“I hid for 40 years that my friend’s husband had adopted me. Now he is begging me for help. It is about the life of his grandson. ”- From real life

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A delicate handmade paper envelope with the words “Do you have a lady?” This photo too … I had it before, but I tore it up. It stuck in me like a sharp thorn in 1972! It was better not to touch him, because his heart ached. So I decided that what I really needed to do was learn how to do it right.

I was lying to myself; I just wanted to take a second look at my two friends who are my lovers, their lovers – young, interested in the world, full of confidence that everything is possible, you just have to want! I really thought so … Well, I was only twenty then!

I walk around the apartment, I’m fine, I start cooking dinner, but I throw away the potatoes, turn off the gas under the water to drink coffee, and take my bag, thinking that I will be ventilated when I go shopping. Then I sit on a stool in the hall, because suddenly I do not want to go anywhere. I circle around the closet like a bee on a clover. I know that sooner or later I will take this picture, put on my glasses and pull my nose (because it is impossible not to cry!), I will start to open the memory tape …

Slowly, reluctantly, I will do it in millimeters until the end. Well, there must be a moment when you can’t escape it!

But I can’t stand it the next evening. I turn on the light and put the white envelope in front of me. There is no sender, but I know who sent it to me. Only two of the five of us live: Kryśka and I. Thus, the mystery is solved. Where did he get my current address ?!

I tried to save Robert from him

Black, curly Lucia hugged Tom, who had broad shoulders, and held him tightly in his arms, as if they were his property. Lushka’s eyes were closed, and I remember that she was drinking a lot at the time, and she was probably dizzy! He always liked alcohol A meeting without vodka and wine was a boring meeting for him, had to disintegrate quickly to get rid of his innate shyness and complexes. But most of all, he wanted to get along with his girlfriend, because he had a strong head and no one could pour himself a bucket of drink without knowing that he drank anything.

At the wedding, he barely made it to midnight! Taking advantage of the fact that Tomek was like a sack, we fell in love two meters away from him. On the stack of coats and jackets of invited guests, unconscious and indifferent to what will happen. then Tom laughed at the innocence of a bride! I laughed too, and there was only one anger in me that the person I thought was worse and stupid was getting married, and I was still out of school.

“Such Lushka – I thought – even if she has a little cross-eyed, to be honest, you can not see her, because her eyelashes are long and cover everything with it … So, Lushka with such eyes will also have a house and a husband., will boast of a wedding ring and show himself to be important! No old aunt will ask him: Do you have a fiancé? Summer is flying and you are still alone, why are you so unhappy? ”.

I knew that our friendship would never be the same, because I would never forgive Lushka for overcoming me. It was unbearable for me. I admit, I was jealous of everything! A little success was enough, and my fingers fell asleep, I stopped breathing, I was sweating, and I felt my stomach rise to my throat. My jealousy was physically obvious, but it wasn’t the worst, because the mental anguish was worse: my whole world was falling apart.

I had nothing to do, everything was out of my control, I couldn’t sleep, and when I fell asleep, I immediately fell down, thinking that someone was better than me. ! I had to overcome it, even if I was in another field, and only then I regained my mental balance!

I never found out if Lushka knew about my relationship with her beloved husband. He seldom showed himself when he was awake, Not a word said that he was angry with me or complaints. It was Kristyna who got into a terrible fight with me. In the photo, she looks very gentle, warm and kind, but it’s just the look. He was capable of anything when he got angry.

She was a slightly plump blonde with curved brown eyes and a lovely smile. She looked like her aunt, she had a hairy hairstyle, but it was fashionable at that time. Kryska Robert kept it short, but he still cheated on her right and left. In this photo you can see him looking at my thigh … At that time there was nothing between us.

Only then, after the official engagement. He bought a gold ring with a large sapphire half-finger Kryka. Damn it hit me, so I had to feel good. It wasn’t hard for Robert, he looked stupid with his mustache and hedgehog sticking sugar on it, but he didn’t cross any of them. The girls liked it, they said “good”, that’s right. I also fell in love and even tried to bring her back to Krystyna …

Immediately after the wedding, they went to Silesia, but earlier Krystyna beat me for Luśka. When he found out, he almost killed meI also slept with her Robercik. He cut off contact with me. I heard from them; Apparently Robert had a party career, he was in KW, then joined the central authorities and became a true leader. Kryśka went to Paris to buy clothes, she became a great lady, do not come without a stick.

I even saw him on TV once, when he showed New Year’s Eve recordings for the party elite; she was still a little overweight and had a hairy blonde hairstyle, which I recognized immediately. I suffered from heartburn all night, and nothing helped, because my jealousy manifested itself in this way: acidity and reflux. I was very tired. Luśka was not …

He drank until he killed himself, although Tomek tried to save him received closed rehabilitation, but nothing helped. Fortunately, they did not have children, and Lushka allegedly could not get pregnant. In the end, everyone turned away from him, and so did I. He came several times for drinking money. I refused, so he stopped appearing. There were several people at the funeral, including Kryśka and me, but we did not approach each other. No one wanted to. After the fall of communism, Kryka still looked beautiful and dressed fantastically.

Her husband was back on the career ladder, this time in a new union. They said that he repented and gave himself up to the wind, he was left behind a thick line … If it weren’t for a heart attack, it could be very important again. People said that she was still able to provide for Kryśka and her children: her two daughters, both of whom had media careers. I turned off the TV when they appeared on the screen!

I did all this out of jealousy

I was more beautiful than my old friends, slim, shapely, talented. In this photo I was the best, you can even see that I am the most carefully groomed and well dressed. I’m sitting in the center and still They have boys with them and I’m single… I smile a little, but you see I’m not full.

What would I be? I add that there is always a problem, who should take me home after the party? There was terrible communication, the city lights were bad, taxis rarely worked, no one had heard of cell phones, so a lonely girl on the street in the middle of the night could not feel very confident. But it was always the same.

“Alka, come on, we’ll take you back,” they said. – No problem.

Then they turned around in the curves, the kids drowned or washed gently, and I was left alone. I walked the empty streets on my shoulders and promised myself that this would be the last time … I cried at home and my mother asked: “How did they leave you alone? They are your friends and they are badHe added fuel to the fire.

Once I heard that my mother felt sorry for the neighbor.

“Well, I don’t know why, but it failed,” he said. – She is a kind of beautiful, dancing and rosary girl, and no one tries … She goes to the years after the wedding, to other years, and she is an old servant! Don’t have a bachelor’s degree? I wish he didn’t drink too much!

In those years the most important thing in my environment was whether or not I had a bachelor’s degree. Neither studying, nor a good job, nor any other talent – the value of a woman is measured by whether she is a permanent man. Preferably husband. According to these rumors and gossips, a terrible anger grew among all the girls who had succeeded in love … I was in pain like barley, and the greatest pleasure was to tell me that the couple had not succeeded. I had honey in my heart! So I went to bed with Tomek and Robertsik … to get my revenge!

I wish I could enjoy it, but not at all! Both were fast, stealthy, tied to no rope, did not want unnecessary words. Robertsik had only one thing to worry about: not getting pregnant. I had to be careful.

– Don’t forget, you have to delete it, kind of! – He immediately took precautions. – Don’t rely on me. Only Krystyna is available to me!

He was saying this, and at the same time he was undressing. I was annoyed by this lie. I thought that having a baby like that was the last thing I wanted in my life. And yet our son is forty years old today. He bears my last name, he never met his father, although both Robert and Kristyna helped us financially. However, they made a condition: neither I nor Vitek will live in poverty until the secret is revealed. We all kept our word!

I did not mix with anyone else. My son was my whole world, in those years single motherhood was not easy, but I did a great job. Today I have grandchildren, a beautiful bride and the best child in the world. I don’t want anything else!

The photo letter also contained a phone number and a note: “Please, Alice, call me, this is life!” I did not call and why? I did not feel any obligation to him. Besides, I had bad thoughts …

But Kryśka did not leave me alone. He came from Silesia and immediately said what he meant on the threshold. Still she looked good, elegant, and younger than I was, which made me nervous. But when he started to roar and all the dust fell from him, I saw how he wrinkled and grew old.

“We are looking for a bone marrow donor,” he said. – My grandson needs … ASAP … The doctors said maybe he has a close relative, so I thought about you. You can’t refuse … Will you tell your son what the situation is? Maybe he, maybe his children? I know he has two!

– Are you crazy? He doesn’t know who his father is! You told me not to hide, you were scared. Now, if you are afraid, is it God? No talking!

I told him to come out, I even pushed him out of the apartment. He shouted through the closed door:

– Remember, sometimes it works both ways! Whether we are a family or not, you may need us! You may regret it!

I think it’s blackmail. – Shameless, after so many years he comes up with such an offer … He doesn’t count on anyone, he only thinks of himself! For almost forty years he showed no sign of life, he found me only when he had a knife in his throat. I couldn’t do that! ”

But then the thought comes: “Of course you don’t know? Are you sure? “. Of course I could. If necessary, I would go to hell. It doesn’t matter … What should I do?

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