How to speed up the Internet on different devices?

When these problems concern us, the most important thing is to find their original source, which may not be easy for today’s multi-point home networks. However, if you rule the ball with a rope, sooner or later it will be possible to find the place of this “bottleneck”.

How to speed up the Internet – check your connection speed

If the Internet is still working satisfactorily, it is worth considering whether we have changed the nature of its use in the first place. If we have started downloading a large amount of information, for example, for professional reasons, it is enough to simply change the settings of our link in the provider.

It is worth noting that home connections are practically never symmetrical. The download speed is usually several times lower than the download speed. In the case of increasing parameters, it is worth estimating how much traffic we generate to the other side, which is often overlooked. If we do not do this, it may turn out that we are responsible for “loading” our negative feelings.

However, if our link on paper “catches”, we need to check that the values ​​we pay … are not just theoretical. It is worth using software that measures the speed of the network, probably the most popular today is the Speedometer by Ookla. This tool is also used by some vendors (such as UPC) on their websites, who then have a locally optimized server to check these settings.

Well, keep in mind that speeds can vary between different servers, so it’s worth trying with them or more before starting a complaint. Prior to testing, it is worth disconnecting the router from the power supply for more than one minute or resetting it to factory settings (unless prohibited by the supplier). Make sure you also check that you are using the recommended web browser (some testers have separate programs).

It is a good idea to connect the router to the router with an Ethernet cable for the tests to be reliable. However, if you want to use WiFi, you must perform such a test directly on the router, otherwise, for example, in a room a few walls away, you will not be able to determine how many “networks” are running in the connection. , and how local. You should also make sure that the museum version of the device you are testing has WiFi.

How to speed up the Internet – Update your router

If your link is slower than the provider promises, you should check at least one more thing before you complain. It is possible that there is a software update in the settings of the router you are using. Contrary to appearances, such a procedure has great potential to improve the quality of the connection. Using a browser, we enter the settings of all routers, the address must be found in the manual, some of the more modern models have been developed by manufacturers with mobile applications.

How to speed up the Internet – change devices

However, suppose you have checked your link as shown above and everything is working fine by the provider. However, it is still very slow when your computer is moved to another room.

If we connect it to the router with a cable, we have three things to check:

  • Ethernet port standard on the router
  • cable
  • Ethernet card standard in the computer

Simply put, all of these elements must work today at a minimum Gigabit LAN standard. Ethernet 100 means limiting our speed to 100 Mbps at any stage. If you find this type of bottleneck, either change it or accept the “slowness” of the network.

In the case of WiFi, the issue is very complicated, here we must take into account many factors and nuances. First, your old router can only support older WiFi versions, which has a similar effect to Ethernet. The laptop will have a WiFi 4 card, WiFi 6 router and a very fast connection, such a set will be a bottleneck on the first device. As a general rule, where network speed is important, you should have a WiFi card with the same version as your router.

But this is just the beginning of the problem, the newer WiFi works at different frequencies. Without going into nuances, the 2.4 GHz band is slower but less prone to interference, the 5 and 6 GHz bands are faster, wider, but a decent reinforced concrete wall can make them problematic. If you set up your network so that the bands look like separate networks, you can see that in some places the devices will work better when they are theoretically slower.

In order not to lose the advantages of the 5 and 6 GHz bands in modern devices, you can consider using hardware solutions that allow you to deceive the inconvenient “network geography” of your apartment or house. A modern router with the possibility of radiation can give good results. If that doesn’t help, it’s worth using modems that create a mesh network, or slightly cheaper, expanders. Then we use several intermediary devices to spread the network to the dead and weak points.

If you have a lot of devices in your home, you should also pay attention to the number of tapes on the router. Three bands (2.4 and 2x 5 GHz) will work better in this case than two bands (2.4 and 5 GHz). It is also worth looking for QoS-class devices that allow you to prioritize devices on the network. When using a smart home, it is worth checking that our system does not support standards that release a WiFi network, such as Thread.

As a last resort, you can also try to play with WiFi channels, maybe the channels you use are overloaded not only by you, but also by your neighbors. You can use network monitoring software to check what this looks like. I use inSSIDer, which is available for both Windows and Mac.

How to speed up internet on your smartphone?

If you follow the above recommendations, your mobile phones should flash smoothly as long as you prefer WiFi internet in your home. What should we do when we are in the field? In Poland, except for a few places, the best … is to turn off 5G altogether. If you do not have access to this technology or it is very weak, the theoretical speed of this standard will not become practical, on the contrary.

It is worthwhile to monitor or get rid of the Internet by individual applications or change their permissions in the settings so that they can use the network only when connected via WiFi. It’s worth configuring the Play Store to keep updates down while you’re on your mobile network. Finally, when choosing an operator, it is worth checking how its network works in the most crowded places. The speed difference can be really big and local roaming won’t do any good.

Accelerating mobile internet – how to do it?

The latter advice is especially important if we use mobile Internet at home instead of a regular connection. While on the field, we can look for a better place, often at home, if it is bad, it will be the same throughout the area. So the key is to choose the right operator. The second element to note is the category of the router, the higher the number, the better and faster it will be. Most LTE routers currently have a Category 6, and in stores you can also find Category 12 ones. In Poland, 5G routers are still of little importance.

How to speed up landline internet – is it possible?

In the case of fixed line internet, the problem is theoretically simpler, the operators tell us what speed they can provide. It is worth looking for those who boast of using a fiber-optic network, and … ask neighbors for opinions on the use of the Internet from a particular provider.

Network and equipment hygiene

When buying smart devices, it is worth remembering that we are often fired upon with useless functions as a result. If we are already so lucky, if possible, disconnect such equipment from the Internet. This will not only load your “local internet”, but also limit the number of places it can attack.

Also consider whether the impression of poor performance is generally related to your computer or smartphone. If not only the network but also other programs are working poorly, you may need to tidy up the devices, not the network. Maybe you have a virus, maybe you need to delete a bloatware program, create more disk space, break some programs from Autostart, or reinstall your system?

Dealing with network problems can be tedious and time consuming. However, it is worth paying attention to this topic, especially today, as more and more things in our lives will depend on the efficiency of the Internet. Whether someone likes it or not.

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