Marcjanna Lelek about the backstage plan of a relationship with a partner for the first time. Do they dream of getting married?

Marcjanna Lelek owes her greatest fame to the role of Natalka Mostowiak in the series “M jak miłość”. Until now, very little was known about his personal life. But in mid-April, the actress came out. He said in a social media post that he was in love with a woman. Now she has given a very intimate interview with her partner, which reveals her relationship behind the scenes. How did the family react to her new lover? Are the girls planning a wedding? Who was the biggest supporter of the actors in the production of “M jak miłość”, which he played for years?

Marcjanna Lelek came out. The family supports him

Marcjanna Lelek told her fans shortly before Easter that she had been in love for six months. “I fell in love with a girl six months ago. So far, I’ve only met guys, but I always expected it to happen to me, and finally I met a girl who was so delicious that she hit me. In short, I told him about it and asked him to come out with me, and he agreed. It was an exciting and uncomplicated time, we didn’t have to break up in any way, we always fell in love with what we did. I am lucky to live among open and tolerant people and I have never heard a bad word about our relationship, my family, his family and friends support, love and treat us like any other couple. So I thought you should share, because I know that not everyone is lucky, and I want to give an example, and I rarely say this to those who hear: you are not alone, everyone has the right to love what they want and want. Be with whomever they want, ”the actress wrote on her Instagram profile.

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Two weeks have passed since Markjanna Lelek’s confession of love. Now the young actress has decided to give a very personal interview to the portal “Plejada”. During the conversation, she explained why she decided to share a part of her love life because she still protects her private life. The actress admitted that she did not think that her performance would cause so much emotion and incite the media. In fact, he wanted to encourage other people who live in the same relationship but are not accepted by the local community. At the same time, he stressed that he can count on the support of both himself and his wife’s family.

“I did not expect so much noise. I didn’t think the media was so interested in me. I wrote this without fear of hatred because I have not lived yet. I am lucky to live in a super tolerant environment both in Warsaw and in Lodz, where I now live. My family is very open, my friends are very open, everyone likes and supports us. I had a sense of duty that if I was so good, I was lucky to be able to live as I wanted, and then I knew that I could give such support, because I am a media person somewhere and my voice will be reflected, maybe. someone will help. I wanted to use it in a good way. I know that such a voice is important in this regard, “he said.

Marcjanna admitted that her family and friends immediately learned about the new relationship of the actress. Both sides liked each other very much. “My family found out about my girlfriend immediately after I started being with her. They got acquainted with him and liked him very much. My society knew about it before, “he said.

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Marcjanna Lelek

Marcjanna Lelek planning a wedding with a girl?

In an interview with “Plejada”, the star “M jak miłość” was asked about his attitude to the legalization of same-sex relations, which do not exist in Polish law. “I know what Poland is like, so I wanted to take sides to change it. Now I don’t think about whether I want to get married or not, I have never been in a hurry to get married and make decisions for adults. We live very well, I do not feel limited, I walk on the street with my girlfriend and I’m not afraid of it. I was lucky that nothing bad happened to us. We do not hide the fact that we are together, we embrace, for example, when we are in the cinema, and I did not see a bad look or hear an unpleasant comment, “he said.

The actress sincerely admitted that in the past she doubted that she could fall in love with another girl. But he did not speak out until it happened. “I always thought that this was possible,” he said. In the past, I was not in love with any girl, and I thought that I would never have that feeling. I have never met a woman I would fall in love with. Thanks to the world I lived in, everything was very simple and I did not think that everything would change for me. I live in an environment where I know many same-sex couples, and it was nothing strange or new to me. ”

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Marcjanna Lelek has a boyfriend

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The actors of “M jak miłość” support Marcjanna Lelek after appearing on stage

Marcjanna Lelek does not hide that she took part in the equality parades by chance, but it ended there. He didn’t want to have an extra voice in same-sex couples. “I was in the parades for equality, but I did not participate in any special public way. I myself have not talked about these issues. Although if someone is bisexual, it makes sense to talk about it. At that moment, I felt like I wanted to express myself to help. “

Interestingly, shortly after Marcjanna Lelek admitted that she was in love, she received support from several colleagues of the “M jak miłość” plan. She decided to encourage, among others, her serial husband Franek or Piotr Nerlevsky. “Piotrek Nerlewski published a wonderful article with congratulations, Jowita Budnik, Olga Kalicka, Olga Szomańska wrote me wonderful comments. I am sure they will support me, “he concluded.

We wish good luck to Martha Lelek.

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Marcjanna Lelek, 2018, the birthday of the series

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Marcjanna Lelek, the birthday of the series “M jak miłość”, 2018

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