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Premium Mobile is one of the most popular mobile networks lately. It is a virtual network and offers interesting packages at affordable prices. We decided to test whether the Premium Mobile offer in 2022 is more attractive than the competition?

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Premium Mobile subscription

Premium Mobile is a virtual network. It just means that works on the infrastructure of another operator. In this case, it is the Plus network. So, if your area has good green network coverage, don’t worry about quality Premium Mobile service. Therefore, before deciding to change services to this operator, it is worth first checking the coverage of the green network in the places where you want to use the phone and the Internet. In the case of Premium Mobile, you don’t have to worry about a long-term contract either, because it’s here you sign a contract for an indefinite period and can resign at any time.

Premium Mobile network was launched in 2016. Initially, he offered to subscribe by phone with a long-term contract, but after a few months he began to target offers only with a SIM card. It was a bull’s eye! Among other things, it has the ability to offer competitive tariffs, which makes it one of the most preferred networks to carry a number for a long time. What does it offer now?

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Premium Mobile subscription

Transfer of number to Premium Mobile

Premium Mobile offers 6 different subscription packages. All of them are available for an indefinite period with a one-month notice. It’s up to you when you want to terminate the contract. Monthly expenses begin for the cheapest subscription from the amount of 16.70 PLN and ending with the offer of 54.70 PLN in case of the richest offer. You should also remember that all promo packages apply to the territory of our country. And what do you find interesting in the offer?

The cheapest FreedomPL subscription

If you need a basic offer for mobile calls and SMS and you don’t need a big data transfer, this offer will be the same. Here you get unlimited mobile calls and SMS in Poland. There will also be a basic data transfer package of 3 GB per month. You will pay 16.70 PLN per month for this subscription. Note – this is a subscription works only in Poland!

The most expensive Freedom5 subscription

On the other hand, we have a proposal for very intensive use, especially when it comes to the Internet. Here you can get unlimited mobile and landline calls, unlimited SMS and MMS in Poland Data transfer up to 100 GB. You also get internet access 5G in the package. In this case, the monthly cost will be 54.70 PLN.

Freedom 1

This, in turn, is an offer for a user similar to the first bullet. The difference is in the data package and the fact that you can use the phone abroad (but without free EU roaming). You need more than a minimum Internet package – you accept this offer. Here you get 10 GB data transfer. The monthly cost is 19.90 PLN.

Freedom2 and Freedom3

These are offers for users who need unlimited services. So, here you will get unlimited mobile and landline calls, unlimited SMS and MMS and 20 GB internet package for the first option and 30 GB internet package for the second option. The monthly value of the obligation is PLN 24.70 and PLN 29.70, respectively.

Freedom 4

This, in turn, is an offer for those who need unlimited service Access to 5G network. It is configured similarly to the most expensive subscription offered by the operator, but has a smaller but large enough 50 GB data transfer package. The monthly cost is 39.70 PLN.

Summary of subscription offer

I must admit that the range of subscription offers is very large. Here almost everyone has to find something for himself. Exactly – almost. There are two things to keep in mind when choosing a Premium Mobile subscription offer: this is a SIM offer only. You will not find a device thrown in the so-called “part”. For some it is an advantage, for others it is a disadvantage. That’s the second thing There is no free EU roaming (RLAH – walk like at home). If you are going abroad, you will have to pay an additional subscription fee to use the phone according to the operator’s price schedule.

Freedom Pack family proposal

Premium Mobile also offers family / combined subscriptions. If you choose more than one subscription, you will receive additional discounts on monthly payments.

  • If there are 2 numbers – 5 PLN monthly discount
  • If there are 3 numbers – PLN 10 monthly discount

In the campaign, you can choose any subscription offer other than the cheapest FreedomPL. For example, if you choose Freedom2 + Freedom2, you will pay 44.40 PLN per month instead of 49.40 PLN. If you combine three services, for example, Freedom2 + Freedom2 + Freedom1, you will pay $ 59.30 instead of $ 69.30.

If you have several phone numbers, this is an interesting option. Here, too, you are not subject to any contract period, and you can cancel the contract at any time with a one-month notice.

5G mobile internet in Premium Mobile

5G Premium Mobile Internet

Premium mobile offers not only mobile, but also mobile Internet. What is important, each package is labeled 5GSo, while you are in its coverage area (here within the 5G Plus Internet range), you can take advantage of the speed offered by this technology. You can choose one of three tariffs starting from 44.90 PLN and ending with 99.90 PLN monthly payment.

Premium Mobile Internet 2022 ->

The main thing is that you also sign here contract for an indefinite period. You can also combine subscriptions in the FreedomPack option to get additional discounts.

FredomNET 75

The main offer includes a 75 GB data transfer package. You are here immediately Access to 5G network. The monthly cost of such an offer is 44.90 PLN.

FreeedomNet 100 + 200

This offer is more interesting and is actually the most interesting of the whole package. Here you pay 5 PLN more per month than before and in return you get 100 GB transfer per day and an additional 200 GB transfer during the night (between 1:00 and 8:00).

FreedomNET 200 + 200

This proposal, in turn, is very similar to the previous proposal. The main difference here is due to the basic package, which is twice as large and is 200 GB. The monthly subscription fee is twice as high and is 99.90 PLN.


The strength of the Internet offer is, first of all, the unlimited contract option. Also, the packages in the two main offers are quite decent. That’s it favorable offer for the so-called “Nocnych Marki” because in this case, night packets practically double the volume of data transmission.

Coverage in Premium Mobile

As mentioned earlier, Premium Mobile Plus uses the network infrastructure. Like many other virtual operators like OTVARTA or lajt mobile. The green network is also constantly evolving Access to 5G networkSo, by choosing Premium Mobile, you have a chance to be covered by this technology or to be soon.

Premium Mobile 5G, LTE PLUS Advanced and LTE coverage (as of 02/02/2022):

Coverage of OTVARTA network

Premium Mobile customer support

Premium Mobile focuses on remote customer support. You can order any subscription or internet package without any problems on the operator’s website. The procedure is quick and does not cause any serious problems. You can also leave a phone number and the consultant will call you and arrange the details of the offer.

Premium Mobile 2022 customer reviews ->

The strength of Premium Mobile, despite being a virtual operator, is the large network of stores that cooperate with the network. You can find a list of them on the operator’s website. In this case, you just need to go to the selected point, where you can select the proposal and sign it. In addition, the Ambassador Program should be mentioned. Here it is You will receive extra money with your recommendation for each recommended customer who signs a contract with Premium mobile.

Is there a good understanding of Premium Mobile? Summary

Premium Mobile PLN 100 for a friend promotion

Premium Mobile’s capacity is available for unlimited phone subscriptions with an indefinite contract. Here you get additional discount opportunities such as competitive pricing, large data packages and service combinations, or the opportunity to earn extra money through the Ambassador Program.. But here you will not find an offer by phone or prepaid card. In addition to the subscription, additional roaming charges can be a significant problem for some potential customers.

In the case of mobile internet, you get the option to offer less. However, their strengths are the large amount of information, the competitive price, especially in the case of a moderate offer, and the ability to terminate the contract at any time.

In summary, Premium Mobile offers a very interesting offer for many potential customers. Mobile subscription offers are especially attractive as long as you don’t travel abroad often.


  • competitive prices
  • great data transfer, both mobile and internet offer
  • Ambassador program
  • all contracts are concluded for an indefinite period
  • 5G connection while you’re in coverage
  • Widespread distribution, including a network of outlets
  • hassle-free shopping on the website or through the hotline
  • In addition, network coverage …


  • … Which in some cases can be considered a defect
  • no offer for phone and prepaid cards
  • roaming payments outside unlimited packages
  • the highest price of the highest offer for mobile internet

Half of the phone bills? CHECK

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