Martha Matyjasik won the title of Miss Polonia. After the scandal, all his traces disappeared

Martha Matyasik was seven years old when Aneta Kręglicka was chosen “Beautiful World”.

“Then I decided that I would be a miss too. First success? The title of Miss School … and then it somehow went away,” he joked in the pages of Region Europe.

Martha still has her favorite Barbie doll, which she personally looks like she cut her hair years ago … Aneta Kręglicka. He put a “stolen” crown on his head from a statue of his grandmother Mary.

“I do not hide the fact that beauty contests have become my obsession. One day I was horrified when I found out that I did not have a chance in the competitions because the hips are too wide. Fortunately, no one told me about this shortcoming,” he said. In an interview with the author of the blog “MissStory”.

15-year-old Martha was put to the first serious competition by her mother (organized by the Warsaw-based modeling agency D’vision in 1997). Later, there were the Cindy Crawdord duo, Miss Bikini Paradise, and finally Miss Ziemia Bolesławicka, who secured her participation in the 2002 final of Miss Polonia.

The Fiat Stilo, which Martha took with her Miss Polonia crown, “spread” after driving thirteen kilometers, and then … turned off regularly in the most unexpected moments.

“Fortunately, I quickly mastered the art of leading this unique model,” said Ewa Wojciechowska, author of “Miss Polonia. But it’s worth it …”.

She remembers the reign of the former beauty queen as a year of fantastic travels and wonderful adventures. Then he traveled all over the world, representing our country in various competitions. Her worst memories were a trip to Nigeria during the civil war, when a group of candidates for the title of “Beautiful World 2002” was held. One night, several buses passed in front of the back exit of the hotel where the most beautiful girls in the world. ..

“We were evacuated from Nigeria by a private plane. We flew to England at two in the morning. Everything happened in an attempt to keep the media out of our escape. The final was perfectly organized in London in a few days,” Ewa Wojciechowska admitted in a book by Ewa Wojciechowska. .

Unfortunately, Martha Aneta could not repeat the success of Kręglick. She did not even qualify for the final twenty and returned from the Miss World election feeling completely defeated.

“I couldn’t come to terms with the fact that I had fallen for a long time because I had a strong need for competition. I was so angry that I said I wouldn’t go to Miss Polonia’s office after returning from Miss World. MissStory “recalled on the blog.

Martha Matyjasik, among others, passed Miss Europe 2003 (she won fourth place), Miss Earth 2003 (brought the crown of Miss Earth Fire from the Philippines) and Miss International 2004 (she was eliminated from the competition in Beijing long before the final).

Martha claims that being a Miss … is a lesson to grow.

“I got to know the world and other cultures, learned English for four months. I became independent and left home. I had the opportunity to be surrounded by interesting people. I learned humility and self-confidence,” said the author of the book “Miss Polonia. But it’s worth it … “.

A few years after handing over the crown to the most beautiful Polish woman, Karolina Goraździe, when Martha Matyasik was asked which girls had a better chance of winning beauty contests, she answered without hesitation that Miss … should be born.

“You have to love it and feel it. If a girl doesn’t have that spark, that spark, that sparkle in her eyes and character, it’s hard to teach her. This is the most important thing, apart from external values,” she told MissStory readers.

After completing her career, Miss Martha left her hometown of Zgorzelec, received a bachelor’s degree from Warsaw, then a master’s degree from the Faculty of Political Science at the University of Gdansk, and a doctorate in economics from the Warsaw School of Economics. Board of World Economy. Until recently, he called the opening of his doctoral dissertation one of his biggest unfinished dreams.

Prior to becoming an Emirates Airlines flight attendant in 2012 (she is still affiliated with Dubai Airlines), Marta Matyjasik worked as a customer’s business advisor at a bank and in her spare time as a pilot.

The former Miss Polonia does not want to talk about her private life in public. A few years ago, he told Ewa Wojciechowska that he dreamed of building a house and creating a warm, family atmosphere at home.

In 2018, Martha’s name was often mentioned in conversations about Piotr Krysiak’s controversial book. The author of the book “Dubai Girls” has never confirmed that she is the “Miss Polonia” or the flight attendant of the Arabian Airlines. Dubai scandal. Marta Matyjasik then disappeared from social media and no trace of her has disappeared …

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