Leaks from the matura exam in 2022: Konopnicka and the Polish anthem on the wallpaper. Why does information about such leaks fill the internet?

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Leaks from the exam in 2022. Information about leaks has flooded the internet! Will it be in Poland?

Leaks from the matura exam in 2022. Do you know what will happen in Polish in the Matura exam? Matura exam is one of the most important exams in life. Approaching fast! On May 4, 2022, high school graduates will face the Polish CKE sheets. What will happen in the matura exam? What to read, what essay, what is worth reading at the last moment? – These are probably the questions that every high school graduate asks himself at the moment. Shortly before the exam, students are looking for any assignments that will be in the matura exam. Were there any leaks? There are theories that Konopnicka and the Polish anthem will appear in Polish in the 2022 matura exam. Why can this be on the CKE sheet? Is there a certainty? See the article below.

Matura 2022 Starts on May 4! There are days left until the final rehearsals. In 2022, about 289,300 high school graduates will compete with CKE sheets. Students will take exams in three subjects at the basic level:

In order to pass the certificate of secondary education, it is necessary to obtain at least 30% results in compulsory subjects and take an exam in the extension.

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Matura 2022: Leaks

Are there any leaks from the matura exam in 2022? You know what the future holds CKE sheet? High school graduates will soon give a lot to the knowledge they will find on the CKE sheets. What will happen assignments? With essay topics Polish language? Which reading will be included in the matrix questions? Such knowledge will guarantee excellent results in the 2022 Polish language matura exam. Websites that claim to appear on the internet every year leaks from bachelor, it is enough to pay higher or lower. Know that such advertisements are fraudulent – a waste of time and money. Leaks you can’t find an exam to finish high school there. So where do you look for knowledge about what will happen on high school vacation? How to better prepare exam? There are several ways to do this. Some people speculate that the CKE sheet from Poland may contain assignments related to the works of Maria Konopnicka and the Polish anthem. Why? More information about this theory in the material: Matura 2022: Leaks. Anthem and Konopnicka in Polish high school graduation exam? This theory makes sense! Thanks to him, you can pass your high school diploma!

Matura 2022: What will happen in the Matura exam? Leaks are not enough

The CKE sheet is leaking no, but it is worth checking what tasks were in previous years, as well as what characterizes the year 2022. What can happen in the matura exam in Polish? According to Wikipedia, 2022 has been announced:

  • Maria Konopnicka or
  • Maria Grzegorzewska or
  • Wanda Rutkiewicz or
  • Ignacy Lukasiewicz or
  • Joseph Mackiewicz or
  • Joseph Wybicki or
  • Wladisław Bartoszewski or
  • Bronislav Geremek ili
  • Bruno Schulz or
  • Botany or
  • Year of Mountain Rescue in Sudetenland
  • 100th anniversary of the return of part of Upper Silesia to Poland and the year of craftsmanship
  • International Year of Glass
  • International Year of Fisheries and Aquaculture

Therefore, it can be concluded that the above texts / references / questions are likely to appear in Polish in the 2022 matura exam.

Matura 2022. What will be the assignments?

It is also worth seeing what happened in the Polish high school exams in previous years. You can see the assignments in our photo gallery:

This year’s high school graduates have already passed the Polish language exam


Are you worried about this year’s Matura exam?

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