Celebrities promoting NFT. Is there a headache here?

There are many statements about NFT, and in my humble opinion, this is the biggest problem. Immature technology is not a problem in itself – it is not a problem until it is spoiled by people. To the detriment of this creation, I would like to say from the beginning, pointing to the celebrities who promote NFT. This is not going in the right direction, and I am not surprised by the protests of those involved.

On January 12, Dear Readers, I wrote an introduction for you, where I drew attention to how sewers are created in the NFT environment. The lack of unequivocal statements promoting NFT, the mysterious nature of the message (who knows, who knows?), And the seemingly bizarre choice of influencers further “excited” those interested in the subject and further excited potential NFT buyers who knew it. few – but indecisive – feel that something is wrong with them. Therefore, there is information that NFT is probably a scam, you can lose it quickly, it is a toy of the rich.

Poland included difficult players like NFT Krzysztof Gonciarz or Dorota Rabczewska (Doda) in our yard. In the previous case – listen. I’m not surprised. Krzysztof is known in the technological world and has been associated with one of its most important branches, gaming journalism (GryOnline / TVGry). That’s why he’s relevant here, and his choice – as one of the most innovative representatives of this older YouTuber generation – is well-established. Doda (yes, his body), which sells body parts under NFT, is also an interesting case. That’s the way to make money from your popularity, and people who have money – invest in the popularity of these people only with a “receipt” confirming digital ownership, because no one will buy a piece of leather on Doda’s lower leg and come to him. property claim. It doesn’t work.

NFT on Antyweb – check out these texts:

It is worth noting how NFT can be used. Look, ladies and gentlemen. The property sold as NFT is:

Ivan Malpika has a stake in the property in St. Louis, Missouri. It was announced that NFT will allow the acquisition of shares in March 2021 from a monthly profit of about $ 1,200 per month. A year ago, the value of the property was 138,000. And this is the future of NFT, although, unfortunately, the technology is not very perfect and is not mature at all. Operations will be based on a secure infrastructure and no one will replace your badge, no one will seize your property. The inspection and ownership system will be simplified – everything will work using NFT principles, including blockchain, which provides an important security factor in general. At least for now.

Allegations about NFT Unfortunately, NFT literally burns a lot of energy. However, they say that this may be the reason why we save on forests – we also get energy from wood, and paper is the area of ​​documentation currently in use. I’m not sure about these calculations, and I’m very careful now. What is certain is that an operation involving NFT can burn a large amount of energy. Breakout, NFT tokenization costs a little less than $ 100, while operations on specific NFT may cost less – in terms of energy costs, of course. However, there are many small NFTs that use up to 2.5 times more energy per day than a typical household.

Messi, Biber, Fallon

The successful celebrity of the Tonight Show (Jimmy Fallon) shared a picture of “Bored Ape” on Twitter. He bought NFT for $ 225,000 and did not try to explain why he changed his Twitter profile picture and posted it.

Messi? Well, Messi is the man of many people who are the best footballers in the world. At the moment, it’s Lewandowski anyway, so I’m explaining my doubts. Based on BossLogic’s work on Messi, NFT’s sales on the first day were about $ 3.4 million. A lot, isn’t it?

And Justin Bieber, a hated celebrity who quickly became famous, couldn’t do it – he drank, took drugs, and now he’s changed his faith. Gianpiero’s toy bear collection was promoted not only by Bieber, but also by Snoop Dogg and Holland.

What do all these people have in common? Unfortunately, no one explained what NFT was. Why did they join NFT – they showed their status (well, they can do it), they have money, they have influence, they have opportunities. And they have reputable NFTs that can reach dizzying amounts.

The promotion of these digital works did not lead to education in the field of tokens that could not be counterfeited. No one said what real applications NFT could have in terms of technology consolidation. No one was in a hurry to say: this is the case with NFT, this is what will happen. It wasn’t. I think that’s what people expect – some of these celebrities will say: “Hey, you know what? NFT is beautiful, because it will change the world anyway …”. Even if it’s a lie. I do not know how the history of this technology will end, and I have no idea about it. Celebrities need to do a little more.

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