“Forty years ago, I cleaned my sister’s fiancée from under the altar. We only reconciled at his funeral. ”- Real life

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We have always been disciplined and resolutely intervened when someone ignored the neighbors, such as throwing rubbish in the stairwell or making noise during curfew.

We were already retired

Olga and Teresa were sisters and have lived together since Teresa’s husband died. I too was widowed, and Olga had never been married. All three of us retired and enjoyed the peace we deserved, best of all in our company.

We met every morning after breakfast for coffee and gossip. Every Thursday, we shared a afternoon tea – mandatory with a cake – and on Saturdays we played cards while enjoying rose tinctures at the same time. These were our official meetings. Moreover, unofficially we walked with each other for hours every day.

Apparently, it was perfect between us, but as often, there was a serious problem sweeping under the carpet under the guise of a quiet idyll. At first glance, Olga and Teresa were kind and very close sisters. However, I spent a lot of time with them, I am perceptive by nature, so I noticed that there was an unpleasant tension, some resentment, wounds, old enmity between them.

They usually controlled it, but they could argue fiercely about any nonsense. He had to buy some bread from them and forget about it. Or who’s next when it’s time to sweep. It was so funny that they were both crazy about cleaning and wiped the floor several times a day, keeping it as clean as you could eat. Thus, during the vacuuming, the position dispute was just an excuse to blame each other. If someone didn’t know them as well as I did, they would just think they were arguing and they like to argue from time to time, but I didn’t feel it was important.

I heard bitter words from their mouths that I never understood. For example, Teresa once asked Olga if she could take earrings from him. At that time, he was going to a cafe to meet his long-lost girlfriend. He looked excited and nervous at the meeting. He was dressed for half a day.

– You can take them. I’m glad you asked. Once you did not have such worries and you would use mine …
– But I won’t buy it, it doesn’t fit my skirt. Teresa sharply placed the earrings in the coffin. – I have to go now, I do not want to be late.

He hurriedly put on his coat and slammed the door and left the apartment. Such incidents did not happen often, but they were repeated regularly and made me pay attention. My friends were very sorry about somethingthey tried to sleep every day, but the resentment was so great that it still surfaced. Here and there.

I liked them and wished them the best, but I had no right to interfere in their lives. So I subdued my curiosity and desire to reconcile with my sisters and ordered them not to interfere in their affairs. Sometimes tearing old wounds does more harm than good. I admitted that I would never know the secret of my friends, when an unexpected turn of fate forced them to confess to me …

It all started when the cat went astray

A thin, gray-haired, skinny animal with beautiful, yellow-green eyes. He wandered around the garbage dump in our neighborhood looking for leftovers. He was afraid of people, did not approach the “kitty-kitty” and did not have the opportunity to approach the person and take food from him. In particular, some of the neighbors kicked him out. They complained that he was dirty, probably sick, and spreading germs. We three witches saw this as extremely heartbreaking.

– How to drive a homeless, hungry animal? – I was angry. – Is there no God in their hearts?
“Well, people are like that, darling,” Teresa sighed. – They fly to church, but for a penny they have God’s mercy.
“But we don’t!” We will take care of him! Olga decided.

We all agreed that we should help the kitten.
– How can we do it? – I asked. – An action plan should be developed.
– First you have to tame him. We will feed him and talk to him. He will teach us that cats are intelligent, instinctive, and who they can trust. – Olga was optimistic.
– We must be very patient and gentle with him. There are no sudden movements. And remember: we are waiting for him to come on his own, we are not trying to catch him, because he will take us away from ourselves! Teresa warned.
– How do you know so much about cats? – I asked.
– We had a ginger cat as a child. They’ll find him, too. We tame him and my father for a few months before he decided to live with us, ”Olga explained with a warm smile in memory of the former pet.
– If you like us, we will take this cat with us. We’ll take him to the vet, get him a flea collar and a pillow that he can lie on and mutter about, ”Teresa dreamed.
“And the scratching post,” Olga said.
– Definitely, otherwise it will scratch all our furniture with cat paws!

They were both so happy and excited about the prospect of adopting a pet that I didn’t mention that they were “caressing” it for themselves, maybe even I wanted to adopt it and was left alone. I owned each other … But I didn’t want to take the cat on my head because there was nothing to argue about. Every day we took his meat to the trash.

Although some neighbors tried to dissuade us, they quickly gave up. After all, we were the “three witches” – we were the ones who kept order in the blocktherefore, the residents were grateful and respectful. We explained that when we tamed the cat, she would go to Teresa and Olga’s house and no one would bother her anymore.

– This is a more effective and humane solution than chasing a pet that has already stubbornly returned here – I patiently explained to those who are most afraid to find my neighbors.

Fortunately, most of the residents of our neighborhood liked the kitten and applauded us for saving it, and those who still looked down on him, at least, refused to evict the poor man.

Time passed and he was still wild

Two weeks later, he stopped being afraid of us, and only after four weeks did he allow himself to be caressed. Teresa was honored for the first time, and I saw that Olga was extremely jealous of it. My friend’s love for a stranger made me laugh. So we named him a pet to please him.

He called him Benek, and he was so pleased with himself that we did not argue, even though Benek was not a male but a female cat. Two months after the start of the “Domestication Benek” campaign, Teresa and Olga were finally able to take the kitten home. Everything was waiting for him: a trash can, dishes for food and water, a scratch pole and cat toys. Benek was greeted almost like a king!

I wanted to take her to the vet as soon as possible, but the sisters objected that it would be too stressful for her at the moment. I did not insist, because the cat seemed healthy and satisfied with his life, moreover, they were his wives, and I was just a modest helper. It doesn’t seem to be any better: Benek has turned from a frightened skinny into a hairy, murky ball of happiness.

But I saw something that bothered me: Olga was jealous of her kitten. When Benek lay in Teresa’s arms, rubbed her, and demanded her caress and attention, she looked almost deadly. Such jealousy and possession were not abnormal. One day while I was taking a pie to my friends, I heard them arguing at the door. Instead of knocking on the door, I stopped and listened intently.

– Do you want to steal a cat too ?! You always took everything from me, always. I hate you! Olga’s voice was so full of pain and hatred that I could hardly recognize her.

This is not a good time for an apple pie, I thought and came back to myself. Just a few minutes later, I heard a knock on the door. I opened it. Teresa stood trembling and crying.

“Come in, darling,” I almost pulled her inside.

To soothe it, I made lemon balm tea and cut cakes to sweeten it.

“Don’t cry anymore,” I said, tapping him lightly on the shoulder.
– I can’t … He will never forgive me. And it was not my fault …
– I do not understand what you are saying.
“Because it was …” Teresa began.

He told me a story that caused a disagreement with his sister

Stanislaw was Olga’s fiancé, they already had an agreed wedding date. Teresa had come from abroad to help her sister organize and attend the wedding. And this is what happened when he introduced him to Staszek: fell in love with her at first sight. In addition, in a reciprocal way.

– None of us would want that. We tried to fight the feeling, but it was stronger than our will – Teresa admitted to me.

Well, there was a scandal in the family: one sister cleaned her other lover from under the altar. Teresa married Stanislav, and Olga severed ties with both of them. She never married, although in her youth she was a beautiful woman and did not complain about the lack of fans. Because of his broken heart, he was offended not only by his sister and brother-in-law, but by the whole world and love.

– We have met only twice in 40 years: at my father’s funeral, then at my mother’s funeral. I thought we would never reconcile, but he came to Staszek’s funeral. We were all completely alone, because I had no children, as if as a punishment – I sometimes thought so. We both cried, hugged, and decided to live together to support each other in our old age and to make up for lost time. But he did not forgive me …

Teresa began to cry again. I felt sorry for him. How could he think that infertility was a punishment for forbidden love?

“Do you know what, Terenia?” You will stay with me. Olga is very hot. Maybe he will appreciate you when he loses you again. Let him sit alone with the cat, come and stay with me.

I was afraid Teresa would give up, but she liked my idea. I think she was really tired of her sister’s mood and needed a break from it. As a result, Olga was upset with both of us and ignored both of us. Teresa was interested in that, not me, because I knew that sooner or later Olga would miss us. Which happened faster than I expected.

One evening, while making crossword puzzles with Tereska and drinking tea, the phone rang. I took it.

– Hello?
– Anna, it’s me! Teresa’s voice was in a panic. – I call because I can’t leave the apartment. I need you, come immediately!
– What’s going on?! – I was afraid that Olga broke her leg, or worse.
– Benek is giving birth! And I don’t know what to do, you have to help me!
“We’re going to see you,” I said, laughing.

So it was not a disaster. And Benek didn’t turn into an over-fed ball, she was just pregnant. We quickly ran to help the cat be born. When the work was over, Olga apologized to Teresa and said:

-Don’t leave me anymore. I can no longer live alone. I dont want…

They hugged each other warmly, and I shed a tear. It seems that my friends made it up, this time it came true. Olga suits Tereskaya and is no longer looking for an excuse to argue. But now we have another problem: we need to find good homes for four sweet cats …

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