How has the approach to the growth gap between partners changed?

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This guy is beautiful, but very short – heard the partners of short men. And so as not to offend anyone, they changed their high-heeled shoes into ballet shoes. Today, short men describe themselves on social media with the hashtag #shortking.

When Tom Cruise married Nicole Kidman, she wore high heels to the ceremonies so as not to appear 9 cm shorter.

The hashtag #shortking, which means a man less than 172 cm tall, appeared on social media in 2018. Since then, Twitter and TikToku have been used about 340 million times. A few months ago, actor Tom Holland shared on Instagram that women prefer “low kings” partners. His wife Zendaya is 5 cm taller than him, both of whom often joke about it. In one of his interviews, he said that he felt the difference in height only once when he shot the scene of jumping from a bridge during the filming of “Spider-Man”. – I was a superhero in this movie and I had to look cool on the screen when Zenda came first. His legs are longer than mine, so mine was still in the air when his feet were on the ground. he said.

Jamie Cullum is also the distance between him and his partner Sophie Dahl. He once announced that he had put the poems and love letters he had written for her in the heels of his beloved Christian Louboutin. The 164 cm tall musician has long been accustomed to harsh comments. However, he admitted that he knew where they came from. – By marrying a tall woman, I violated the most important rule of the world – a man should be longer than his wife – he said. His wife commented on the matter only once, but openly: – It doesn’t matter when you are in love.

Conflict with stereotypes: It was not easy for men to accept that women looked down on them

Anna, who works on social media for one of the global brands, learned that the lower partner did not cause a sensation today. All the boys he met were shorter than him, and he had never heard any negative comments about it. – My friends have known me for years. M.aboutj height, 181 cm, is normal for them. When I mentioned that I had met someone, they always asked if he was cool. Never – how tall is he. For my parentsaboutw is also not uncommon. As long as I can rememberthere, maboutI would like to maboutj My wife will probably be shorter than me. There are just not many peopleaboutktaboutthree are at least 183 cm tall he says.

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He considers his neck a fortune. He is convinced that this is in perfect harmony with his self-confidence and stubborn character. But for former partners accustomed to stereotypical roles, it was not easy to accept that a woman looked down on them. Someone 20 cm shorter than her, after several months of dating, began to insist that Anna should not wear high heels when they go out together. The other, who is 13 cm short, did not want to take pictures together. – It didn’t hurt me, but I regretted it – mostly because the height difference never mattered to me. When I first met someone, I was looking at whether I was happy with him, not whether we were following the tradition of male domination over women. he says. The two broke up quite quickly, which convinced him that if the difference in height between them was a problem for a man, nothing would happen. – It may be a banal determinant, but it still works very well in my life – Anna adds.

Sophie Dahl: When you love someone, you love them as they are

Now she is happily dating a boy who is shorter than she used to be. When they met, he did not even mention it. He first touched on the subject. One day they were going to his friends, he put on his platform shoes and asked if it was suitable for him. “Every time I wear high heels, he says, ‘How cool you look!’ in other words, does not comment. or “Wow! No woman’s so long naboutlike you. “He emphasizes at every step how much he likes me.aboutI know that I am beautiful and I dress the best women I know, and I feel that she is sincere. She is proud when her friends ask her if I am a model. M.aboutTo be honest, he can “lift” me as I am: tall, tall and independent – Anna says.

His current attitude is also different from the previous ones because it is based on the principles of equality. – We share responsibilities, he likes my professional activity. He is interested in what I do and encourages me to developand. Friends believe that maboutj My current lover is the most empathetic of all my partnersaboutin – Anna adds. So perhaps empathy is no longer a problem. – Maybe I think it’s like Sophie Dal said: when you love someone, you love them as you are. The rest does not matter – Anna says.

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When I was playing volleyball, I only wanted to be tall

– A few years ago, I often saw girls on Tinder with the description “Men start at 180 cm”, but today I sometimes come across bad memories. – Paul says. As long as he remembers, his friends called him Little. He always sat at the front desk at school, and was always in the front row in class photos. His height of 166 cm in college did not impress anyone, although he was one of the lowest in the year. – When I played volleyball intensively, I only wanted to grow talleraboutMany. Then I would give a lot for an extra 10 cm. When it comes to relationships, all of my old ones are either my height or a little short. Not because I chose her – I just like Filigran women he says. Paul closes his eyes when asked about the stereotypes that existed until recently. – He is a man of that heightthe ones is stupid. Think of Volodymyr Zelensky. She is 170 cm tall, I do not know such a womanaboutra się Don’t be surprised by that. To say that a real boy should have a tall, big cock and a thick purse is like to say that a real woman should be thin.a, nogreate chest idlong blonde hair – he adds.

Paweł had never heard from any woman that she was beautiful but very short. But if that were the case, he would not be offended. – Everyone likes it Yesotherwise, you can’t blame him. I have never been interested in tall girls. I have a few friends who are much older than me, but this relationship was friendly from the beginning. I would not add the theory of height. There was simply no chemistry between us – admits. Her current lover, Magda, is the same height as her. “She looks at me clearly when she’s wearing high heels.”aboutry, but there’s something sexy about it. It makes me feel less manly. Probably because I’m confident enough and I’m not interested in what I can’t change. But I understand the short manaboutktaboutThere are complexes in this regard. Everyone has a sensitive point – Paul says. According to her, there will always be a group of women in society, for whom there will be only tall, broad-shouldered men. – I have two sisters, ktaboutThe teenagers dreamed of a charming prince. Meanwhile, she married a manaboutry is a bear with a belly. With the boy who is secondaboutby the time he was thirty, there were bends in the middle of his head. And both are happy with them. – Paul says. According to him, social media contributes to the disintegration of stereotypes. – Instagram and TikTok do an excellent job for benefits diversity. They show that the world is not only beautiful, delicate, rich and tall. If you have photos of a short boyaboutAs millions of people like it, this is a signal to other short boysaboutaccepted, sought after, that they are sexual. This not only makes them feel better, but also shows that the world is normal and has changed for the better in small steps.

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