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“Shining Girls” is a new part of the Apple TV + series, which once again presents to the audience a production featuring the big names behind the scenes. Are the names enough?

“Shining Girls” is a production that can be advertised under one name – Leonardo DiCaprio. His production company acquired the right to create a series based on the novel by Lauren Beukes in May 2013, before the show aired. Nine years later, we finally got a series that was not so well known in the world of television, with Silka Louisa as the main director of the series. The truth is that no one will look at the name of the creator of this series. In addition to the story itself, the audience should be involved in the main roles of Elizabeth Moss (“The Tale of the Handmaid”) and Wagner Moura (“Narcos”).

Bright Girls – What is the Apple TV + series about?

Years after the brutal attack, Krisby (Elisabeth Moss), who works for the Chicago Sun-Times, learns that the murder discovered by the police may be related to her. When Dan Velazquez (Wagner Moura) – a veteran journalist who fights his demons and his past – takes up the subject, Kirby decides to help him discover the truth. But it will not be easy to find out what is right …

“Shining Girls” (Photo: Apple TV +)

Because the reality around Kirby is changing all the time. Due to the trauma he received as a result of the attack, it is difficult for the protagonist and thus the audience to distinguish between reality and illusion. One day the protagonist lives with his mother (Amy Brenneman, “Left Behind”), she is a rocker on local stages, the next day she performs alone or with her husband, and her mother is a Catholic who later praises her name. master in songs. Everything or nothing can be true here, and just trying to figure out what’s going on can be interesting, if not more so than the killer’s investigation.

Thus, it is easy to assume that Kirby will not be the most reliable witness, and that Dan’s reliance on him will take some time to trust his judgment. Their joint investigation, which violates journalistic ethics standards a bit, will not be easy for those who see the person working on the article as a source at the same time, but the two outsiders will soon build a concrete relationship that will allow them, despite the difficulties. , move slowly.

Bright Girls is a great role for Elisabeth Moss

“Shining Girls” is one of the brightest productions of star Moss – the character of Kirby was made especially for him. The actress perfectly captures the confusion and all the pain she is going through. The role in the Apple TV + series is no different from his most famous work, The Handmaid Tale, so it’s a pity he’s quieter about it. However, no matter how popular the role is, Moss proves that she is currently one of the best actresses on television. It is becoming more and more versatile, as his contribution to “Shining Girls” is not limited to a sensational performance in front of the camera – he also became the producer and director of two series of this series.

Shiny Girls reviews reviews

“Shining Girls” (Photo: Apple TV +)

But it would be wrong to focus all your attention on him. “Shining Girls” also brings us spectacular performances of Wagner Moura (those who remember her from “Narcos” may have difficulty recognizing the actor) and Jamie Bell (“Turn. Washington’s spies”). In at least three episodes aired so far, both of them portray their characters in a very small way as a journalist who knows their victims better than they do a journalist after a passage. The scene where the protagonist, played by Bell, talks on the phone with the woman he intends to kill is a real, heart-wrenching performance of this actor. It should be appreciated that it does not appear on the screen for a moment.

The fact that the killer was known to the audience from the beginning does not enjoy watching in any way. On the contrary, the series still has many open-ended questions, including “how?” and why? ”That’s enough to make it all interesting. A few things in Shining Girls are as they seem at first glance, so I have a feeling that the killer still has a lot to surprise us with in his work.

Is it worth watching Shining Girls?

“Shining Girls” is difficult to include in any genre, in which case it only works on the positive side. There is nothing wrong with the production of the series. Pictures, scenery – everything here creates a unique atmosphere of the story as a whole, making it extremely intense. The atmosphere of “Shining Girls” is reminiscent of David Fincher’s films – even in the daytime it is dark here, and we rarely see the sun’s rays.

Shiny Girls reviews reviews

“Shining Girls” (Photo: Apple TV +)

And here comes my biggest objection to the whole series – this constant feeling of lack of air and darkness can sometimes overwhelm the viewer, and it is very difficult to find loops that will leave a little air. Fortunately, this production fell on Apple TV +, where we will receive new episodes every week. I can’t imagine “Shining Girls” on a weekend.

The second advantage is that this method of broadcasting allows us to enjoy the series longer – “Shining Girls” is one of the best things available on television today. Elisabeth Moss’ new production not only attracts attention with its crime riddle, which has the potential to surprise us many times, but first of all with the game of cat and mouse with the audience, in this game we will soon begin to question everything we see on the screen. Although the statement that nothing is as it seems is extremely cliché, it is absolutely true in this case.

Shining Girls – New episodes on Apple TV + on Fridays

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