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Some time ago, users got a new Facebook to test in their browsers. Of course, it’s not about the new web application, it’s about the look that Mark Zuckerberg now presents to Stable. I must honestly admit that when I had the opportunity to move from the old (classic) look to the new version, of course, I did. Many people complain about this, but you will not read such terms from me. Evolution is a natural part of life, and you know that a lot changes. An overview of our applications, systems and portals, especially those that need to adapt to hasty technology.

The new look of Facebook will be implemented permanently from September, and … of course, it causes a lot of extreme emotions. Bloggers write on the Internet that they will not be able to survive this nightmare. Some threaten to delete accounts. Honestly, I did not expect such hypocrisy. I’m waiting for the goal. Blogger earns money, introduces himself on and through the ridiculous Facebook FanPage, among others, and will delete the account because he does not like the new topic. Someone may not like the presented innovations, because we are accustomed to the old style, but it is not known how much it worries.

The new Facebook did not receive very positive feedback during the tests.

By the way, I do not understand why this is so. I changed the look myself. Even when I look at sharing from the level of Facebook pages, the mechanism is now more convenient and elegant. I agree that the version for personal computers is completely different from the previous one. Maybe it’s hard to convince him. In my opinion, pouring a bucket of wash on the service is not so annoying. Those who complained a lot about the new version have so far been able to return to Facebook Classic. From September, this option will be eliminated and everyone will have to use the update on the appearance of the world’s most popular social networking site.

The new Facebook is first and foremost a long-awaited “dark mode”.

For me, as a person who prefers dark backgrounds, has a headache when working with light backgrounds, and has an eye socket, after a few minutes the dark regime becomes like gold. I have been waiting for this since the beginning of this portal and have repeatedly tried to save myself with different types of browser applications. These were supposed to replace the look of the websites, but the quality of their performance left much to be desired. All this is due to the fact that using a browser plug-in, Facebook had to enter some CSS code and change its appearance. And with templates, it’s like that – something will change location, there will be extra lines, ads and … hit the whole look, I won’t say. It was the same in these cases. So I’m happy that the new version has brought Dark Mode to Facebook.

The new Facebook is said to be the decision of the Zuckerberg team.

However, I’m not entirely sure. While testing the new topic, users were given various types of queries to complete. As the company introduced a new look, it seems that the new topic came out well in these ballots. Moreover, the appearance of both the new version and the classic version was not a gift from Facebook. The stagnation over the existence of the classic website was the result of intensified work on the mobile version. Unfortunately, the time to complain is over and there will be no choice but September. Although the new website is unreadable for many people, the icons are very large and the shortcuts are not intuitively organized. I would say that everything is new and you need to get used to it.

The new Facebook is a bit like changing the Windows theme.

I have a friend (attention) who is still using Windows XP and starts playing music on Winamp. The system has been out of support for a long time, and no patches or updates have been seen (and I think this is one of Microsoft’s worst products – probably only Vista and Millennium are worse). But man is so accustomed to the disgusting Luna that he finds it difficult to work on anything else. Even the Luna graphics on the new systems didn’t help. In Windows XP, this person feels safe, knows every corner, does not have to learn new things, and does not feel bad to be surprised by something.

The new Facebook is just a similar situation dressed in different colors.

We use it so often that our perceptions are very accustomed to what we see. And suddenly Mark Zuckerberg destroyed our universe, and he dared to rearrange our icons. When I read the comments on the Internet, I became even more convinced that this is a habit: “I do not even understand why the option of choosing the classic version of FB could not be perfect? it could have been a trash can – but we all stuck to it, got used to it, and it was more readable and better planned.

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