They made money in NFT. How their lives have changed – Investment

Of course, there are also excellent copywriters whose “products” are highly valued, but replica is replica. In the 20th century, artists took a different direction. They began to repeat some of their works themselves, which made the copies somewhat original. Even in this case, the most valuable and important thing for the collector is its digital uniqueness.

Another constant changing reality in the transformation of works of art. This, of course, sounds paradoxical, but as in many areas of life, it is true. The world of art and the world of high culture in general has withstood a completely new trend – tokenization. This is a modern global trend affecting highly developed societies. Tokenization uses blockchain technology, which uses, for example, to create a digital unit in the form of real estate or works of art in Metaverse. As a rule, this unit is unique and can belong to one person. Just like any work of art created over the centuries.

– This is not only a new technology, but a revolution in thinking, a paradigm shift. A digital transformation is taking place before our eyes, as well as a redefinition of the concept of value. The emergence of NFT and metaversion is part of a broader global mega-trend stemming from the geopolitical situation. Most people will notice this only after a few years, but the truth is that door support is already low, and the pioneers of new forms of expression are the world’s largest auction houses, museums, and art galleries, such as Christies, Sotheby’s, or the British Museum. From London – says Bartosz Bilicki from SmartVerum. This is a start for art tokenization and creating an “artistic” metaverse. – Tokenization completely changes the existing status quo, introduces new settlement models, gives new ways of expression, and also provides investors with innovative mechanisms for providing capital, the expert added.

The oil market can only grow

In 2021, the oil market – as the name implies this digital form of trade – will reach $ 40 billion. The mobile app market was valued at the same price in 2016 and is now worth $ 133 billion.

– Undoubtedly, the NFT market will continue to develop, this is just the beginning, some people are asking questions about the true value of the virtual object. This is a normal period of innovation before standardization. Of course, this is good news for the creators first of all – adds Bilicki.

When American Victor Langlois left his family home and went to Seattle, he had only money for a ticket in his pocket. He needed it to pay the rent in the new city. He began to create, although it must be admitted that the first artistic activity of the teenager was behind him. He became interested in art a few years ago and at the age of 12 he was proud of his first successful works. But he still could not think about market success. With NFT, everything has changed.

June 23, 2021 was the year. The website of the famous Christies auction house has collapsed. Apparently, this has never happened and there was a reason for the failure – at the same time, there were many art buyers on the site and they were trying to offer. It was about a series of NFT deals, and everyone was targeting a young digital artist named FEWOCiOUS. This is Langlois. The Christies auction had to be canceled and repeated within two days, and Victor Langlois became even more famous.

True, NFT’s work can’t be touched or hung on the wall of a real house, but Langolis always delivers the work to each buyer in person and offers a choice of additional physical drawings and additional archive drawings – also NFT.

Such cases are not uncommon, because high culture has already settled in Metavers. – This means that you can contact him at any time and from anywhere in the world, which is great news for cultural institutions that eventually stop being limited to physical space. – Bartosz Bilicki from SmartVerum startup comments,

NFT as an investment

It should be explained here that the buyer of the work becomes its owner, but it is precisely because of the above-mentioned aspect of a certain freedom that he cannot, for example, hide the painting from the world. Or the client may be interested in owning rights to only parts of the work, not the whole. He can only get one percent. As a result, he spends less and can shop more for the rest of the money. Of course, this is an investment comparable to buying or selling real paintings or sculptures, because over time, virtual works of art gain value.

The first such operation was carried out in 2018. Andy Warhol: 49% of Machine Made was sold using blockchain technology. This is a picture of the king of pop art, created in the mid-1980s (there are actually five of them). Warhol created it on Comodore using ProPaint. The impact of tokenization on Warhol was not accidental. The artist has always been fascinated by digital art and new technologies. Thanks to the success of this auction, young people like Victor Langlois were able to enter the world of art. But thanks to NFT, not only can he earn and change his life.

– It is safe to say that the most notorious names in this matter – Claude Monet, Vincent Van Gogh, Leonardo Da Vinci or Hokusai – have already crossed the barrier. It’s more of an artist’s time. – Bilicki says.

Millions of dollars

Among these stars, it is necessary to name the artist working under the pseudonym PAK. A year ago, all of his works were valued at more than $ 269 million. The other is BEEPLE, which ranks second in various rankings with a total of $ 171.9 million. Visual artist based on the trinity algorithms closes TYLERXHOBBS – $ 101.6 million. The above-mentioned FAWOCiOUS works are valued at a “modest” $ 26.5 million.

It should be added that BEEPLE has an operational record for a job. Everydays: $ 69.3 million paid for The First 5000 Days. This is a picture of 5,000. smaller and documented every day. The sale took place in 2021, and BEEPLE immediately entered the mainstream of an artist working in the digital niche.

– This is another boost to the NFT and digital art market. Provides opportunities for artists who can’t overcome the glass ceilings of the art industry. Now these forces, which were dormant in the creators, have been released and it has become very easy to reach the collector. Our job is to simplify these connections and ensure that artists and buyers find each other. Through collaboration with cultural institutions, we are creating the largest global art gallery of works from all continents – explains Bartosz Bilicki of the SmartVerum startup, which symbolizes art and creates an “artistic” metaverse.

We always talk about creators, artists, works, and we must remember that the conversation is about a virtual world with limited but still freedom. Thus, anyone can operate in the field of NFT. The case of Sultan Gustaf Al Ghozali has already become popular, and he posted a series of selfies on the Internet as a joke. They liked it so much that the $ 3 billboard sold for $ 860.

As he admits, the work of the famous DJ Steve Aoki, who has won more than 10 musical performances in NFT, was equally loud and covered in the media. Only one picture sold 900 thousand. dollars.

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