Poisoned white-tailed eagle, dead dog. Someone poisons animals in Uszyce, Oleski

A white-tailed eagle with signs of severe toxin poisoning has been sent to a wildlife clinic in Lubniany. He escaped from the owner’s immediate reaction to Uszyce when he saw the sick bird. Not the only one recently case of poisoned animal in this city. Someone poisons foxes, other wild and domestic animals.

“The white-tailed eagle survived thanks to a quick and determined response from the host who found the bird lying outside,” said Martha Wegrzyn of the Avi Wildlife Treatment and Rehabilitation Center at Avi, where the bird was killed. up last week. – The eagle was in a very bad condition. Everything showed that he was poisoned. He vomited badly, literally suffocating from vomiting. When moving, he did not even try to defend himself, which is a disturbing sign in the predator.

Bielik was taken to the Avi Center in Lubniany. His product contained a significant amount of food, which was removed from the clinic during washing.

“We immediately closed the drops and gave him medicine to neutralize the poison. Within hours, the toxin was removed from the body and saved the animal’s life. In case of poisoning, the speed of the reaction is very important. We also did a blood test, which clearly confirmed the poisoning, says Martha Wegrzyn.

Fortunately, the eagle’s condition was improving rapidly. – He started to stand up, flew the next day and moved around the birdhouse three days after he was found. In addition, it turned out to be a woman with a ring. Thanks to the wedding rings, we learned that he was born in 2019 in the province of Lodz.

Last Saturday, the eagle was hit by a GPS transmitter, which will allow it to track its future and release it into the wild. That day, he covered more than 100 km.

A bald eagle with a dead fox cub was found

“Everything shows that the fox was poisoned and the eagle ate from it,” says Martha Wegrzyn. – This is not the first case in this city. According to the Committee for the Protection of Eagles, two poisonous white-tailed eagles were found in Uchiha in 2011. One, unfortunately, was already dead. Another was rescued at the center in Mikolov. After that, I received information about the poisoning of animals in this area.

It turned out that the dog was more fortunate than the white-tailed eagle, who gave his life to walk around.

While walking with its owner, the dog sniffed the (mixed) fox hole and probably ate something that caused it to be poisoned. The poison started immediately. The animal had convulsions and severe diarrhea, foaming at the mouth. The owner could not even reach the vet, and the dog died in his arms.

A few days ago, a dead cat with no bite marks was also found near the fox holes. Residents said rabbits, crows and foxes were also killed.

“Someone is worried about the foxes in the area,” said Martha Wegrzyn. – Instead of protecting a chicken coop or a poultry house from predators, someone prefers to poison animals. However, the poison is not selective. The dead fox will eat the white-tailed eagle and he will die. Another litter or predator that eats white-tailed eagles will pay the price. This is a never-ending story, we are poisoning all around.

The use of poison is only harmful to a certain type of person who wants to get rid of it for some reason. The poison can be eaten by another animal (also under strict protection or in danger of extinction). A mother raising a child can eat. The poison also affects garbage collectors who feed on poisoned animals.

Dozens of white eagles, most likely victims of rodent venom, were found dead in southern Poland a few years ago.

– When exposing the poison, people do not think that our dogs and cats or other wild animals live in such a poisoned environment – explains the president of the Avi Foundation. – For example, by poisoning mice, we also poison rodents, ie owls, birds and animals that help to eliminate the samsara.

The owner of the poisoned dog informed the police. Animal poisoning is a prohibited act, subject to animal abuse, and the perpetrators face up to three years in prison. In addition, the white-tailed eagle is under strict protection.

What should we do if we suspect poisoning?

If our pet has been poisoned (symptoms include vomiting, diarrhea, weakness, diarrhea, convulsions, muscle tremors), the reaction time is long. The animal should be taken to the vet as soon as possible. Unfortunately, we cannot help ourselves.

Photo Opole Wildlife Treatment and Rehabilitation Center “Avi”

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