How to get compensation for price increase for UPC Polska internet

– We are talking about increasing the Internet subscription applied by the operator since December 2014. The court agreed with the president of the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection that this is illegal and violates the interests of collective consumers, it was reported on Twitter. Profile of the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection.

The court confirmed the need for a clause to change the terms of the contract. This is a provision that determines what and under what conditions may change and ultimately affect the cost of the service. There was no such clause in the contracts with UPC Polska, he added.

UPC Polska internet is to ensure the return of price increases

Decision ordering UPC Polska to pay a fine and increase the cost of Internet service for subscribers Issued by UOKiK President in July 2016.

The department explained this Changing clauses that were not included in the so-called indefinite contracts with UPC Polska customersdescribes what services are available that affect their prices and under what circumstances they can be changed.

– As the growth depends only on the will of the operator, the entrepreneur’s experience violates the etiquette. The consumer could pay a higher price or cancel the contract, he could not use the existing offer – described in the announcement UOKiK.

The office ordered UPC Polskaya Compensation in the amount of 7 PLN per month for each subscription paid more for internet after the increase in December 2014.

Immediately after the announcement of the decision, UPC Polska announced that it would appeal to the court. The operator stressed that the Internet speed was increased at the same time as the price increase, and that the increase “covered a group of customers selected beyond the subscription period, and customers have the right to cancel the contract.”

In the spring of 2019 The Court of Competition and Consumer Protection overturned the decision of the Chairman of the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection to pay fines and compensation to customers. UOKiK, in turn, appealed against the decision.

UPC Polska customers returned after decisions of the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection

In the fall of 2020. Based on the decision of the President of UOKiK, which came into force, UPC Polska compensated customers for the increase in payments for Internet services applied in 2015-2016, and found that the Office violated the contract. The operator’s subscribers received several compensation options.

In February last year, UOKiK was legally obliged to pay for the UPC Safety Package service, which UPC Polska included without the consent of customers. Customers can get back up to 54 PLN through discounted accounts.

In turn, in mid-2020, UOKiK questioned several practices used by UPC Polska employees, mainly in telephone sales calls. This is due, among other things, to the failure to inform the Customer of the right to withdraw from the contract and to approve the terms of the amendment to the contract offered by the company, and to the installation of the customer’s home by the company’s technician before the consumer approves it on paper. other sustainable environment.

UPC Polska undertook to make appropriate changes to the procedures and to offer compensation to customers who complained about these violations.

UPC Polska is taken by Play for 7 billion PLN

Last Friday, UPC changed ownership of Polska: Play telecommunications network operator P4, completed the purchase 100 percent. He paid 7.013 billion PLN for the shares of UPC Polska from Liberty Global.

Earlier this year, a new board of directors of UPC Polska was appointed, and Jean Marc Harion, head of P4, became president of the company.

Last year, UPC Polska achieved 4.6 percent revenue growth. $ 454.8 million, and net profit ranged from $ 58.4 million to $ 82.6 million. At the end of the year, the operator had 1.57 million customers and provided 3.35 million unit services (RGU).

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