The Giraffes have done their job and are reporting for the playoffs!

Volleyball players qualified for the playoffs of the 1st Women’s Volleyball League by defeating Sorella Częstochowianka Częstochowa 3-1 in the return match of Roleski Group Azoty PWSZ Tarnów.

Marcin Wojtowicz’s accusations After the 3-0 victory in the first match in Chestokhova, fans gathered in the hall of the Academy of Applied Sciences before the rematch in Tarnovo were hoping for a comfortable victory.

The beginning of the first set was quite equal. The game was basically “points for points”. Unfortunately, after the score of 8: 8, Chestochova’s players began to move away from Tarnow’s players. They played well in block defense and were able to counter-attack. This gradually increased their lead to five points (11:16). Then coach Wojtowicz took a break, which resulted in the girls getting a few punks. Coach Andrzej Stelmach decided to make a similar maneuver, and after the break began to control the players again, and the result reached 20:24. Then Victoria Kowalska began to score points for “Gyraf”. Thanks to his strong and accurate play, the loss was quickly replaced. However, in the first set, the final vote went to the Chestokhovs, who won the first game with a score of 23:25.

Annoyed by the loss in the first set, Tarnow started the second game with a strong shot, quickly gaining four points (8: 4). This is due to the great service Alexandra Gancarza. The farther they went to the forest, the more the hosts increased their advantage. At the end of the set, Katarzyna Wawrzyniak and Victoria Kowalska also showed an excellent service series, which meant that the game ended with a score of 25:11 for Tarnow players.

The third set is a balanced fight at the beginning and a national advantage of both teams. When the score was 8: 9 for the residents of Częstochowa, Kowalska re-established itself, gaining several points in a row. With a 14:11 advantage of Tarnow players, head coach Stelmach asked for time. The break not only equalized the competition, but also had a great impact on Sorella’s players, who increased by three points (16:19). Then Marcin Wojtowicz decided to take a break. As a result, the end belonged to his players, and they won first with a draw (21:21), and then with a score of 25:23 after amazing emotions.

The fourth set started well for the visitors, who returned to their game from the first game, and they increased the score to three (3-7). However, Tarnow players quickly began to compensate for the losses and led to a draw (7: 7) thanks to Claudia Świstek’s good attitude in the service area. After that, both teams came face to face. Suffice it to say that neither side was able to jump into two “eyes”. This led to another interesting end, as the home team performed better again and won with a score of 25:23, and finally won the whole match.

After the game, Zyraf head coach Marcin Wojtowicz stressed that despite the weak start, the girls were able to gather themselves and show character, as they did all season.

– Chestochova played well today, but we are a little weak. After the first game, when we were very bent, you see the pressure on us. Chestochova, who bravely entered the meeting, surprised us, and it was clear that they did not come to Tarnovo to “put down their weapons.” It was difficult for us, but the team showed character and I am very pleased with them. This is a team of very good players, but they have worked hard all season, always working and never giving up. Not only did they rely on their own abilities, but they achieved this result with their commitment. I am proud of them and I think I will leave after the season.

In the playoff final of the 1st Women’s League, Roleski Grupa Azoty PWSZ Tarnów will face ITA TOOLS Stal Mielec. This season, the duels of both teams were very exciting and ended only with a tie-break, and the players from Tarnow turned the scales of victory in their favor.

Attacker Victoria Kowalska is looking forward to this match and has a lot of faith in her team.

– I hope there will be interesting matches and I believe in my team. I know that we had a lot of emotions in the matches with Mielech this season, and probably it will be the same now. Nevertheless, I have great faith in my team and I hope that everything will go as planned.

Roleski Group Azoty PWSZ Tarnów – Sorella Częstochowianka Częstochowa 3: 1 (23:25, 25:11, 25:23, 25:23)

MVP: Victoria Kovalska

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