for individual customers – up to 5, and for companies – up to 7 cards.

As part of the campaign, the Plus network offers a variety of smartphones – both budget and high-end smartphones. Examples of U values ​​are:

  • Samsung Galaxy S22 5G 128 GB – 399 PLN for starters + 100 PLN 36 installments, total price 3999 PLN;
  • Samsung Galaxy S22 5G 256 GB – 36 installments from 499 PLN + 103 PLN for starters, total price 4,207 PLN;
  • Xiaomi Redmi Note 11 4 / 128GB – 1 PLN for starter + 36 installments from 31 PLN each, total price 1117 PLN;
  • realme C11 32 GB – 1 PLN for starters + 36 installments from 11 PLN each, total price PLN 397;
  • Samsung Galaxy A22 5G 4 / 128GB – 0.98 PLN for starters + 36 installments of 24.94 PLN each, total price 898.82 PLN;
  • realme 8 5G 64GB – 1 PLN for starters + 36 installments of 28.83 PLN each, total price 1,038.88 PLN;
  • realme Watch S – 0.98 PLN + 5.48 PLN 36 installments for starters, total price 198.26 PLN.

5G Plus is the fastest in Poland

In addition, it also focuses on the rapid development of the Internet. The operator’s 5G network is developing really intensively. Plus, it is already available in 5G technology as the only 2600 MHz TDD band in Poland. The group is dedicated to the exclusive use of the 5G network. This solution, unlike the applications of other operators, allows you to achieve dizzying speeds of mobile Internet. This is confirmed by independent RfBenchmark tests conducted in many Polish cities. Data download and upload speeds have been tested in eight different locations. Test results show that in this category, Plus is ahead of the competition in terms of internet speed and is a leader in 5G technology. Today, more than 19 million Poles use the latest technology.

Plus: ultra-fast optical fiber

Ultra fast Plus Fiber for PLN 1

At the same time, Plus is developing a network of optical fibers and high-speed Internet “over the cable”. A new proposal, Plus Światłowód has been developed. Ultra-fast internet with speeds up to 1Gb / s can be purchased for 1 PLN per month, and the tariff is valid for up to a year. What is the promotion about?

Customers who do not have other Plus products will pay 1 PLN per month for internet access at speeds up to 1Gb / s for 6 months.

If we decide to sign a new contract or extend the current one (for a telephone subscription to Plus at least 50 PLN per month or for mobile internet), we will receive a Plus Światłowód promotion by paying 1 PLN per month for up to a year. . After 12 months, the subscription will be 60 PLN per month (including 10 PLN for smartDOM and 10 PLN discount for e-invoice). The above offer with 1 PLN subscription per month. Covers Plus Światłowód service, based on Netia’s multi-family housing infrastructure.

Similarly, customers covered by the fiber-optic network using Inea, Nexera, Tauron and Orange infrastructure can use the offer in multi-family and single-family apartments. The subscription to the promotional price will then be 26 PLN per month for 6 or 12 months, as well as at a speed of 1 Gb / s.

It should be noted that the operator has recently reduced the subscription price for all proposed speeds, except for the Netia infrastructure, by 10 PLN. Fiber optic subscription with 95 PLN per month is now 85 PLN per month after the promotion period (including 10 PLN and 10 PLN smartDOM discount for e-invoices). In the package with the subscriber, customers get an additional SIM card with a router and access to 5G mobile internet.

Plus’s new offers perfectly complement the operator’s portfolio. You can tailor the offer to your needs and at the same time use a different package of services from one provider.

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