When life gives you a second chance. Premiere of the third volume of the syndicate series “The Power of Love”

[Opis wydawcy] Gregory Ascaris has one goal: to protect his loved ones. When her sister’s fate is in danger, she has to make the most difficult decision of her life. Syndicate betrayal usually ends in death, but new mountain Gabriel Kreis knows what family means. The wolf is forgiven and, along with the Angel and the Devil, becomes the leader of the Poznan mafia. He would then risk his life to protect his brothers and their wives. Especially because time is difficult – in Angel’s territory someone kills the head of the Ukrainian mafia Volkov. And it can only mean one thing …

Lena is a young Ukrainian man who is cruelly oppressed by fate and people. As a teenager, he became involved in immorality. Since the angel’s soldiers set him and the other girls free, he trusts only Grzesiek, who brought him out of hell with his own hands. He just feels safe around her, which makes him nervous – closed loneliness. Double dose of emotions! Agnieszka Lingas-Loewska and Anna Szafrańska, inspired by conversations with a former employee of the Orbis Polonez Hotel visited by the Poznan mafia in the 1980s and 1990s, came together to create a fascinating story about people suffering from life. those looking for your place.

The third part of the adventures of the boys from the Poznan syndicate includes even more brutal scenes, terrible shootings by gangsters and ruthless revenge. As a dessert, we get a little humor and a passionate romance that will balance this sensational action. Is love born of suffering a chance to live? This, of course, will not be a simple story, but the authors were able to prove that they love to mix the plot. In the last novel, they vote for the protagonists Grzegorz and Lena, through which we will get acquainted not only with the ruthless world of the mafia, but also with the inner feelings that torment the heroes of the book. A rollercoaster of real feelings is being prepared, because one of the authors is a famous “seller of emotions”.

Beauty and the Beast

Known as a wolf in Poznan circles, Grzegorz never considered himself a hero. Always ready to act, loyal and faithful to the Angel, to whom he owes a lot, he takes care of the common interests of the syndicate. The situation in the Poznań group is tense, as someone betrayed the syndicate and killed the boss of the Ukrainian mafia they work for. The research would not be easy, especially since the brothers carefully selected the people they trusted. And again, these would mean that you have to spend for these processes. The Worm Angel will keep a close eye on the gang members to keep the Devil and his sister safe – the only people he can always count on. There is no place for traitors here, nor pity. However, a young Ukrainian woman he rescued during one of the rallies prevents him from focusing on the issue as much as possible. The girl and her sister were detained in one of the clubs where she was brutally abused. He lived in real hell, and Grzegorz pulled him out with his own hands. Therefore, he saw him as his savior and trusted only in him. This is very embarrassing for the rude Grzegorz, who does not know how to treat the abused woman. Also, Lena herself does not fully understand his behavior, but she can calm down with Grzegorz and does not think about her nightmare.

I took a deep breath without stopping and felt a familiar smell. As soon as I smelled the expensive perfume, my fears immediately subsided. I could not explain to Mr. Grzegorz why I had reacted in this way, as if his mere presence had calmed my emotions. At least until he speaks in a characteristic deep voice. Then my chest tightened again and I couldn’t breathe.

Linda Szanska, “The Power of Love”

At first, Worm only sees Lena as a kind of pusher, she can’t get rid of him. However, under the influence of her sister and the boys from the syndicate, her attitude towards the girl will gradually change. On a daily basis, he will be able to take off the mask of indifference with Lena, a ruthless and razor-sharp member of the Poznań gangster, and show a little understanding and gentleness. It will soon become clear that the two have surprisingly much in common, and the more they get to know each other, the more they will discover.

“Damn, I’ve never trained to work with emotionally unstable women!” I love my sister and would jump into the fire after her, but she is very strict with her sister. Can’t wait to see my friend. Another? Maybe I should act like Lena’s older brother ?! Aga knew better than anyone that this was not my style. Besides, how can I show mercy to others because I have never known it myself? This is how my father raised me, then my brother, and finally Miszzu himself. Poor, cold calculation, breaking away from feelings and emotions. At the age of thirteen, I was called up for military service. I was a dependent dog. Damn the worm. “

Linda Szanska, “The Power of Love”

The past is as painful as a rope of understanding

We fall to get up and get stronger. This is a perfect match for the heroes of Agnieszka Lingas-Loewska, who in the pages of the books of the maxim of life, with manic stubbornness, give them new challenges. It is no different from the protagonists of the film “The Power of Love”. Grzegorz has a history of growing up extremely difficult. A Poznan boy spent his childhood and youth living under the same roof with his addicted father. Because of poverty and violence, she and her brother were forced to grow up faster than their peers. Lena’s life was not easy either. Abandoned by her parents, she was cared for by her ailing grandmother, and soon she was finally living in an orphanage. The institution was full of pathological abuses against students. Juvenile girls were lent to various events organized by people from the world of politics and business. Sexual violence and violence were the order of the day. Thinking that it could not be worse, he went to Janos’s brothel, where he was terrified. The trauma of our heroes in childhood and adolescence is extremely strong and great. It is very difficult to deal with such a large baggage of dramatic experiences during adolescence. A young person tends to blame himself for everything that happens to him, and in extreme cases, even thinks that he deserves this or that fate. This vicious circle leads us to self-destruction, we no longer see any chance for another life. This greatly undermines self-confidence. The protagonists of the last novel of the duo of authors will look for strength to help them find a new way in life. The situation they find will surprise them and cause them a great deal of confusion.

When he left me on the dance floor, I felt abandoned and lost as usual. But he came back. I knew he was struggling. I saw him. I felt. And it gave me the strength I wanted. He was my strength. The power of love.

Linda Szanska, “The Power of Love”

Sometimes the truth destroys everything, but “The Power of Love” shows us that honest conversation and trust in another person can change many things in our lives. If we open ourselves to intimacy and goodness, we can overcome even the greatest traumas. The world is full of beautiful people we can meet in the most unexpected places and times. The authors of this season’s hottest gangster romance leave us with this hope.

Linda Szanska is the result of literary collaboration Agnieszka Lingas-Loewska and Anna Szafrańska – the two best-selling authors and fearless women, dangerous men and the greatest experts on emotional stories!

Read an excerpt from the book:

The power of love

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The book “The Power of Love” is already on sale.

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