Is it healthy to sleep with a cat? [WYJAŚNIAMY]

  1. According to a CDC study, about 50 percent of U.S. pet owners allow their pets to sleep with them in bed.

  2. Cats should not sleep in the same bed as a baby, as they can unknowingly strangle them by lying on their chest or face.

  3. Cats that travel long distances can bring home diseases such as foot, toxoplasmosis and even cholera.

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The most popular pets, cats and dogs, sleep for more than half a day. Most early tetrapods are more active at night. However, according to a study by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention of the American government, about 50 percent. U.S. pet owners allow pets to sleep with them in bed. In addition to the feeling of security and the possibility of hugging during sleep, quadrupeds can also cause health problems in humans.

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Night activity of cats

A cat sleeping during the day is a very common sight. Most individuals of this species are most active at night, as a result of their natural needs and adaptation to life. Several problems for cat owners can be caused by nocturnal activity in cats. If we allow the animal to sleep with us in bed, we must take into account the possibility of a shallow sleep. a scary cat can only wake us up. Its nightlife can also cause numerous scratches and even bites on our body.

Sleeping in the same bed with your cat is certainly not a good solution for people with hair allergies. Unfortunately, pets can also be brought with them, which will prevent us from sleeping peacefully. Experts do not recommend cats sleeping with babies the animal may accidentally strangle the child while lying on his chest or face.

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The dominant nature of cats can also be a threat. Some of these animals may feel threatened by other people who will want to lie down in the same place after lying in bed with their owner for a while. A cat may want to defend its territory and will not allow it to be invaded by an “alien”.

Cat trips – can bring serious illness

When leaving the cat in our bed, we must also pay attention to its activities outside the house. Some members of this species like to go out of their way to come in contact with other animals. Meeting our pet with wild cats or hedgehogs can result in the transmission of various viruses, bacteria or parasites. Worms, ticks, or the fleas mentioned above can also cause many problems in humans.

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Sleeping with a cat that travels a lot outside the house can result in serious illness. Among them, you can mention, among others, mycosis, toxoplasmosis, gastrointestinal parasites, giardiasis, hantaviruses and even plague. To do this, you need to add allergens that can pass into the hair of animals.

Regular visits to the vet

Veterinarians recommend it Check your cat’s coat and skin often, especially during the summer months. This will reduce the risk of diseases transmitted by ticks and other parasites that were overly active at the time. It is also worth going with your pet regularly for a medical examination and getting him vaccinated.

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When should you never sleep with your cat in bed?

If you have symptoms of the disease, you should not allow your cat to sleep with you in bed. They can include, among others, hair loss, skin rash, sneezing, vomiting or diarrhea. In this case, it is not recommended to hug the pet and take him to the vet as soon as possible.

On the other hand, if the cat has no symptoms, of course, we can allow him to sleep in bed from time to time. Its presence can give a person a sense of warmth and security, as well as emotional security.

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