Intranet – what is it and why?

Depending on the organization can take the form of an intranet websitean internal communication platform, a set of collaboration tools, knowledge exchange technology, and even a social network for employees from different locations to participate in joint activities (virtual collaboration).

Nowadays, it improves intranet communication and work, providing the tools needed to perform activities with full commitment, productivity and the necessary information package.

network technology known as The intranet has several key features which distinguishes it from the typical Internet:

  • intranet is an internal private network with closed access;
  • To access the intranet, employees must have a special network password and connect to the corporate network infrastructure (LAN). Local area network);
  • remote work people and contractors virtual private network (VPN, Virtual Private Network) or other secure, encrypted connection.

In addition to the LAN, devices on the intranet communicate with each other using so-called wide area network (WAN, Wide Area Network). For example, a company may provide selective access to a corporate intranet to specific suppliers, partners, and even customers to facilitate certain business processes, such as inventory management.

Intranet as a virtual work environment

Intranets help people work bettercombining the best features of wikis, blogs, document handlers and content management systems (CMS). Content Management System). Because it is a private network and it is not difficult to create custom pages (or spaces) on it for your specific needs, you can easily customize the functions according to the requirements of your company, team or department. It is also used to protect intranet data and to provide them with access because it is a closed network – no information is leaked from it.

Intranet as a corporate database

The intranet is both a centralized and convenient databaseit ensures that important information is kept clear, transparent and easily accessible to employees. It is often a central repository so that new users can search for important documents, be aware of company news, and learn more about their role or the organization itself without having to browse multiple files or visit a paper archive.

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Intranet as a means of internal communication

This type of network allows corporate departments to securely share information and ideas and then create internal websites where you can work together. It is different from a regular internet network an intranet is used to transmit internal datasuch as company news, project documents, and HR policies that employees can access in a safe place.

Intranet – what else can it contain and how should it work?

The intranet gives you more optionsOne of them is a solution based on Cloud Computing. Cloud-based intranet allows you to work from anywhere and access all the necessary tools or widgets. It can also be scaled better than a local corporate network.

It can also act as an exchange of knowledge – some companies know that the intranet can work in principle know-how thanks to a continuous and constant flow of information. Knowledge sharing is an effective way to increase employee motivation and efficiency.

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Add to that the multilingualism – international corporations need solutions that can serve them in different places. Multilingual intranet Provides access to the same information and tools for all employees, regardless of their mother tongue.

Intranet – examples of the development of future ideas

Profile information is worth paying attention to. There may be job-tailored content on the intranet, team or employee location. Targeted information means strengthening individuals with the right resources, which increases efficiency and reduces distractions in unnecessary administrative emails.

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