Play or Orange – Which operator should you choose in 2022?

Orange or Play, orange or purple? If we want a card, which network is more profitable, if we decide which network to subscribe to. We also check where you can get the cheapest phone.

Last updated: 25/02/2022.

Range – Play or Orange?

Play and Orange are called so-called infrastructure networks. Both operators use their own infrastructure to transmit the signal. This means that here and there one signal may be stronger and another else may be more efficient – but these are exceptions. In most cases, the signal of both players will be the same and – very importantly – covers almost all of Poland.

Winner: a draw.

Subscription – Play or Orange?

Play sales promotion

Play subscriptions are easy to remember because they have names associated with sizes in the apparel industry. So there is a purple operator Packages starting with “S” “L”. The cheapest (“S” offer) starts at 35 PLN and has 3 GB of data transfer and ends with 120 GB transfer per month for 80 PLN (“L” offer). In addition, there are offers for the event, ie “M” for 60 zlotys and 60 GB transfer, as well as “S +” offer for 45 zlotys and 8 GB. Each of the options offered by Play has unlimited calls, SMS and MMS. In turn, all offers above 60 PLN have access to Play NOW TV. These are prices that do not count the optional smartphone that can be obtained with a Play subscription.

Orange has less configuration. Their offer starts from 40 PLN and the data package is 4 GB. The next plan is more expensive than 10 PLN, but offers 8 GB more per month. Plan 60 is 25 GB and 60 PLN, and Plan 80, as its name suggests, is 80 PLN and 80 GB. If you order an Orange subscription online, you will get the first month for freeand depending on the package, you can use a one-time and important data package. This is an additional transfer of 1, 12, 25 GB. The highest packages also allow you to use HBO GO at a discount – Plan 80 costs only 5 zlotys! Of course, calls, SMS and MMS are free in each of the offers.

New Orange 5G 2021 subscription

Play and Orange approaches are very similar. Both operators have extensive subscriptions to suit the needs of users. The packages are really similar. The thing is, the purple offer is a bit more universal – there are both cheaper budget options and the highest offer, which is rich in gigabytes.

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Prepaid offer – Play or Orange?

Play promotion 2x GB

There are really strong candidates in the game offer, most of them are the most profitable to order online. For example, by paying 30 PLN per month, we can have 30 GB of internet, Up to 40 GB for 35 PLN or up to 50 GB for 40 PLN. As part of these applications, calls and texts are free, and MMSs above 35 PLN are becoming increasingly popular. In addition, the operator offers small applications, from which you can get really sensitive data packages, for example, 1 GB for 5 zlotys, 4 GB for 10 zlotys or 6 GB for 15 zlotys, etc.

Orange will earn 30,000 PLN

Orange appeared differently with a prepaid offer. Here you get supplements, and the more the amount transferred to the operator’s account, the more you earn. Paying 5 PLN will give you an additional 2.5 GB transfer within two days. Most importantly, that is If you top up your account with 7, 30 and 39 PLN, you get unlimited calls. The main offer here costs 30 PLN, increases the account by 30 and offers 30 GB of data transfer.

Both operators try to give their customers the widest possible choice so that they can benefit, even if they do not require a lot of information or want to pay a small fee and get adequate services for it. It is not easy to answer the question of which of the proposals is more profitable and anyone who wants to own a prepaid phone must decide for themselves which approach is best for them. The same goes for the simplest packages – in both cases, we will get 30 GB for an additional 30 PLN.

Winner: a draw.

Mix and Flex offers – Play or Orange?


Play MIX opens its offer with a 30 PLN package offering 3 GB of Internet. It closes with a twice as expensive offer and an 11 GB transfer. The event options are 40 PLN for 5 GB and 50 PLN for 9 GB. Needless to say Each of these packages has unlimited calls, SMS and MMS. In the purple operator, we can choose the device for which you have to pay a lump sum. Play also entices 100 GB of Internet (excluding the most expensive package), which will be used on social media (Youtube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitch, Facebook Messenger and TikTok) for 90 days after activation.

Orange Flex Store

Orange has long rejected the offer of a typical mix in favor of something called FLEX. It works very simply: the appropriate amount is deducted from the account every month, and the user can constantly decide whether to increase or decrease it. Offers start with 25 PLN and 15 GB of data transfer and end with 80 PLN and 100 GB. On the plus side, it supports Orange FLEX eSIM cards.

There is something similar in Play – Play NEXT costs 45 PLN per month and offers unlimited minutes, SMS / MMS messages and 50 GB. The mixed / subscription offer may be a bit more universal on Play, but there are more GB for Orange.

Winner: a draw.

5G Network – Play or Orange?

As with general coverage – an operator is better, sometimes better. Both networks are investing heavily in 5G infrastructure, but now it mainly covers larger Polish cities. Not only Play and Orange, but all operators in Poland still have big gaps in 5G coverage. The reason is simple – 5G network is still under development!

Winner: a draw.

Phone Costs – Play or Orange?

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When it comes to cell phone prices, it’s time to see what the deal does. For the purposes of this list, I selected three phones from different price shelves and checked how much it cost with similar subscriptions for 60 PLN when signing a 24-month contract. Where to buy cheaper smartphones and mobile phones?

Redmi Note 10Supporting 5G technology, the store has about 1000 PLN. In Orange, you do not need to withdraw cash to get started, but you will have to pay 40 zlotys per month. Finally, we will pay 960 PLN for the phone without counting the subscription itself. With the purple operator we can decide to pay 496 PLN to get started and then the subscription fee will be 75 PLN. This means that it will be more expensive by 15 PLN per month. Finally, we will pay 829 PLN for the phone on Play.

OPPO Reno5 Lite It costs about 1400 PLN in reliable and popular electronics stores. At the beginning of the Play network, if we wanted to pay about a third of the price for this, we would have to make 469 PLN and pay 85 PLN per month, which is 25 PLN more than the subscription price. This means that after two years of payment, the phone will cost us 1069 PLN. You have to pay 50 zlotys a month for the same phone as the orange people, but you don’t have to pay one zloty in the beginning. Finally, Orange will pay 1200 PLN for the device.

Orange promotion

While very expensive, it is around 8,000 in stores. zloty Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 In one of the packages, Play offers to pay 6959 PLN at a time. Then the subscription will increase to 20 PLN. Thus, the final price of the device will be 7439 PLN. In turn, Orange offers a small down payment of 599 PLN and almost 305 PLN in additional monthly installments. This means that you will have to pay almost 8000 for the phone. zlotys – more or less in the store.

It performed better than Orange in all selected quantity ranges. However, it should be noted that in both cases, the prices were lower or very close to store prices. This means that if we want to use it in parts, we can do it with operators.

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Summary – Play or Orange?

Play the logoScore: 6: 4 for Play.

Play wins in this ranking. He won in two categories – phone prices and a wider subscription offer. For the rest of the list, both operators went head to head. It should also be noted that the oranges have a black horse in their stalls in the form of FLEX offer – a very original, easy to personalize service.

There is a risk that both operators will cope in slightly different categories. The game is dominated by subscriptions, Orange is very good at finding new ways to use cards comfortably.

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