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Volunteers from OTOZ Animals, which has already brought more than 130 animals from Ukraine to Poland, rescued them. Now dogs and cats are waiting for someone to accept them and give them a new home. Volunteers also help overcrowded shelters and shelters in Ukraine and care for animals that come to Poland with their owners, Ukrainian refugees.

Animals in the current conflict in Ukraine also need help. Provides, among others Polish Animal Protection Society OTOZ AnimalsPoland has had 10 shelters for homeless animals for 20 years, including the Rogate Ranch for farm animals.

Since the beginning of the war in Ukraine, the Society’s volunteers have gone to help animals suffering from military operations. Like Dr. OTOZ Animals Magdalena Silska from the Polish Society for the Protection of Animals, food and accessories are delivered to Ukraine. He now goes to crowded shelters, as well as to individuals who are kind to homeless animals, who are left alone and roam the streets. In this way, the Society has already provided more than 5 tons of fodder brought to the Polish-Ukrainian border, taken by Ukrainian volunteers and delivered to the places where the animals are waiting for help.

The society also adopts homeless dogs and cats from Ukraine and adopts them in Poland, although it is not easy to bring them to our country due to the lack of proper rules.

“The animals are in a miserable condition,” he said. Hungry, scared and sick. Some of them are puppies. They need veterinary help and the work of a behaviorist, “said Magda.” Animals are imported, including from Kharkov or Lviv. ” “The situation is deplorable. We adopt animals from such places,” said Magdalena Silska.

OTOZ Animals has also set up animal shelters at refugee camps in Ukraine. At Warsaw’s Eastern Railway Station or border crossings. “Two out of ten visiting families travel with animals,” said an expert from the Polish Society for the Protection of Animals. Mostly dogs and cats come, but there are also guinea pigs, hamsters, rats and even turtles.

People come with animals in baskets and bags, they are afraid that the animals will not eat for several days. As Magda explains, even for cats, escaping the war, keeping them in a closed container or cardboard box for a few days is very stressful and even life-threatening. “Not being able to use a litter box for cats or not drinking water for more than a day can even result in death,” the doctor said.

OTOZ Animals volunteers not only inspect the animals that come to Poland with the refugees, but also chip them, giving them food, special transport containers and the necessary accessories, such as ants or collars, for the next few days, as the owners will often not be able to do. run away from home.

The most difficult moments are when the refugees approach the volunteers and ask for help, saying that there are dogs and cats left in the house in such a city, on such a street.

“In such a situation, we are often powerless. We can do everything on the site. It is very difficult from a distance. We also receive such reports by e-mail. There are Facebook groups where people are looking for animals. We react to these announcements, act and monitor. We are doing everything to save as many animals as possible, but unfortunately some of these stories end in tragedy, “said a spokesman for OTOZ Animals.

The society constantly raises funds for the purchase of food and supplies for animals, as well as others, along with medicines or dressings. Information on this topic can be found on the website OTOZ Animals “This need is not gone, the need is constant. There is a need to eat the most, because it is important for the animals to survive. You can send such gifts to us at the headquarters in Tri-City or the Warsaw Inspectorate. Every help is worth its weight in gold, and every gesture can save the life of a pet, “says Magdalena Silska. Then we spend this money on the purchase of essential items such as food, as well as medicines, because such purchases must be made under veterinary control.

Homeless animals that find their way from Ukraine to Poland are also looking for new homes and owners who will love them. Admission announcements of volunteers, including. OTOZ Animals Bojano Adopcje on Facebook ( Each animal is slaughtered, examined, sterilized and treated. The treatment of animals that have experienced such great stress also includes the help of behaviors to alleviate their anxiety.

“Ludmila, Nina, Yulia, Olena and other dogs are enjoying a new life with loving caregivers. We are very happy to be able to help them. They were dewormed, chipped, vaccinated and adopted. Photos and contact with new owners give us hope that we can help more animals, ”reads the Society’s website. However, there are still many pets waiting for a new home. Below you will find descriptions and photos of some of them.

Dr. Monica Tarkan Magdalena Silska OTOZ Animals from the Polish Society for the Protection of Animals, their humanitarian assistance and for the animals since the beginning of the war in Ukraine.

You can listen to the whole conversation here:

Pets fleeing bombs, missiles, war atrocities and waiting to be adopted.

Fight, is about 2 years old. Its owner probably lost his life at the beginning of the war, so the pregnant woman was left alone at home for a few days and then thrown in the trash. The local fund was able to safely evict the whole family from the locked apartment. Together with Bojka, they protected the children in a temporary home. The boy has found new homes and the bitch is still waiting to be adopted. Boyka’s story is very sad, but OTOZ Animals volunteers hope it will end happily!

Archie. He is a very kind and gentle dog who takes every opportunity to be close to people. He walks nicely in the garden and communicates with other dogs. It is dewormed, vaccinated, chipped and sterilized.

Yana. Sunia arrived in Poland with her twin sister. They were both very frightened, and when they saw a man, they forced their way into the back of the huts. Now they are getting more courageous every day. Yanan is about a year old, and all you need to do is walk the rope. She is very happy to see a man and enjoys interacting with other dogs.

Petro and Pylyp, two young boys, about 7 months old. The brothers are very similar in appearance, but completely different in character. Pylyp loves to hug and is very social. Petro is more cautious and a little afraid of people, he will probably pass in his new home.

Mona is about 8 years old. She is a beautiful little woman who is in dire need of a loving home. She loves to walk and is very interested in the world! It is dewormed, vaccinated, chipped and sterilized.

Yeva She is an old woman, when she sees a man, she wags her happy tail and feels good next to the dog. He is very gentle and sociable. It has been dewormed, vaccinated and chipped and will soon be sterilized.

Chid is an about 8-year-old man who is very sociable and gentle. She likes to hug a man. Tolerates other dogs and is very sociable. It is dewormed, chipped and vaccinated.

Other adoption records can be found at OTOZ Animals Bojano Adopcje.

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