It’s not in a hurry (2022) – film review

This is a film for people who are incredibly strong nerves, who are not looking for a remote control to change the channel quickly when there is an advertisement for sanitary napkins, shaking their paws. Because the metaphor of growing up here is manifested, sometimes even difficult, but the fact is that something has happened – the arrival of my aunt from America is no longer a taboo subject.

A species known for a long time as ichni to reach adulthood, and our main interest in growing up in cinema is boys. Perhaps this is due to prose and purely commercial reasons, as it is easier to sell a catalog of neuroses from men’s tumultuous adolescence, but let’s admit that the dictatorship of patriarchal Hollywood is not insignificant here. Pixar has never been an exception here, despite the fact that it has been openly shown by the studio for years. girl strength, all these fantastic animations were shot almost exclusively by men; rather, about boys who have not yet become men. And I hope that for this reason, “To nie wypanda”, directed by Domee Shi, which began years ago as a storyboard intern, attracts attention, especially in our country, where sex education classes are protesting with pickets.

The film directly shows the maturation. The moment of a giant hormonal explosion shows what it actually looks like – so it’s messy, cleansing and at the same time destructive, but also terribly confusing. Therefore, when thirteen-year-old Meil ​​finds that the women of her family are burdened with a certain curse or blessing, that the hair on her body is blooming, and that she is sweating profusely under her armpits, it is not much of a celebration to change her mood. and in the true sense of the word, he no longer recognizes himself, he panics. Of course, Shea works here with a plastic hyperbole and takes the form of Meil’s red panda. The catalyst for this transformation is high physical and emotional arousal; It is not difficult for a primate hiding in the shadow of a mother and discovering only the pleasures of adolescence. This stimulus to which Meili is exposed is reflected at the level of both the narrative and the script. Sometimes it can be a little unbearable, but on the other hand, we are faced with a film about the need to understand and be understood, so sometimes it is impossible to complain about the crazy directorial choices for too long.

The girl quickly learns to accept her animal form, which not only embodies the temporary difficulties of adolescence, but, on the contrary, becomes a connection with the temporary entertainment associated with the time of discovery and exploration. This is a very neat procedure, because the red panda wears out as quickly as a one-dimensional metaphor, and if Shee only focused on the psychosomatic aspects of adolescence, the film itself would be boring. “To nie wypanda”, like the perfect short film “Bao”, which he previously directed, speaks volumes about the relationship between mother and child, emphasizing that parental love can be so greedy that adults stop seeing autonomous individuals. in a small man .. Surprisingly, it is the harsh and authoritarian Ming who almost becomes the anti-hero of this film; he is not a black character at all, but a gray character who passes on the neuroses he learned from his youth to his naughty daughter.

And the teenager Meilin begins to go astray with perfection. He also has loyal friends who involve him in activities other than school. All four have a common dream, for example, to go to a concert of their favorite boy band – its members are not only musical idols, but also poster boys, freshly shot from a corporate printer, evoking understandable back tremors. The cheese group has also become almost a symbol of generational rebellion, a machine to extract money from a parent’s point of view and to damage the young mind. Elegant models for Meilin and girls, but almost a life guru who holds them in his hands on the path to adulthood. The performance of a group of boys is a ceremony for them; they say they will be women here.

The problem is that everyone has to find their own way, without always paying attention to what people who have been through this for a long time have told us. It doesn’t matter if Shee says you’re looking for him by stubbornly studying BTS texts, or between Proust’s lines. There will be a time for everything. For everyone.

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