Rzeszow. Norbert killed his girlfriend? He stabbed the 18-year-old girl several times and then strangled her. Prosecutor’s Office: It was planned

Author: Beata Olejarka / Super Express
Rzeszow. Norbert killed his girlfriend? He stabbed the 18-year-old girl several times and then strangled her. Prosecutor’s Office: It was intended

A terrible crime took place in Rzeshov. Kwiatkowski. According to the prosecutor’s office, Norbert Z. (21) killed his girlfriend Natalia. He had to stab the 18-year-old several times with two knives. According to investigators, the murder was planned and committed by the accused out of jealousy. The indictment has just been sent to the Rzeszow district court.

It should be noted that the tragedy took place in the apartment located at the address ul. Kwiatkowski Rzeszówda, May 20, 2021. Only 18-year-old Natalia’s body was found by the owner of the apartment, To whom did Norbert Z give the keys? According to the prosecutor’s office, he was the one who killed his girlfriend. The couple lived together. However, Norbert Z’s poor financial situation cast a shadow over their lives. The result was controversy.

– It was established that the accused started domestic fights in September 2020, during which time he insulted, humiliated, humiliated him with general insults, restricted his contact with his family and friends, and physically pressured the victim, thus pushing him. pulled. twisted his clothes and hair, arms, spat in his face, kicked his feet and hit different parts of his body with his hands – The statement came from Krzysztof Chichanovsky, spokesman for the Rzeszow District Prosecutor’s Office.

Norbert Z’s financial problems.

The man was about to fold fictitious statements to provide false information about your financial situation, employment and earnings to obtain loans and credit cards. She applied for a loan online on behalf of her boyfriend and used his personal information without his knowledge or consent. It got worse over time, Norbert Z. had to pawn the girl’s belongings – including a laptop or TV in the apartment.

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Rzeszow. The brutal murder of Natalya

The biggest drama in the couple’s life took place on May 20, 2021. The details of the murder are frightening.

– The tragic events took place in the apartment at ul. Rzeszowda Kwiatkowski, where 20-year-old Norbert Z.’s lover killed 18-year-old Natalia J. with two stab wounds to the chest and neck, and as a result of the defense, the victim strangled the victim in the upper extremity, then lying on the ground with his hands, resulting in hypoid bone fracture, external and internal bleeding. death of the victim. The body of the victim was opened on May 22, 2021, at about 12.30 by the owner of the apartment rented by the couple, reports Krzysztof Ciechanowski.

According to the landlord, Norbert and Natalia had rent arrears, appeared in the apartment in this connection. Norbert Z. said that his girlfriend had rent, but was in the mall. The landlord and Norbert Z. went to the mall where the suspect was gave the keys to the apartment to the owner and ran away unexpectedly. The owner returned to the apartment he had discovered in the bedroom … he found the body of a woman. He informed the services about it.

Rzeszow. A 19-year-old man killed his 18-year-old girlfriend

Prosecutor’s Office: It was intended

– The evidence gathered shows that the murder of the victim was planned in advance, and the motive of the accused was the patient’s jealousy – Krzysztof Ciechanowski, a spokesman for the Rzeszow district prosecutor’s office, said.

Norbert Z. did not admit refused to comment on the alleged actions and answer questions. He was interrogated several times. At the request of the prosecutor, on 24 May 2021, the Rzeszow District Court imposed a measure of restraint for 3 months, which was repeatedly extended by the Rzeszow District Court and is still in force. The accused has not yet been punished and has been threatened with alleged acts life imprisonment. The Rzeszow District Prosecutor’s Office today (April 29, 2022) filed an indictment against the Bielsko Biala resident Norbert Z. in the Rzeszow District Court.

– He was charged with 9 crimes, including the murder of 18-year-old Natalya C. as a result of special cruelty and special reprehensible motivation, mental and physical pressure on the victim, misappropriation of entrusted items. fraud and credit fraud, as well as presenting one’s identity as another person for a loan – Ciechanowski explains.

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