Collection Undress Code resort dresses 2022

(Photo by Karolina Wilczyńska)

Sand, warm colors, bodies warmed by the sun. We move to the Canary Islands. Inspired by the romantic atmosphere of “Secret Dreams” and “Those Days, Those Nights” in Fuerteventura, a new campaign of the Undress Code brand was launched.

Not everything is clear here. The campaign of the resort clothing collection of the Polish brand Undress Code is managed by a large staff and a foggy, dreamy atmosphere. – We wanted to capture the intimate moments of the heroes of the photos, who entered the unknown corners of the island, climbed the sand dunes, saw each other’s braids and threw their shorts to jump into the depths of the ocean – Iza Zielińska, the creator of the Dress Code, says. The campaign was supposed to be very sunny, and despite the session day, there were rare clouds on the island. Thanks to this, the photos have a unique character, a little foggy, there is an atmosphere of excitement about the prospect of summer romance. The dressing code girl cheats as usual, but not directly. They magnetize her comfort, self-confidence and modernity.

(Photo by Karolina Wilczyńska)

Dress Code: Not just for the beach

– Last summer we debuted with the resort clothing line. Our first full swimwear collection was well received. This year, we are expanding it by retaining characteristic elements such as asymmetry or decorative deception in elasticity. – Iza says. The mission of Undress Code is to expand its collections from season to season – to provide customers with not only underwear, but also beach and evening dresses or body suits that can be worn in a variety of styles. – We have something for the beach, casual travel, hospitality, evenings, and even the office – The creator of the brand explains. This season, she will choose a mini dress in two colors and cut on the sides. – I have already tried it. I have everything I want on vacation. She is sexy, but very casual. The natural fabric “breathes”, the colors look beautiful in the sun – He smiles. This is not the end of clothes. This model is also available in black and midi versions. The linen kimono dress set also includes a pleated belt and a shirt shirt made of organic shoulder fabric made of Indian shoulder fibers. The fabric is similar to canvas, but softer to the touch.

Both shirt-cut dresses come in many sizes and body types. This is also the direction in which the brand is constantly moving. You can see two completely different girls in the campaign. – There are several models like Ella in Poland. And you can’t call her a big model, she just has an E cup. It’s a great thing for our customers, thanks to such girls they can imagine themselves more comfortably in our clothes. – Iza says.

(Photo by Karolina Wilczyńska)
(Photo by Karolina Wilczyńska)

Beach suits in the new version: Colors, cuts and original print

Bathing suits also fit every figure. – Models made of super elastic textured material in the liner as customers of different shapes. We have a lot of high panties and one-piece clothes – Lists the sign. Asymmetrical dresses with decorative elastic bands on the back are a hit. Models from the previous collection are gaining a new look this season. For the first time, the brand designed an original print. – It was difficult to find an example that would be “ours”. We were inspired by the shapes of shells and wave tips, but we wanted something abstract. We modernized and geometrized them – Iza says.

Another innovation is the colors, because the print is made in three versions: red, blue and yellow. More shades are a response to customer requests. Only for them Iza was able to break with white and black, because she believes in a universal palette. The costume collection has five new cuts, including classic triangles and black cuts one piece navel knotted and open back and deep V-collar model. The latter is a version of one of the most popular body styles adapted to the beach.

– The good news is that we will soon start making our suits from recycled material. The first batch is made of the previous beam, the next will be built from a more responsible version – says the creator of the brand with pride. Empirically, they will not be different – the quality and texture remain the same. Because it suits the underwear brand, invisible things are key to the Undress Code.

Artistic direction and photographs: Karolina Wilczyńska

Models: Ella Zaradzka, Paulina Kubaczyk

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