The more visible, the safer. Police cars with new signs from Łukasiewicz – PIMOT

Police cars with new signs will soon enter Polish roads. They will be more visible in all weather conditions. The change is the result of a partnership between the Police Logistics Department of the General Police Department and the asiukasiewicz Research Network – Institute of Automotive Industry, a division with extensive experience in R&D for road safety.

The new designation is the result of a series of meetings and consultations between Lukasiewicz and PIMOT experts, representatives of the Police Headquarters and a working group appointed to modernize the marking of police vehicles.

According to the scheme of placement of additional reflective elements proposed by BLP KGP, Łukasiewicz – PIMOT engineers presented a visualization of the possibility of placing new marking elements. During the meetings of BLP KGP representatives and team members, a prototype model of a police badge for a car was created.

Where does the need for changes to the existing labeling come from? The dynamic development of the automotive industry and the process of vehicle transformation and autonomy require the implementation of new solutions aimed at ensuring a high level of safety for all road users, including police officers. – We could provide increased security, mainly by improving vision, and this was our assumption during the design phase. The next step was to conduct an appropriate investigation – Lukasiewicz – says Przemysław Pająk, head of the Transport Safety Laboratory at the Institute of Automotive Industry.

We conducted a series of tests, including field tests, during which the appearance of existing signs was compared with newly designed signs. – says Przemysław Pająk. – These studies have shown that the use of prototype marking significantly improves vision in all weather conditions, regardless of the type of lighting. Thanks to the increased contrast, each car is better known and felt in road conditions. By increasing the surface area of ​​the reflective elements, their night vision will also be significantly improved – he adds.

Like Insp. Mariusz Ciarka, a spokesman for the Chief of Police, said every new police car purchased this year and in the following years should be in “new” colors. – These changes will not only improve the visibility of police cars, but also the safety of police officers who use them on a daily basis. Safety is a priority for us, citizens will be able to see a police car more easily when they seek help or want to report, for example, when they want to report lawlessness or crime, and police officers will serve other drivers in more visible vehicles. says the spokesman.

Why did the General Police Department apply to Lukasiewicz-PIMOT regarding this project? – Among the many calls accepted Łukasiewicz is also involved in improving road safety by the Research Network. Łukasiewicz – PIMOT specialists can boast of many years of experience in vehicle safety testing for certification and validation purposes, which has allowed us to create an appropriate team of experts and develop a marking design and methodology for inspection tests with BLP KGP. – Łukasiewicz – explains Wimold Luty, Director of PIMOT.


Łukasiewicz Research Network It is the third largest research network in Europe. It offers attractive, complete and competitive technology solutions. It offers a unique business “throwing problem” system, thanks to which a team of 4,500 scientists receives a business call in no more than 15 working days and offers the entrepreneur an effective application solution. At the same time, it attracts the highest skills of Polish scientists and unique scientific equipment on a national scale. Most importantly, the entrepreneur does not incur any cost to develop the idea for research. Łukasiewicz comfortably meets business expectations. The entrepreneur can decide to contact not only the form on the website, but also in more than 50 places: Łukasiewicz Institutions and all their branches in Poland. He will receive the same – high quality – product or service everywhere. Asiukasiewicz’s potential focuses on the following areas of research: Health, Smart and Clean Mobility, Digital Transformation and Sustainable Economy and Energy.

Łukasiewicz Research Network – Institute of Automotive Industry Since April 1, 2019, Łukasiewicz is a research institute owned by the Research Network. The subject of the institute’s activity is to carry out scientific research and experimental-design work in the field of automobile industry. These include all activities aimed at improving vehicles and their parts, assemblies and equipment. The scope of the institute covers both vehicle safety, eco-mobility and alternative energy sources.

The institute also develops skills in the field of autonomous vehicles. The technical expertise of the institute also allows testing vehicles designed for uniform services. Łukasiewicz – PIMOT provides substantial support to government agencies pursuing strategic goals related to transport safety, environmental protection and national security.

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