Dubai Girls® (2021) – movie review

The good news is that Dubai Girls isn’t as bad a movie as you’d expect from teasers and trailers. The bad news is that they are certainly not a good movie or even stick to a decent average. There are interesting directing and screenplay ideas, but they are overwhelmed by plot twists, weak dialogues, constant repetition of the same formal tricks, and finally a long story that completely loses the rhythm of the story. The two-and-a-half hours the film lasts can be shortened to 90-100 minutes without damaging the story – or even shorter, but it should be. Despite the sensational theme, “Girls …” is a movie that can be quite boring.

Then what good word deserves in the film? First of all, an attempt to show systematic, socio-economic mechanisms related to the issue of sex. Amina (Paulina Gałązka), a young girl who grew up in a small town “somewhere near Shechin”, dreams of a big world, symbolized by the bright covers of colorful magazines. Amy goes to Szczecin’s beauty contest, where she catches the attention of a rich old man and organizer Dorota. Apparently, Dorota is “adapting” young, attractive women and rich men from the Polish elite: sports stars, entrepreneurs, celebrities, politicians. Amy goes under Dorota’s wing, becomes her employee, but wants more. While in France with his Polish clients, he sees a banquet hosted by incredibly rich Arabs on a yacht in the distance. He dreams of getting there.

Maria Sadowska’s film shows how the sex business seduces young women who are frustrated by Poland’s end of the transformation and its entry into the European Union. How easy, big money deceives with the promise of great adventure in exotic places, and then uses it ruthlessly: emotionally, materially, sexually. Thanks to her alertness and intelligence, Amy has been doing well enough in this world for a long time, turning from an escort girl first with Dorota, and then without her help, arranging work for other girls. But he will also have to pay for his choices.

The creators of the film Dubai Girls do not try to defend Emin, but are not ready to condemn him – this is a good artistic choice. When the judgment of the hero begins in one of the last scenes, the table turns wise. Instead of condemning or justifying the film, she wants to help us understand Emin, and although Paulina Ghazka faces a number of setbacks along the way, she manages to defend her role in this regard.

Unfortunately, the positive aspects of the film hide more of its negative aspects. As we begin to convince ourselves of the Dubai Girls, we are amazed by the scale of the embarrassment – I recommend the latest orgy series in Dubai, especially to connoisseurs of bad movies, as it seems. A remake of Pasolini’s “120 Days of Salo or Sodom” by Patrick Vega. Aesthetically, we are around “365 days” for most of the film. As a Polish candidate for Golden Raspberry, “Girls …” is full of awkwardness aspiration porn – As for any subversive capture and change of this aesthetics, unfortunately, it was not taken.

In one scene, Amy says of women like her, “No one will ever make a movie.” This is not true. After all, there are many films about sex workers in very different conventions. From an inspiring love story (like “Beautiful Woman”) to a depressing social film that shows the dark side of sex at the bottom of the social hierarchy, to films that try to look at the problem in a cold, frustrated way beyond moral panic and panic. cheap sentimentality. In the latter category, Steven Soderbergh’s “Professional Girl” is notable, where Sasha Gray plays the role of a luxurious escort girl in Manhattan, leading a normal, bourgeois existence alongside a boy-personal trainer. A series based on the film was created, its first season – and then, unfortunately, began to break down – was equal to the original film, and Riley Keough began earning extra money as an ambitious law student from Chicago. socialite has created one of the most interesting television shows of the last decade.

The creators of “Dubai Girls” had explosive starting material. In the style of “professional girl” it was possible to make a cold, naturalistic, morally ambiguous film, provocative feminist satire, a serious moral game. Unfortunately, despite her apparent and admirable ambitions, Blanca came close to the “Mafia Women” who were included in the world of luxury sex in the aesthetic key to the adaptation of Lipinska’s prose.

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