The finish of footballers and volleyball players, the beginning of fast passengers …

The finish of footballers and volleyball players, the beginning of fast passengers …

Football and volleyball leagues are coming to an end, the speedway league has started – this is probably the best time for fans. When it comes to football, the College seemed to be heading for the title after the fall tour, but Extraclass hates boredom this season, and Legia is no longer a titled Lech, although he has already saved himself from a truly threatening lower league. in general, there should be a “scorer”. The sensational Rakow Częstochowa, who already has the Polish Cup 2021, played in the PP 2022 final and is currently the second in the country, can win the championship for the first time. The name of his Polish coach Marek Papszu is even mentioned by fans of clubs competing with Jasna Gora. While they may be grateful to Alexander Vukovic for taking the club out of the red light zone to celebrate its 106th anniversary, so were fans of the Warsaw Legion.

The football duel between Poznań and Częstochowa, the match between Goliath and David is not so much in terms of sport as the achievements for Polish football. However, David won in the Bible … What will happen to the extract? So far so exciting.

The stability of the leaders in the Volleyball Plus League is such that in the first four of the 2021/2022 season there are three teams from the first four of the 2020/2021 season: Jastrzębski Węgiel, ZAKSA and Skra Bełchatów. Only bronze medalist Verva Warszawa, Orlen Paliwa, who played as Project Warszawa this season (and changed his name three times in three years since he started with ONICO), was replaced by Aluron Varta Zawiercie. For Zaglebi’s team, this is a repetition of the greatest success in the history of the club – to enter the “quartet”. At least because the competition continues. In both cases, three matches were needed to select the semi-finalists, which proves how close the Plus League, one of the two strongest leagues in the world, is. Of course, the sensation is the absence of the Warsaw club in the top eight and the absence of Asseco Resovia Rzeszow in the top four.

The first three rounds of the Extraliga tournament are behind us – while the volleyball league is one of the two best leagues in the world, the Extraliga is the best, richest and best paid league. There have already been a number of surprises and many matches at the “meeting point”, which proves the level of the Extraliga, which in turn makes Poland the world’s fastest highway. If I was a fan of Betard Sparta Wroclaw, I would not have lost like this in Grudziądz – a year ago, Vroclaw lost there as well, winning only one of the first three matches, and finally won the DMP gold. and returns to the throne after 15 years. So far, “the first cats behind the fences” or “the first worm plums” and, in fact, it is known today that almost nothing is known. It can be said that GKM Grudziądz may unexpectedly join the fight for the playoffs, although he was sentenced to fight only for detention. And this year, six teams will play in the playoffs, instead of four, as in recent years.

Recently, however, it has not been football, volleyball or speedway matches that have caused the most emotion, but appointments to the men’s national volleyball team. Serbian Nikola Grbic revealed the cards. And surprised. If Heinen remained, then Michał Kubiak, Piotr Nowakowski and Fabian Drzyzga would continue to play in the team. Maybe not for the Olympic Games in Paris, but from 2018 all these world champions (and Michał and Piotr since 2014) will probably have a chance to defend their title at the World Cup in volleyball, which they played sensationally in Poland. Heinen is gone, which means that the doors of the national team are closed to several players. I do not want to judge it, the coach takes responsibility, we will judge him by the results in mid-September. So, even if your eyebrows are raised, you have to keep your fingers crossed for the coach who wins the Champions League. I can only express my regret and even my deep regret that Damian Wojtaszek is not in this group. Not because he was our son from Lower Silesia, Milicz, but because he was a great libero of our representation. It is debatable whether our other lower Silesian, Jacob Popivchak, who was born in Legnica, was a replacement for Pavel Zatorsky, but Wojtaszek certainly deserved to be in the top four in Poland.

Nature hates the vacuum, and Damia from our region has been replaced by another libero who is currently working in our province – of course, this is Kamil Shimura from Kuprum Lubin. I squeeze my fingers for Rafal Shimura’s (Polish champion Jastrzębski Węgiel) beautiful little brother.

It is worth noting – with the ball, but not volleyball, it is smaller – because tennis – is the historic success of our girls, who for the first time in history entered the final “eight” of the Billie Jean King Cup. team world championship. It is said that the final tournament behind the scenes can even be held in Poland. It depends on whether the final of the Women’s Masters will be held in Mexico, Guadalajara or Europe. If you are in the Old Continent – Poland has a great chance to organize this historic final. On the other hand, if the eight best singles play behind “Wielka Woda”, we will have a taste …

* text published in “Słowo Sportowy” magazine (25/04/2022)

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