Digitalization of municipalities and 5G network as an opportunity for regional development

Conditions for the spread of new technologies in the regional ecosystem, including the relevant telecommunications infrastructure, increasing the level of digital authority and the positive attitude of municipalities to these changes. The experts discussed this at a panel entitled “Digital Commune – a new business accelerator and development opportunity” at the European Congress of Local Government in Mikolajki.

The speakers stressed that in order for new technologies to become permanent elements of the technological ecosystem in the regions, it is necessary to introduce modern telecommunications infrastructure that will meet the growing demand for data transmission and maintain a greater network load.

One of the ways to digitalize municipalities is the 5G network. This is the most modern mobile phone standard already available in Poland. This is the beginning of a technological evolution that will allow for faster data transfer and a more stable Internet connection in the future. 5G means better internet speeds, as well as the development of technologies that require lower data latency“- said Michał Ziółkowski, a member of the board of PLAY Polska technology.

An auction announced by the President of the Office of Electronic Communications (UKE) is held before the allocation of frequencies for telecommunications network operators providing public services. The results of the auction are the basis for the reservation of frequencies for institutions that meet the conditions of participation and offer the highest price.

“Currently, digitalization and access to e-services are an important element in the development of the regions. However, the end user must always be remembered. Therefore, knowledge and inventory about space is very important. Small centers often do not have the resources and tools to implement modern technology solutions, ”said UKE President Jacek Oko.

According to the panelists, more and more people in Poland use e-services, including. from a reliable profile that allows you to solve many formal issues without leaving your home. It is a modern and very convenient solution for citizens.

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However, you also need to have a high enough level of digital skills to be able to take advantage of many digital solutions. According to Magdalena Biernat, a board member of Centrum Cyfrowe, not only will the knowledge of the laptop’s intuitive operation be useful, but the ability to check data, critically analyze content, and check the source of information will also be useful.

We recently conducted a study in Poland that showed that digital skills are almost non-existent among children and adolescents. 47 percent are only basic level respondents. In this regard, the EU average is 57%. The results of the study also show that Polish schools do not teach critical thinking about the Internet. Therefore, it is very important to identify the needs and then implement training in the field of digital competenciesMagdalena Biernat explained.

Ma stagorzata Babelska, deputy mayor of Poviat Starosty in Kozienice, disagreed with the findings.

The situation is not as difficult as it seems. Reliable profile is increasingly used by citizens. There has been a significant increase in the level of digital competence of teaching staff. We also have the resources and expertise for the digital development of local governments. However, we need a willingness to cooperate and get information through dialogue and various channels“- stressed Małgorzata Babelska.

According to experts, the digitalization of the regions will allow residents to improve their health, agriculture, energy consumption and industrial quality of life. What is also important here is the positive attitude of individual municipalities to the digitalization process, the desire to switch to modern technologies and the systematic improvement of digital skills.

In addition, we are ready to accelerate the expansion of the network. We already have about ten thousand stations and cover 99% of the population. Our investment plans include the construction of 1,000 stations a year in the coming years“- said Michał Ziółkowski, referring to the need to ensure adequate infrastructure in the country.

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Effective digitalization and the introduction of modern infrastructure will be possible when there is a dialogue with the community that will result in investment and facilitation for citizens.– Jacek Oko said at the end of the discussion.

Source: PAP MediaRoom

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