should the cat go out?

Although the cat is not bored outside, there are many dangers for him …

Should the cat go outside? The opinions of experts and tutors are divided. Some think that he is still a wild animal in need of freedom and happy with the walks, while others think that he may be injured outside and should not leave the apartment. The last opinion is shared by the behaviorist Mieszko Eichelberger, the author of the series “Cat’s Tips”. Recently, he has been dealing with the most popular myths about cats.

Starting with this topic, I’m sure it will face resistance among many cat caregivers – it often leads to heated discussions due to the emotions that accompany it. I want to clarify this from the beginning: the cat should not leave the house unattended and without the supervision of a guardian. Why? Because a domestic cat is not a wild cat. A domestic cat, as its name suggests, is an animal that must live in the house, because it has been accustomed to being with people and people for centuries.

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Is a cat … a pest?

A domestic cat is a predator, and its most important need is hunting behavior, i.e. hunting, capturing, and killing are usually pre-tortured – such hunting is more palatable to a cat. However, we meet these needs at home, without the risk of losing the lives of other animals, e.g. birds.

Remember that a cat that lives, is cared for, treated, and fed by a human often kills in order to satisfy its hunting instincts.

Outgoing cat hazards

What awaits the cat to leave the apartment? First of all, to meet a person. Of course, he can be a kind person, but unfortunately we hear a lot about violence against animals, so I would not believe those around me. Otherwise meet another animal: dog, cat, sansar, fox and it is associated with the possibility of scratches, cuts and even death. It is also at risk for infectious diseases, including. for example, leukemia or FIV (feline immunodeficiency virus). Contamination with fleas, worms or fungi is also real.

Cats are also exposed contact with any chemicalscould have lost his life through. In addition, he can be hit by a car, kicked or hit with an air pistol … Unfortunately, this happens.

Another danger is something that is compatible with cat genes: hunting predators. A cat that hunts, bites and tries to eat a mouse is poisoned for hours and eventually dies. Rat venom can also harm him.

The picture shows a cat named Miłosz, who almost died on the street – someone kicked him. The animal had been recovering for several months and had undergone several surgeries. Today he has a happy home, but he will never regain his full health (including his still lame tail and lameness).

A useful cat in the city – are you sure?

The domestic cat is an invasive species, and without humans, it would not naturally occur in Poland. The cat is believed to protect the city from rodentsbut there are studies that show this its presence has no effect on the reduction of species harmful to humans (I refer to “The effects of predation by domestic cats Felis catus” in urban areas by Philip J. Baker, Amy J. Bentley, Rachel J. Ansell, Stehen Harris). However, according to various studies, cats have a real impact on the decline of birds (see: “The impact of free-roaming domestic cats on the wild in the United States” Scott R. Loss, Tom Will & Peter P. Marra).

Cats should have no way to fight rodents in the city – let science and chemistry deal with this problem. We live in the 21st century, we don’t need medieval methods in the form of cats living near grain warehouses. Every cat lover should want them to disappear from the streets and spend a safe time between us and the four walls.

We must also remember that the main factor regulating the number of rodents is accessibility
If we do not want to eat rats, the simple solution is not to throw garbage.

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The theory that is often debated is that cats are nature and should go out because nature is their natural environment – in my opinion, it is not right and wrong thinking stems from human inner needs. Unfortunately, It is easier for us to open a window and let a pet go than to meet his needs, for example, by playing regularly.. However, I can assure you that this is possible.

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Is there an alternative?

First of all, we have to deal with cat activities at home, pay attention to his physical activity and mental “fatigue”. A fishing rod, feathers, various toys and a suitable meat dish will help us in this work. We can also expand the space with a scratch post, shelves and hiding places.

If the cat is in great need of going outside, take a walk in the plot, build a fence or take a walk with a jump. Always consider letting the cat out of the house, even if it is on the porch, to keep it safe (for example, by covering it with a net so that the pet does not chase the bird).

There are many possibilities, but if we are not sure that the cat is safe outside, let him stay at home for his sake.

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