“She fell in love with her married boss. He lied to her about his divorce and lied about not being able to get along with his wife for a long time. “

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We had been waiting for Eva for almost an hour, we had finished the coffee we had already ordered, and our friend had not yet arrived. At least it was worrying because Ewa is always punctual and extremely organized. Probably most of us.

– What can happen to him? Maybe call him again? I wish I had a fever.

– We’ve done it twice and you know he doesn’t take it – Jolka softens it. – The voice message continues constantly.

This is what worries us the most, because someone may be late for various reasons. But you don’t answer the phone?

When our friend finally appeared at the end of the alley, blushing brightly and walking fast, we all ran to him at once.

– What’s going on?!

“Look, stupid thing, but my heels fell off.” Both of! he said.

We immediately looked at his sky-high boots – everything was fine.

– When I ran to the subway, they missed a class in the city. It happened before landing at the station! He began to explain. – At first, one of them reached the sidewalk, and when I flew forward, the other stretched my leg and tried to escape, so I tied the other to the protruding part of the sidewalk and broke it. Can you imagine such a thing?

It turned out that Eve was going to get married first

no It was unbelievable. We all once lost a heel on an uneven sidewalk, but one to two ?!

If it weren’t for the boy holding me, I would have fallen on the sidewalk. Then he helped me down the underpass, and fortunately there was a shoemaker there. The first one laughed when he saw my shoes and said that he had never seen anything like it before. But then I felt sorry for him and he straightened my heels without undressing me for the express service. I just had to wait for him to cope, and as you can see, it took a while – Eva sighed and took a sip of the coffee the waiter had brought. – I forgot that my phone was silent. And for some reason, I did not have the opportunity to call and explain myself. Then I ran to you as soon as possible …

Jola shook her head and said, “It’s weird that both heels go away at once.” – It must be a sign!

– What other sign? The pragmatic Kaśka shrugged as usual. – We only have sidewalks! A hole here, a hole there … You can kill yourself, especially when you’re in a hurry.

“And I recently read in a magazine that there are fairy tips here that could bring you down to earth,” I said without thinking.

The girls scolded me, and only then did I bite my tongue. Yes! After all, our friend had been in a relationship with his boss for several months, and he was under the illusion that he would leave his wife for him! For a long time, Ewa did not want to admit this account, it was strange, because all four of us had no secrets from each other for years. We’ve known each other since high school and we’ve been through a lot together. We have had stupid and unhappy loves more than once or twice. But so far none of us are ashamed of our helplessness in front of our friends.

Eva’s romance came about by chance

It turned out that Kashka works with the girl’s sister, who works as an accountant in the same company as Ewa. He told his sister what had happened to them, shared a story with his colleagues that in other offices it was real sodom and gomorra, and the workers slept with their bosses. Kaśka didn’t immediately understand that it was about our friend, but literally …

We were shocked! Of course, we immediately came to Ewka and reprimanded her for keeping such a statement secret. We wanted to know the spicy details as he cried. It turned out that our beautiful and charming as hell Ewa is really in love with her boss. Of course, this boy, who is twenty years older than him, should be flattered to let such a beautiful girl run after him. In heaven, he was promised pears, that is, he will leave his wife, because their children have actually grown up. But all these were promises of good things. Weeks and months passed, she never left her husband, and our Eva could not end this relationship. We even stopped talking to him about it, because as soon as the subject of his relationship began, our friend’s eyes filled with tears and he insisted that “his Mareczek” would definitely divorce his wife, he needed a little more time.

“I’ll have a cactus soon,” he muttered under my breath.

I also had a convincing cousin in my family. She fell in love with a married boy and loved him until she felt forty years old. She missed the real relationship and the child. Although he was right about one thing – the boy eventually divorced. Just for someone else. Younger.

When Eve heard the news of her descent, she looked at me sadly, and then tears welled up in her eyes. Kaśka looked at me and said, “Do you see what you are doing?” And probably Jolka, who wanted to save the situation, fired:

“Do you remember, Evka, how it became known a few months ago during our divination of St. Andrew that you would marry the first of us?” This was also related to the shoes, because it was your shoes that came out of the door first. However, there is something to do with these shoes.

I don’t know if Eva’s mood improved, because she didn’t say anything. So I quickly changed the subject and asked the girls if they wanted to go shopping with me next week, because there are discounts in stores and they wanted me to be a godmother and I need everything – new shoes, clothes …

– You understand that I have to look like a million dollars, because my whole family will be there.

However, it turned out that Kashka was going to work and Jola’s birthday mother came to Jola, so our friend decided to take her to the SPA.

– Such a surprise! I hope you like it, even though my mother has never been to a cosmetologist. I ordered a Thai massage with oils – he smiled.

I looked disappointed, and then Eve spoke.

“I’m glad to go with you,” he said.

A bad start does not mean that the end will be too bad

We set up a meeting in the mall, which is a huge point of sale. Discounts can reach 80 percent here, so I really hoped to lose weight and maybe tighten my credit card a bit. You only live once! Especially since you know that since I am not yet married, all my aunts will look at me, maybe I have recently lost my charm. The most important thing for me was beautiful, neat heels. The dreamers had to be silver, but without unnecessary ornaments. So classic, timeless …

Unfortunately, as usual, when you look for something specific, it is not in stores. After walking down the corridors for miles and visiting the store with them, our feet began to stick to our asses and I didn’t have the right shoes. Finally, almost despairing, I saw them at the exhibition.

– Yes !! – I flew to them like a wing. “Ewka, look!” They’re sweet, aren’t they?

“Beautiful,” my friend confirmed. – Will you have a measure?

I think he said it at the wrong time, because a little later the saleswoman said that only the last pair of this model remained. Being at the exhibition.

– They are too big for me! I groaned, looking at the number on the bed. – And these are two dimensions! If they were just one big one, maybe I would be tempted.

The high heels had narrow toes, I would stuff them with cotton … But in this case it was out of the question. Even if I had cotton on my nose, they would fall off my feet. Tired and discouraged, I sat down in the middle of the store. But if I had sat next to him and felt sorry for him, she would not have been Eve. Instead, a friend began looking at the high shelves stacked with shoe boxes. And somehow he saw on the sticker that probably in one of them my shoe model was the right size. Without waiting for someone to help him, he stood on his toes and tore the box, which was dangerously swaying … And when my friend stepped towards me with a triumphant smile, the boxes of shoes suddenly collapsed behind him. The blow was amazing! Everyone looked in horror, and vendors rushed from all over the store to the bread crumbs like birds. Suddenly, a boy appeared from under the shoelaces, leaning under the bookcase and trying to put on his shoes. He looked around in confusion, holding his head, which had received a good blow from the falling shoe boxes.

– God, I’m sorry! Eve ran to him. – But somehow I could not reach the shelf, and therefore …

– They should have told me to give you a box. I’m tall, he growled in a deep voice. – So the rain of shoes fell on me. Probably any woman loves it, but I … ”He laughed.

– And you … I apologize a lot! – My shy friend reassured him.

“I apologize, but only if you, in turn, can be invited to coffee,” said the boy.

I watched the situation from the outside and had to admit that the man was very handsome. Not surprisingly, Eve first cooked the crab and then agreed. He did well. If it caught my attention, I would drink coffee with him.

But he only looked at Eve from the beginning

Less than a month later, our friend completely forgot about his boss and his empty promises, and began to meet Wojtek, whom he met thanks to his shoes. And, of course, I bought the spikes he found for me with such selflessness. They turned out to be very comfortable, so I hope to dance with them at Eva’s wedding.

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