Marcjanna Lelek is about to quit. He received support from the stars of “M jak miłość”.

Marcjanna Lelek In mid-April, he told his fans that he was in love with a woman. “I fell in love with a girl half a year ago. So far, I’ve only met guys, but I always expected that it could happen to me, and finally I met a girl who was so delicious that she hit me and caught me.He added that he was lucky to live among very tolerant people who sincerely accepted information about their relationship. In an interview with Pleiada, he explained why he decided to confess about his privacy, which he had previously protected. “

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Marcjanna Lelek is about to quit

The star of “M jak miłość” admitted that he has to tell his story to those who are not as lucky and do not accept that they are in the same sex. However, he did not think that his confession would have such a profound effect.

– I did not expect so much noise. I didn’t think the media was so interested in me. I wrote this without fear of hatred because I have not lived yet. I am lucky to live in a super tolerant environment both in Warsaw and in Lodz, where I now live. My family is very open, my friends are very open, everyone likes and supports us.

he said.

He immediately told his family and friends about his new relationship without any worries.

– My family found out about my girlfriend a moment after I started owning her. They got acquainted with him and liked him very much. My people knew it before.

We live in a country where it is impossible to legalize homosexual relations, and such couples are still fighting for their rights. We asked Marcjanna Lelek about her reaction.

– At the moment, I do not think about whether I want to get married or not, I have never been in a hurry to start a family and make decisions about adults. We live very well, I do not feel limited, I walk on the street with my girlfriend and I’m not afraid of it. I was lucky that nothing bad happened to us. We do not hide the fact that we are together, hugging, for example, when I was in the cinema, I did not see a bad look or hear an unpleasant comment – he says.

He said that he already felt that he could fall in love with a woman, but he did not talk about it out loud, because in fact he did not think that such a situation would happen to him.

– I always thought that such a situation could happen. In the past, I was not in love with any girl, and I thought that I would never have that feeling. I have never met a woman I would fall in love with. Thanks to the world I lived in, everything was very simple and I did not think that everything would change for me. I live in an environment where I know many same-sex couples, and this was not strange or new to me.

Marcjanna Lelek took part in the equality parades, but she spoke openly about same-sex couples.

– I was in the parades of equality, but I was not engaged in any specific public activities. I myself have not talked about these issues. Although if someone is bisexual, it makes sense to talk about it. At that moment, I felt that I wanted to express myself to help he said.

We asked the actress if she could count on the support of her colleagues in “M jak miłość” for many years after appearing on stage. Her serial husband Piotrek Nerlevsky published a congratulatory message.

he said.

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